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  1. lol Ive had a ticket in for 5 days now, and I haven't got a response back since friday......When new players aren't even able to get in game, I dont think a weekend off is the best idea.
  2. wtf........this problem needs fixing like are you guna take the weekend off, and not write back tickets, just because its the weekend.
  3. CRS I think you got a BIG problem that needs fixxxxxxxxxxinggggggg
  4. yah Im trying to get a friend of mine's account working, he is having the same problem. He's about to through in the towel lol.......hang in there, I suuuuuuuuuuuuuure hope CRS will get this together quick.
  5. CRS

    I can load my Kgarner account on problem. But when I try to load my friends account weedindeed (loading on the same computer) it drops me out right before the load up screen. The weedindeed account is a brand new account by the way.
  6. CRS

    first link didn't work