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  1. just cant help stirring the pot .... can yah jsloppydic?
  2. agreed....... gameplay mechanics are the only thing that really matters in any video game
  3. This is probably not realistic krazy..... changing the game mechanics is probably the only thing that can be done with current resources........ even then it will probably take months and months to accomplish
  4. the problem is.......... ur not making sense. Sometimes I think you are low key purposefully making absurd suggestions in an attempt to destroy the game....... cuz u mad bro......about the whole KM inf nonsense. Put ur vendetta away plz
  5. sigh....... good thread highjacked with rawr rawr nonsense
  6. lol if you honestly think the lack of players is due to lack of ms restrictions...... Im not really sure what to say MS's, in general, are probably the single greatest addition to increase the intensity and frequency of dopamine rich battles adding restrictions to one of the only things that actually works well atm...... is a step in the total opposite direction of progress
  7. Everyone wants to run around and kill stuff.......... or be in a position to get together with their mates to set up a zoc, or put up a cut, or grab a couple tanks and move to town in a group. None of that is possible though until the necessities are covered. Right now ...... 80% of the time it takes more than 65% of the PB just to set up and maintain a battle. Game mechanics need to change in order to free people up to do stuff that is fun......... instead of stuff that is necessary ....... or the PB will never grow........ battles will become smaller, shorter, and fewer....... until the game dies
  8. Sure I agree......... but you are missing the point delems There isn't enough players to set up ZOC 99.9% of the time everyone is either 1)doing the boring stuff that is necessary to just keep the battle going..... or 2) running around killing stuff and praying someone else will do all the stuff that is necessary to keep the battle going
  9. nah..... it would create no density. The only factor that matters here is that defenders can drive tanks to MS's in 30 secs. Attackers need 7 or 8 mins....... or a 4 to 1 pop advantage to overcome this discrepancy. Attacking needs to be easier.... not more difficult. The defender already has pretty much every advantage atm.
  10. ....... or more likely give a single defending tank the ability to shut down every attack before it starts... not to mention air.... ugh
  11. This would do nothing except give the defenders an even bigger advantage than they already have....... and make attacking/ getting up an MS next to impossible. The whole point of time limits on CP's is to open up the game mechanics ...... right now it is all about taking ground. With time limits on the CP's much of the lul time can be spent on attrition and ZOC set up and control...... more simply put....... players can focus on killing each other more....... without risking the strategic points that are necessary for the battle to continue or even start. Right now it is to difficult to 1) start a battle and 2)keep the battle going........... there are too many specific points that need to be guarded continuously......... which all but guarantees either the battle will end shortly/won't start at all or the same 75% of the PB will have to do boring stuff (ie not running around killing). Time limits solve all of that........ by the game mechanics setting aside large chunks of time where people can simply focus on getting as much dopamine as they can without having to worry about the battle coming to an abrupt end...... and everyone logging off because [censored] just went from interesting to stale in .35 seconds.
  12. I imagined system warnings for both sides counting down the time frames as well as what cps are hot/wil be hot and when, continually for both sides. This will serve to focus everyone on the task at hand...... but more importantly new players. I dont think the progression for CP's should be totally random. They should be the spawns first...... and the depo's that are next to the last one capped. With the bunker being last. Town captures would be less dependant on population under a time frame single CP capture paradigm. I honestly think the strategy would shift from cap-n-hold to total-attrition as the most effective means of taking any town. Though backline MS's would have to be done away with. The minimum capture time for a 6 cp town would be 3 hours, under this suggestion....... plenty of time for no pop to rebound into some pop. Will also incentives TOM. generally, people don't like logging before the task is complete. Longer tasks mean longer TOM.
  13. just sounds like a good strategy to me (under rare circumstances). most important towns aren't going to be taken with 1 link anyway so who cares. And 90% of the time an AO is placed because that is the only way to attack........ using your AO for specifically defensive purposes is now, and would mostly be, a rare occurrence.
  14. The success of any video game comes down to dopamine. Simply put.... the game needs to be addictive. Kills and alot of them are what get the dopamine drip going..... Capping the spawnable will increase your ability to take ground...... guarding the CP as well..... same as setting up an MS. But most players are more kill oriented.... than they are WIN oriented. I would rather WIN than get alot of kills..... but I am surely in the minority. Finding ways to incentives what produces the most dopamine should be the objective when it comes to growing the PB A few thoughts on how to achieve this 1) First things first.... some game mechanics need to change in order to reduce the need for players to do boring jobs. a) If you place an AO on a town..... That fb is not bustable. Either for a period of time. Or forever. This eliminates the need for players to guard fb's..... That [censored] is boring and should be cut out of the game. b ) Time limits 1) once a cp is captured it shouldn't be recapable for some period of time.... like 20 or 30 mins. Long enough that 2 armor shorties have a chance to get to town from the fb IMO. 2) Only 1 cp should be capturable at a time. So u capture the spawnable first (depo x). Depo X should not be recaptureable for 30 mins. Once Depo X is captured there should be a 10 or 15 mins window before system randomly opens the next cp for capture (depo Y). If Depo Y is captured..... than depo X should not be recapturable by defenders any longer. There should again be a lul between captures. Where apone Depo Y is capped..... it will be 15 mins before depo Z is available for capture by the attackers but 30 mins before the defenders can attempt to retake depo Y. If the defenders retake Depo Y..... then 15 mins until system opens depo X for recapture by the defenders. Game mechanics such as these will serve to produces a few things I think most long for * A fight will more than likely end with total attrition rather than capture...... A PB that is focused on kills, is a PB getting more dopamine. A PB that is getting more dopamine = a more immersed player = more players = more time spent, in-game per player. * fighting will be condensed around active CP's..... sort of like how AO's draw the PB to specific towns. CP system lock will draw PB to specific objective CP's * less mundane boring jobs that need doing = better for everyone * town captures will be rare ......... maps will take months......... no more steamrolls. Given that these are the biggest factors in the zero-sum nature of "fun" experienced at both ends of the spectrum .... I believe this will lead to a much more balanced population and TOM. 2) Payment needs. In order to get people to pay you to need to hook them first. I think the best way to balance the need to hook new players with the monetary realities is with an On/Off business policy. Meaning there should be regular periods where the game is free for all to try......... followed by periods of payment only. People will always cry and complain. For every person that thinks things should be done one way..... there are 10 that think it should be done a different way. The only way to trump that is with dopamine. Those that are hooked...... will pay......... even if they are crying the whole time.
  15. we should all band together and start a militia........ take over the world....... and force people to play WWIIOL as part of their reeducation!
  16. you know me all to well jslickwilly
  17. server offline??????? did we trigger the "we to sexy" protocol again!?!?!?!?
  18. yeah of course it is..... it's just.... well I don't usually see firemen unless there is a fire
  19. Yah.... its like that
  20. Please feel free to pat me on the back........ as I pat myself on the back....... what for you ask????? As vindication of my resent forum junkie status I have received as many post "likes" as both kilemall and gorebilmey ( that is if neither of them liked their own posts with their 2nd accounts) I didn't get as many as Jselic though :(............ Nutz
  21. uhmmm ............. but you get my point right?
  22. Could be..... There as always been an issue with lag between pop % and it translating into sd and cap timers...... Im fairly certain it isn't instantaneous.
  23. huh...... I'm trying to remember the last time I seen 3 rats comment in a single thread? I don't even think 3 showed up in the billing issues thread did they?