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  1. definitely brings new meaning to the name "cornered rats"
  2. How much time and how many new clients did it take to push all the building together creating more of a maze arena? now that many buildings are connected to each other....... there are limited avenues of direction....... Often you look at the map and pick a direction to start heading to a cp.......... only to find that isn't viable due to the new rat maze constraints
  3. postmodern egalitarian insanity....
  4. ..... iono......... when you play this game for 12 hours a day for some months you start to get a pretty good feel for things .... Like how the mp40 dispersion spread is at least 30% more than the last campaign? .... or how a smaller % of OP player numbers trigger higher sd and cap timers since last week? ..... or many months ago a p3h could kill a mattys gunner no problem at 800M....... now only within 3 to 400 M maybe But alas conspiracy theories abound!
  5. thread makes my heart sad.......... guess It's time to find something else to do with my days
  6. A reward for zippy's arrest is here by issued. Due to his acts of treason a 10000 mark reward is offered for his capture ...... dead or alive
  7. dont listen to them zippy! Come home to me.... and all will be forgiven
  8. reports have surfaced that zippy was witnessed screaming "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE COPA'S" as the mg and cannon fire from his matty screamed none stop......... the plot thickens
  9. I know where I will be at about 3am EST tonight....... grrrrrr
  10. yes!!! we want santa uniforms!!!!!
  12. Are the forums a good or accurate overview of our gaming community? I'm curious if others share my opinions or..... maybe I have some biases I am unaware of.
  13. From an HC perspective..... being able to see, well spawned into game, what missions are posts, to where, and who is on them..... would be probably the best single addition to the game for coordination purposes that I can think of. Maybe just an additional tab well at the map...... would be pretty sexy. Seeing who is where and doing what is probably the hardest thing to manage that I run into well trying to get fun fights going. This would help alot.
  14. I do like the idea of using points for gaining access to equipment...... would need alot of work to make it function right. But the general idea of gainning points by doing this or that.... and then exchanging those points for better spawn equipment would be pretty cool I think..... and give players more direction
  15. That's a good idea. Right now winning is all about trying to get your guys where their guys are not. That's sort of the opposite of how it should be I think.........
  16. if you had random spawn drops all over town........ that changed based on enemy presence ....... that is the only way u could eliminate the ability to cut (cutting is placing yourself between a known spawn point.... and a strategic point that must be held) .......... which is more what you guys are talking about here.
  17. All other games are condensed to the point that getting to your opponents' spawn points is impossible........ our game is superior because you can go anywhere...... and the only reason you are able to go anywhere is that the area is big enough to allow for it.
  18. This isn't WWII This is a video game with WWII weapons..... Lets please not go off on historical nonsense....... im begging you I hate the depo snipers..... but that is based on my own personal bias. Because as a leet player I know they are only adding to my SD or padding AEF stats by sitting there in the windows. Very little strategic value....... But...... the spawn building isn't the reason that happens bro.... lets be real. A spawn building should 1) have many exits 2) be close enough to the capture point that the ability to spawn there is reasonably defendable. I think the current depos do that pretty dang good.
  19. thought we had 4 day 1/2 tiers this campaign? Means tier 1 should come in tonight.... yes?
  20. and just on a side note delems......... You are very much an outlier type of player in this game. The vast majority of players do not enjoy or play this game in the same way u play and enjoy it. I think you need to reflect on that more when u post your opinions
  21. Use your style to be as effective as you can be...... and accept that sometimes you are going to be put in a position where ur not going to be very effective because your enemy worked hard to create that instead of......... "if my style doesn't work how I want it to......... the game must be broken"
  22. That isn't true at all........ you cant capture a cp if you dont have an fb
  23. Different players have different styles.... and enjoy different types of gameplay. To assume that everyone likes the same style you do.... and that the game should be made to support your style is a fallacy IMO
  24. the current game offers well rounded options for any type of style you enjoy more. If you like playing over open ground with a rifle..... go chase down MS's or attack/defend FB's. If you like capping cps and smg close combat like I do.... awesome Ill see you in the CP sorry zeebee i was responding to tater with that comment.... I should have quoted
  25. "We have this huge map, and most fighting is in and around the same 3-4 buildings, seconds apart, and the combat at warpy barrel in the chest ranges. It’s boring. “Cohesion” in that context just means multiple guys capping so when the warpy smg comes in, he has a better. Hancenkf getting killed, leaving at least one to keep capping. Staring at a door is boring. Fire and movement across a few hundred m of ground is more interesting in the game. " the current game offers well rounded options for any type of style you enjoy more. If you like playing over open ground with a rifle..... go chase down MS's or attack or defend an FB. If you like capping cps and smg close combat like I do.... awesome Ill see you in the CP