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  1. Dont agree at all
  2. if pop was higher i might agree......... but currently there are already alot of issues with cohesion .... more space between things will only add to that IMO.... Most people won't even drive a truck for 3 mins to get an ms up.
  3. honestly dont see what effect that would have.... except that it would be easier for the attackers to take it. With the current set up.... it is stupid to ever take the ab before all the cps are capped first. So I dont think it would really add any value to do this
  4. i personally dont like that idea because it creates more ded time....... Instead of capping something and it only taking 30 secs to get on to the next one...... with the likelihood of having interaction with the enemy being likely the whole time...... You are suggesting that a ninja cap..... followed by 5 or 10 mins of walking or getting more set up in place to move on to the next one....... is somehow better. You are a nonaction type of player. Most players want nonstop action
  5. the further away a capture point is from the spawn point......... the easier it is to camp. Camping isn't just dying on spawn in. Camping in a more general sense...... is creating a situation where 1 side has to get to a spot....... but it is impossible. You are suggesting the later is better......... I am saying they are essentially the same thing. If you move cap points far away from spawns..... then surrounding the cp's and making them impossible to get to is easier.
  6. would also serve to slow down low pop steamrolls...... I would imagine
  7. if you are talking about essentially making every town a 2 ab town....... but instead of having a full 1.5 abs worth of supply ...... u just split the 1 ab supply into two separate ab's with .5 supply in each....... that could work
  8. af and af ab's are a pretty good example of this
  9. camping isn't a building placement issue.... its a population issue. Whenever 1 side has more people than the other side in a specific condensed area..... the side with few will feel camped...... simple because more angle are cut and there are fewer friendlies to clear those angles. no it wouldn't..... cuz all you would have to do is surround the cap point with tanks and make them come to you...... or cap it and take the supply out of the equation
  10. this would result in more camping not less........ ie surround the cps with tanks..... gg noob
  11. I just want to have the "active missions" screen......... but in my map well im spawned into game. just noticed typo from my last response..... Having a view of the "active missions" screen well spawned into game would be a huge improvement
  12. yes there some pretty simple things that could be done to make cohesion much more efficient. The free-for-all that is now..... is not good for the game.
  13. we broke the game......
  14. unemployed.... eh? not exactly. Lol I learned a while back...... when u have a trust account...... haters gonna hate bra narcissist 100% sexual deviant ... yes... but always within the legal limits personality disorders are a fraud...... people are people.... and much to complicated to classify. I argued my psych professors into the ground on that same point. Not a cheater..... GOOD! cuz i dont cheat. Ever. Dont need to. I'm a WINNER So you like the way goreb tastes then, eh? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.... *eye rollz* you guys are cute together
  15. Seeeeee at least this guy has a sense of humor.... even if his innuendo and satire are 2nd rate. And ..... at VERY LEAST his comment likes are organic. Jselic........ wishes he could... me WIshes WIshes He could me WIshes WIshes
  16. What!!??!?! having fun!!!!!!!! nope that's not aloud........ and sir...... you have a bad attitude if you think u can just come in here and have fun. Please try to be more classy (like me), would you? thanks
  17. No. All my likes are organic. Just because I always WIN Doesn't mean I cheat Even though some would like to think so I would probably be salty too if I always lost to me Goreb..... please explain what that's like for the rest of us, would you?
  18. amen brother..... amen
  19. one forum post .......( followed with the inevitable single "like")........ at a time.
  20. Make WWIIOL great again!
  21. so what are you saying???? you want to be more like jselic?
  22. filpflop5000?
  23. only took me 2 days to figure out p9apple was nily.... his mannerisms are to easy to spot