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  1. getTIN it .... getttttttinnnn ittttttttt.... you got somethin? GIMME THAT!
  2. listen.......... im a mf'in savage bro........ my obsessions know no limits :).
  3. my main reason for starting this thread is......... I have never seen a game (the players that play a game on the regular) so detached from those that use its forums. There almost 2 completely different entities at this point....... its kinda scary lol. Dont get me wrong I enjoy both ........ but the disparity is astonishing.
  4. I agree.... though the later seems to be the norm. ALOT of emotion is invested in these pages......... ALOT more than is healthy or what most people would call "adult character". Ego's and emotions get triggered....... and before you know it kindergarten has found a place in cyber space.
  5. Honestly im supppppppper happy to hear this zeebee.... Basically every single point you hit on are things I've wondered/had hope for. In my experience, the forums are a very extreme slice of the reality (Im speaking of in game-related stuff) Most players that play the game regularly don't ever use the forums or only do so here and there. More still, the types that use the forums are the more outspoken and opinionated individuals of the aggregate... and therefore their ideas about the game are of that flavor. I worry sometimes that CRS might put too much faith in whatever is discussed in the forums concerning changes. But your in-game polls approach is a great way to offset the need to get information but not pollute it with a specific sample size.... super glad you shared what you are doing with that. I am also very happy to hear that some real numbers-crunching (and even transparent results!?!?!??! geeeee!) is being done and considered for gaining better insight. I have a feeling it will add much to Y'alls abilities for future development.
  6. was probably for the best though...... I literally passed out in my computer chair yesterday...... the server reset literally put be to bed
  7. I am honored that you think im so amazing that i must be cheating....... makes me feel all tingly inside
  8. yes........ exactly..... thank you
  9. Nothing like a momentum reset.... at the perfectly opportune time. *skeptically looks over glasses*
  10. when u talk alot of [censored]... u gotta back it up lol
  11. brokered or something..... CRS????
  12. I just want to have the "active missions" screen......... but in my map well im spawned into game.
  13. congrats fellas
  14. Brits garrison supply 24 a13 15 vickers 8 DLC vick 7 mattys 5 uber vickers 4 DLC a13 2 CS mattys 146 rifles 41 thompson smg 23 lmgs 16 atr 11 engies 10 sappers 9 morts 9 snipers 8 DLC smg thompson 8 HC officers 5 grenadiers 4 reserve Smg thompson French garrison supply 15 h39 12 s35 7 char 4 DLC h39 4 DLC r35 4 r35 3 pan's 135 rifles 38 SMG mas 23 LMG 15 ATR 11 sniper 11 engies 8 morts 8 sapper 8 grenadier 8 reserve SMG 8 DLC NCO 8 DLC ammo bearer 8 HC 2 mas 40 semi's (? wtf) German garrison supply 15 p2 11 3f 6 38t 5 232 4 DLC 3f 4 DLC p2 3 stug B 3 4d 135 rifles 22 LMG 22 MP40 15 atr 11 modello rifles 11 morters 11 engies 8 modello smg 8 snipers 8 sapper 8 HC 8 DLC NCO 8 DLC ammo bearer 4 reserve SMG modello 4 MP34 SMG 4 reserve MP34 smg
  15. ohhhh man..... greatest comeback victory ever????? I think so
  16. I go away for a month or 2 to enjoy summer and not live through this game entirely 24/7..... and look what happens. How many Allied victories are we at now??? Seems I must dedicate more time to my axis brothers..... this just won't due. Was able to get in a game for a few hours the last couple days..... seems there is much work to be done building axis momentum back into a well oiled allied destroying machine.
  17. Is spawn delay going to be shi**y like this during the campaign???? God I hope not.
  18. choad took the words right out of my mouth......... best video ive seen in a while........ and I have watched ALOT! lol
  19. when can we expect?
  20. I like it!
  21. no I ment the ignoring part..... if you think its best to ignore something..... well ignore it lol don't post about ignoring it
  22. ...... basically the opposite of what you are doing? truth.... and from my perceptive its a long and tedious task
  23. yes and I like the 24 hour intermission..... anymore than that is to much
  24. No... it seems you are the one blinded by side bias. The negative rhetoric effects both sides and my point is valid regardless of side. The statistics of absorption for any promotion are between 1 and 10% .... and I highly doubt either side subverted the laws of statistical variance during WBS. Many came.... a few stayed..... on both sides. Negative rhetoric only compounds and exacerbates the problem........ we all agree there is a problem. I am only interested in solutions..... anything else is a waste of time typing. I was "there" for the whole WBS and did my best to entice some to say...... I know dasei88 stuck around and subbed...... a few others. The point is positive effort needs to be made to curb the numbers issue...... simply ignoring it, yelling in the forums about it are one thing........ but negative rhetoric actually increases the problems...... and that is one thing we can all personally make an effort to stop for the good of the game.
  25. When people feel they are contributing to something bigger....... they try harder and invest more of themselves..... psyc 101