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  1. Nice numbers if they are true
  2. Hello, not sure i can make it, so sign me up as a reserve.
  3. Gj Xoom! Should help with some of the frustrations that the new players have had with that section of the tutorial.
  4. Try disable netcode3, see if that changes anything. Can be found in preferences ,in game.
  5. With the hopes of alot of new players joining when steam launch happens, you will have a more or less open front, with perhaps 5-6 AOs to choose from.
  6. I understand the idea, but the coding would probably be a nightmare for the few coders CRS has, so i doubt this will ever be a priority though.
  7. We do not need more AI, we need more players imo.
  8. Just wondering why this haven't been added allready?
  9. Welcome to the game!
  10. Glad to hear you are all ok Slpkfor, and well said!
  12. If i remember correctly this was one thing you guys wanted to fix prior to releasing on Steam, how is that progressing? I believe the biggest issue being with the Intel graphics card?