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  1. Yeah, i suspect something is wrong with Webmap. Was wondering why it was "High" when there was only 2 AO's up.
  2. Hmm yeah that's not good if that's the case. I do see new grentags every day though, so cannot be a problem for all.
  3. Yeah saw that as well :), good things and it will be a ton more players when they release on steam , just hope servers will be able to handle it.
  4. Sounds like a good idea.
  5. I agree, the information on how long an intermission will be and when new campaign i set to start is important.
  6. I contributed as well to that review with a comment .
  7. Yeah doesn't say in the review, but if I were to guess what they mean, it's because we are playing some sort of a "what if" scenario here .
  8. That "newbie guide" doesn't really cut it tho imho. But other then that, good review.
  9. Welcome back .
  10. Did any of you watch this picture/GIF? He has a point. Every time he raises the rifle it's different, which is something I've noticed as well and been very annoyed with. While we are talking about rifles, something needs to be done with the sway of Lee Enfield rifle when aiming, it's like a drunk bag lady is trying to aim with it .
  11. First of all, Welcome to the game :). You can check your stats, toplists etc. At the following website;
  12. Awesome idea :). But i guess town supply will eventually come to solve alot of the current HC related issues.
  13. One thing i do not understand is; Why do i have to first go Community&News > Forums then I have to click the "Forums Link" button as well? Should take you straight to the forums imo.
  14. Big Congrats to you Stanky, There is already a special decal for players who reach 100k kills. You can ask Catfive what he thinks of it when he spawns a destroyer
  15. Yes it was. But i can understand the reasoning behind trying to "sell" the game as well. I guess it's just one of those things to get used too . I do not have any suggestions at this time though, but I'll let you know if I do .