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  1. Nice to see this :)!
  2. @B2K Does that also apply to the problem with stats page as well?
  3. Also looks like is broken a.t.m.
  4. Hello! I noticed that both the gazette and the web map doesn't seem to be updating from what is happening on the campaign server. Also it seems that new players do not update on I have a friend of mine recently join the game, and we must've played 20-ish sorties. When we typed in his name (kea60) on stats page nothing came up. But all of my sorties were there.
  5. Feels like loading times have been improved.
  6. I have a friend of mine who registered an account and he has not yet received his activation link in his e-mail. I assume this has to do with the extensive server maintenance/switch, but please fix this as soon as you can :), thanks!
  7. Agreed, I for sure enjoy the change :), and I am quite sure so does the Rats!
  8. Is the campaign 134 live now? *Edit* I can now see that the campaign is running.
  9. Ok that's great. P.M me and we'll sort out who does what :).
  10. I'll help with the wiki as well. First we need to update all outdated information/screenshots on it, this will be helpful because then we can direct any Steam ppl that wants help with the game to our up to date Wiki page . After that it would be nice to add a player guide section, for ATR/Sapper/ATS spots on tanks e.t.c. A page where all current information about the campaign settings are shown. Things like resupply timers, FMS build time, FMS damage threshold, how many charges needed to take down a FB, max SD setting and so on. Sent you an pm @SNIPER62.
  11. Inf draw distance have been increased not that long ago AFAIK to 1000m.
  12. No password required for any of Ww2ol's ts servers AFAIK.
  13. Here you can see the subscription plan comparison.