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  1. Yes, the marketing folks use it to send me emails....oh well. Thanks for looking at it for me.
  2. Sorry I took so long to respond PITTPETE. Yes, my 2nd acct game name. Right now it's Jacqen, would like it changed back to Uhtred. Thanks.
  3. When I first started this game, my second acct was named "uhtred". Marketing still uses it to send me emails. I've changed it several times but too confusing for me. LOL, I tried to change my second acct name "jaqen" back to uhtred but system says that name is taken. Probably because of the marketing acct name. If you get a chance would you change my second acct name back to uhtred for me. Thanks in advance. !S
  4. Nope.....I ain't gonna say it.
  5. Give it a rest delems. They deserve to spend some time with their families on Thanksgiving!! They've been working overtime to get things moved, set up, etc. etc. Give it a rest!!! Great work RATS!! Appreciate all the extra effort you guys have been putting in the last few weeks!!
  6. I keep asking, but no one gives me an answer either. Webpage says Allied Victory imminentf....but........
  7. I want to use my picture in my forum profile, but the no photo is selected. Can someone unselect that for me, so I can upload my picture to my forum profile??
  8. Yep same thing happened to me long time ago when I first became a builder. Can't remember how I got it fixed. Was gonna put a pic of me trying to shoot with my crutch. you can see it on the right side of my sig file.
  9. How to get it there?? No photo is selected, cannot unselect it.
  10. Absolutely great news, Doc!! Stankyus said it so well !!
  11. The subscribed players provide the revenue stream for the game and the RATS. The only game I know of that works this way. No advertising, no company logo's, etc. The subscribed players provide the revenue that the RATS need to keep the game alive. To fix bugs that we find, to get software that will allow them to create new and later model gear, and so on. Sub up, guys and gals. Stop using the FTP option, help XOOM and the RATS keep the game alive and improve it.
  12. RIP, my friend.
  13. Congratulations!!