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  1. I want to use my picture in my forum profile, but the no photo is selected. Can someone unselect that for me, so I can upload my picture to my forum profile??
  2. Same for me.
  3. Yep same thing happened to me long time ago when I first became a builder. Can't remember how I got it fixed. Was gonna put a pic of me trying to shoot with my crutch. you can see it on the right side of my sig file.
  4. How to get it there?? No photo is selected, cannot unselect it.
  5. Absolutely great news, Doc!! Stankyus said it so well !!
  6. The subscribed players provide the revenue stream for the game and the RATS. The only game I know of that works this way. No advertising, no company logo's, etc. The subscribed players provide the revenue that the RATS need to keep the game alive. To fix bugs that we find, to get software that will allow them to create new and later model gear, and so on. Sub up, guys and gals. Stop using the FTP option, help XOOM and the RATS keep the game alive and improve it.
  7. RIP, my friend.
  8. Congratulations!!
  9. July 2002. I'm an ol fart, so remembering stuff is confusing sometimes.... Think it was the Iron Wolves. Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  10. I agree with you so much Tatonka!! Sometimes I turn off my chat, so I can concentrate on pickin em off.. You keep on doing what ya do best, my friend! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  11. I shall always be here, supporting the game and the RATS! (even without my damn wreath! ) A great 16th year for me and the rest of the community!! Thank you so much for you and your team's dedication and perseverance. Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  12. Absolutely well said, Capco!! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  13. This game and the RATS have NO advertising revenue. The only revenue they have is subscribed players that I know of. Many of the RATS and the volunteers do the work because of their love of the game and community. I see so many former subscribers posting here, and still playing the game, but not supporting the need for revenue by the RATS. The Free to Play option is for newcomers to try out the game and hopefully subscribe. But I see more vets playing without supporting the game and company than I do newcomers. Come on guys and gals, if you really like this game, then support it! I see so many suggestions for improvements, changes, etc. But no one acknowledges that many of those require revenue. Look at all the volunteers working their butts off right alongside of the RATS! Can you imagine how things might be if they weren't there to help??? You guy spent alot of dollars for good puters, monitors, internet connections, surely a monthly subscriber account will not "break the bank"!! You want improvements, changes, step up and get subscribed again. Okay, sorry for the rant, but someone had to say it! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  14. X-Mas.....really?? You mean Christmas, right?? Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!