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  1. Absolutely well deserved!!
  2. Absolutely well deserved!!!
  3. I wish it was!! I have been killed more times this campaign than any campaign I've played since 2002!
  4. Thanks SNIPER62!! I enjoy the game so much more when the stats are available. Again, thank you for all the work you and the other RATS do.
  5. Bad call on my part. Sorry.
  6. Pwweeeeeeeze!!
  7. Uhhhhhh...."groper".......should it be "hugger" or "grooper"......but "groper"??
  8. Nope.....I ain't gonna say it.
  9. Give it a rest delems. They deserve to spend some time with their families on Thanksgiving!! They've been working overtime to get things moved, set up, etc. etc. Give it a rest!!! Great work RATS!! Appreciate all the extra effort you guys have been putting in the last few weeks!!
  10. Yes indeed, Catfive!! Thank you so much for your patience with an ol fart.
  11. Catfive, here's my picture for my forum account. damn, pasted it in here, but when I submitted it, the picture disappeared. same thing happened in our conversation.
  12. Catfive, My forum profile picture is locked out with the "no photo" option. Could you disable it or uncheck it so I can put my account picture there?
  13. Absolutely great news, Doc!! Stankyus said it so well !!
  14. The subscribed players provide the revenue stream for the game and the RATS. The only game I know of that works this way. No advertising, no company logo's, etc. The subscribed players provide the revenue that the RATS need to keep the game alive. To fix bugs that we find, to get software that will allow them to create new and later model gear, and so on. Sub up, guys and gals. Stop using the FTP option, help XOOM and the RATS keep the game alive and improve it.