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  1. This game and the RATS have NO advertising revenue. The only revenue they have is subscribed players that I know of. Many of the RATS and the volunteers do the work because of their love of the game and community. I see so many former subscribers posting here, and still playing the game, but not supporting the need for revenue by the RATS. The Free to Play option is for newcomers to try out the game and hopefully subscribe. But I see more vets playing without supporting the game and company than I do newcomers. Come on guys and gals, if you really like this game, then support it! I see so many suggestions for improvements, changes, etc. But no one acknowledges that many of those require revenue. Look at all the volunteers working their butts off right alongside of the RATS! Can you imagine how things might be if they weren't there to help??? You guy spent alot of dollars for good puters, monitors, internet connections, surely a monthly subscriber account will not "break the bank"!! You want improvements, changes, step up and get subscribed again. Okay, sorry for the rant, but someone had to say it! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  2. X-Mas.....really?? You mean Christmas, right?? Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  3. I own one. Birds, squirrels, rabbits and other assorted things hate my back yard!! Cut the grass yesterday and cleaned up a bunch of feathers near the back fence...LOLOLOL!! When my daughter comes over, she brings her two Jacks, then the backyard is fun to watch!! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  4. 1. Community 2. Working with friendly unit towards common goal. 3. Getting away from the stressful news of today and relaxing with my many friends in this game. Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  5. I always have played the game that way, B2K. Nothing PO's me more that staying in position too long and getting knifed...hehehee...or shot. By the way, thanks for all the work you and the RATS do for our community and this game! Not to forget the volunteers either!! Win with class, Lose with Dignity, Fight with Honor!
  6. Absolutely well deserved!!
  7. Well said, XOOM!! Well said!
  8. Well said, Dre21, well said. As Dre21 said, play to have fun and kill.......and keep the k/d ration above 1:1...LOLOL!! "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  9. I have been to Vietnam during the fighting. NONE of the pictures shown, the terrain and foliage in game even comes close to the jungles of Vietnam!! Some of the rice fields, and village areas are similar to the game terrain, but that's all. "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  10. XOOM, they could have platinum bums and crap gold bricks and they'd complain! "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  11. Well deserved for sure!!
  12. Wow! Some "oldies but goodies" in that screenshot!
  13. Wow!! Great work Pfmosquito!! As you probably know, I play sniper almost always. I was smiling and laughing thru the entire read! That has happened to me many times, in fact I'd bet you've gotten me that way a bunch of times!! I'm gona check my stats after this post. Not this campaign so far, but numerous deaths to you in previous ones. Again, great story!
  14. XOOM, please have the sniper stats based only on number of kill vs number of deaths.