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  1. Sniper please! or observer/forward observer.
  2. Well said, XOOM!! Well said!
  3. Well said, Dre21, well said. As Dre21 said, play to have fun and kill.......and keep the k/d ration above 1:1...LOLOL!! "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  4. I have been to Vietnam during the fighting. NONE of the pictures shown, the terrain and foliage in game even comes close to the jungles of Vietnam!! Some of the rice fields, and village areas are similar to the game terrain, but that's all. "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  5. XOOM, they could have platinum bums and crap gold bricks and they'd complain! "Win with Class, Fight with Honor, Lose with Dignity!"
  6. Wow! Some "oldies but goodies" in that screenshot!
  7. Wow!! Great work Pfmosquito!! As you probably know, I play sniper almost always. I was smiling and laughing thru the entire read! That has happened to me many times, in fact I'd bet you've gotten me that way a bunch of times!! I'm gona check my stats after this post. Not this campaign so far, but numerous deaths to you in previous ones. Again, great story!
  8. XOOM, please have the sniper stats based only on number of kill vs number of deaths.
  9. Thank YOU! This game and community have been there for me in some very trying personal times. Oh yeah, I still want me widdle mouse thingy!!
  10. Thank you so much. Means alot to me.
  11. Platinum Builder since July 2002, never unsubbed, never will! May I have the first letter of my game/forum name capitalized??
  12. LOLOLOL, damn you BADGER, I'm still here! And never unsubbed in 15 years! Still got my coffee cup with the "Flying B@sT@rds" on it! Great to see ya still around!!
  13. When was the last time you got x number of kills because you were watching the marks that were being your request? When was the last time, YOU recognized the players that were making marks on the map for you?? "Wow, what a mission!! I got 3 tanks, 4 infantry, and 2 trucks!!!! Thanks to player x, player y and others who helped by marking those targets for us!!!!???" Try chatting a "thank you" along with your boasting of your (s)kills in the chat bars!!
  14. Rest well, my friend!
  15. Absolutely right Mosizlak, Pittpete!! HATCH, keep doing the good work! You always were and still are ....... THE MAN!!