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  1. I believe we operate on channel 3. Here's their website. The forums there are the best way to get ahold of them. Or you could PM Bundyrum or Hiiamben.
  2. I am fine if we continue the current campaign with the caveat that we drop the tanks until we get more than 100+ players per side. Either that or just limit them to the lights and put some ATRs on the field.
  3. Pillbox. Allow ME to complain then. Let's just drop the tanks completely. We've got only 30 players a side. A single tank can wipe out an entire side. Frankly, I'm not that excited about waiting an hour for the event to start, spending another 1/2 hour getting into position, only to get sprayed down by an enemy vehicle that my squad has NO weapon against. I also don't appreciate having a single squad weapon that can defeat tanks (no sappers). Deploying crusader II's and III's against PzIIIf's is also unfair to the axis. Frankly, I'm not sure how in the world the Crusader III didn't decimate the Germans. The 6pnder gun is ridiculously powerful. I'll say this again. Tanks are messing up your events. Yeah, they're fun for the 4 guys manning them. But they totally screw up the event because ALL of the weight of the event lies on them. Once they die on one side, the other side is unbeatable. Particularlyif you don't give them sappers to defend themselves with. I like the realism events, but this is the second one in a row where the Allied tanks got knocked out and all I could do is run and hide. I can do that already in the main game. IF you HAVE to include tanks, give each side ONE LIGHT tank (Vickers and PzII), and then let each SQUAD carry an ATR to defend themselves. As far as I'm concerned, the tanks are ruining the events. Perhaps you can have a "Big" tank battle event to make the tankers happy.
  4. I was there. You were not. There was NOTHING we could have done. We were in a bushline with NO berms around making our way to the FB when the tank spotted us and opened fire. I was forward enough that I was able to sprint behind a berm about 100 meters in front of our squad. The tank just sprayed the bushes until everyone was dead. The best player in the universe would have died. It's a miracle that the Tank (and his supporting infantry) didn't get me as well. I circled behind them (no vis, just audio), and spent the remainder of the game crawling along a bushline hoping not to bump into any more germans.
  5. The Allied flanking squad (which was decimated by the Southern Panzer) wasn't completely killed off. I survived and managed to make it back to the AB. Nobody else did though.
  6. Would it be ok if I or someone else (like Pillbox) were to advertise the next realism event on the main forums (Barracks, Motor Pool, and Hangar). I wouldn't have even known these were available if someone hadn't posted them in the Barracks a while ago. I would think we'd want as many people to show up as possible. 40 per side is fine, but an event with 100's of players would be amazing... If it's ok, I'll make some posts in the forums talking about how fun the events are and easy they are to sign up for.
  7. In this case I think that is a reasonable compromise.
  8. I don't use a screen capture program. I have a TV card in a second computer. I pump the video from my game PC into it and set it to record. I can get a couple hours of video (or more), but the resolution is only 640x480. Still, not so bad for about 40 bucks.
  9. I have the ability to record movies, but frankly my POV isn't that exciting... What I'd like is for someone with "God" access who can look at the map and see the positions of both sides to just turn on the map and record it. It would be really fun to watch and see what everyone did from that perspective. Maybe a thought for next time. If nobody has record rights that can do this, I'll volunteer, though I'd have to reactivate my second account and then somebody would have to give it the necessary rights to see both sides map icons at the same time. (Training server only of course) But I'd be happy to volunteer to do this.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you.
  11. Pillbox, your site has an Allied and Axis section: http://pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/allied.php http://pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/allied.php Under the outcome for both pages, it lists a loss for both sides for both events. Could you please explain? Am I reading it wrong? I was under the impression that the Axis won the first event.
  12. To be perfectly honest, if he hadn't CTDed he probably would have lived. AND the allied side heavily outnumbered the Axis at the end of the event. I would definately call this one a draw, at the very least. I understand how a CTD can be considered a death in terms of you not being allowed to spawn back in, but I hardly think you can credit the other side for it. Think of it this way, if something happened and every German player suddenly CTDed at the start of a battle, would you want to call that an Allied victory? I hardly think so. The Germans were tasked with killing the French commander. They didn't kill him. They failed. The Allies were tasked with keeping the French commander alive. They failed. Both fail = A draw. I believe control of the town was the secondary objective for both sides. Again, both sides failed. Both fail = A draw. It's pretty obvious to me that this is a draw for both sides. I would also suggest that in the future if we are going to have players who are objectives, like the french commander was, then we choose players who never CTD. In the 5 years I've been playing this game, I've NEVER CTDed. Ever. Some players seem to be more subject to it than others. Let's make sure that any "Key" players can't just have a "heart attack" in the middle of the game. It really causes a mess.
  13. First option please. It was incredibly difficult to find my ML after the event started because his tag was the same color as everyone elses. If you want to talk to the other guys, there's always the objective channels... Frankly, I'd prefer it if we stuck with local chat... From a realism standpoint, you shouldn't be able to know where everyone is anyway... PS- GnPatton, thank you for leading us in these events. I think if you could post your "Prework" and "Joining Instructions" in a sticky at the top of this forum (as well as on pillbox's website), it would go a long way towards helping n00bies find out where to go/what to do. Also, during the last event, I almost missed it because pillbox accidentally posted the wrong EST time and never corrected it in his original message. Only after I noticed the GMT time did I realize the event started at 2pm, not 5.