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  1. Is that really your takeaway from my initial post? Of course the 88 should be able to demolish a Char from 500m. It just should not be able to do it after being peppered with MG fire for probably a full solid minute before it got that shot off.
  2. Yep... It's nothing new, but also not the type of memory I had in mind when I resubbed after a few years away. That said, it's just one sortie. I'll be back to menace the axis again soon!
  3. Just need to vent for a second. Last night, I drove a Char up from the Gem-Jodo FB to the southern outskirts of Jodo. I found a good hull down position ~600M south of the AB, behind a berm where only my turret was exposed. I tangled with a couple of tanks, though I didn't get the kills on them, along with a few infantry and Flak30s, so the enemy know where I was. After a few minutes, I see an 88 rolling along, about 500M north. I start hosing him with my MG. While under MG fire, he rolls to position, and starts deploying. I keep pouring it on... he finishes deploying, I see the barrel sweep over towards me. Still firing, on my third belt now. *Boom*, my gunner and commander killed. He fired one round, no hunting for range or anything like that, instant effect. When I despawn, I see I got the kill on the 88, must have (finally) hit the commander after he deployed. I've played this game for a long time. I know how to range MG fire, it was tearing right through him. I put hundreds of rounds into his position... there is *no way* he should have been able to survive that. I spent almost 30 minutes working my char up from the FB carefully. I worked hard to find a position where I had good frontal cover, and good visibility to the sides to prevent being flanked. I can understand losing an honest battle, but that was complete BS and killed the night for me. The ATG damage model really, really needs to be revised!
  4. Joined in November 2007. Not sure who was the first squad, or in what order, but... BKB, RGJ, AEF, AllFor. There were a few short stints in others that I can't remember. I remember when I first spawned in, a guy on a truck picked me up, and drove me around with a few others and we blew up AI in Antwerp. It was the teamwork that got me hooked.
  5. Another thought - it would be nice to differentiate between greentags who are new to the game, and those who are new to the side. Maybe save 'green' for players with less than 10-20 hours ingame, period?
  6. Err... what time zone is server time? Central?
  7. Lol, nice to see the enthusiasm! I'm not sure if you use Lutris at all, but it's basically a managed gaming platform for Linux that lets people write installers for games. The Wine support is useful as the requirements and tweaks for different games might be incompatible with eachother - this lets you have different environments per game. Anyways, I've written an Lutris installer for the standalone (ie., non-Steam) version that could use some testing: Steps: Install Wine (staging): (note - this is just to make sure your system has all the wine dependencies installed) Install Lutris ( Click the 'Install' link on the version at
  8. Just a few thoughts that were crossing my mind as I was reading through a few of the other current threads... I think the experience needs to be massively simplified for greentags- perhaps a 'Basic' UI with an 'Advanced' (ie, the current) UI they can opt into once they know more about the game. It should be impossible for a new user who has no idea what is going on to spawn into an empty town, or into an impractical mission. For example, prevent them from spawning in as infantry on an attack mission from a FB - while there is a time and a place for it, a players first few missions are not necessarily that place. ('Welcome to the game. Now run 10 minutes into town, if you know where that is!') When they join a new mission, it should be explicitly clear what they need to do to be a contributing member of the team, without necessarily knowing about the map or game mechanics. For example, maybe a 'Capture this building' floating HUD indicator to lead them to the CP the mission is targeting. Some type of 'mentor' veteran player, who should be able to issue a 'Follow me!' command that will add a marker to the HUD for a new player. Maybe allow a 'mentor' player to assemble a squad of greentags who follow him? Perhaps even so far as to allow veteran players who sign up as 'mentors' to be able to declare a mission 'New Player Friendly' to have greentags directed to it. Create some sort of incentive for Mentor players - maybe a discounted rate? For vehicles, a 'cheat sheet' HUD window they can close that shows the current mappings for engine start, throttle, shifting, brakes, etc. Make this window easily minimised, and simple to re-open for reference as needed. Maybe hide the naval part of the game until the user knows what they are getting into. 90% of the time, there is little or no naval gameplay happening. Thoughts?
  9. @Merlin51 - looks like installing xact via winetricks fixes the audio under vanilla wine. It's tied to I'm just writing an updated installer to make sure it all works smoothly, then I would say that we have a solution!
  10. Well, there's ways you can configure PulseAudio to reverse channels, but that's system wide which makes everything else backwards. As far as I know, Wine / Proton don't have any way to reverse channels just for one app. Edit: For years, the positional audio worked. And clearly one of the Proton changes makes it 'almost' work. I wonder what proton changed in the sound area?
  11. Yeah, the Playgate issue was a blocker for years. Suddenly it works... who am I to complain? Ok, it's not quite flawless - using Steam's Proton, all the positional audio is reversed. Using vanilla wine, the positional audio just doesn't work at all - all sounds play on both channels at full volume.
  12. Actually, looks like it works in Wine 3.21 if you install vcrun2015!
  13. Yeah, unfortunately the log output doesn't give anything useful. I've tried to figure out what's going on with Playgate, but no luck. I created a Wine bug report for it with packet traces and terminal logs:
  14. So, I've been a player since late 2007, and for most of this time, Linux has been my primary desktop. From 2008-2011 or so, it was possible to make WWIIOL run on Linux using a package called Wine which simulated a Windows environment. However, since mid-2012(?), there have been a variety of problems that have prevented the game from running. Until now! Valve has been working on a version of Wine for Steam that they call Proton, with the goal of getting as many Steam titles as possible playable on Linux transparently. Ie, they just work. This is part of their 'Steam Play' initiative to make most titles completely cross platform. I tested WWIIOL via Steam, and it worked perfectly. I played for nearly an hour - long enough to realise how out of practice I am after all these years. I've submitted a report to ProtonDB to give WWIIOL a 'Platinum' rating ( It won't show until the next content refresh (hopefully tomorrow). I'd encourage more people to try it, if you have a Linux machine. As for the non-Steam version, it currently won't connect to the Auth server from the login screen. Offline play works perfectly... I'd love to get the standalone copy running so I can play with my 'Caydel' account instead of the new one I made for Steam.