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  1. June 2001 9th SS Hohenstoffen
  2. From time to time I've been checking in to see if there is any information about the new graphics engine. Haven't seen anything. Any news on that?? zimm out
  3. OR, if you want, say 1 or 2 xtra bdes then be willing to expend production points to support them. No freebie there, but a commitment to the importance of the city/town or a prelude to a larger attack or feint. zimm out
  4. Neither do I wish to bash or disrespect the newer players. They are the new generation with a different mind set etc. Our youngest unofficial squad mate was 5 yrs old sitting on his dad's lap and the youngest official member was 13. We vets took turns ensuring that his homework was done before playing. Coming into a squad, for older and younger players was an experience of inclusion. Inclusion was the specialty of the game to ensure success as a squad. The squad run game, more so then than now, allowed the introduction of the new players to the game that was more player run/based. I have to ask: What experience do people expect when they go to different games?? I was thrilled that finally there was a game based on WWII. Our fathers' war. That meant, IMHO, that it wasn't a glitzy first person shootem up. What was there was basically what the folks were seeking..........originality. To experience something that other MMOs, MMORPGs etc didn't really have and could not give. I left the game quite a few times as the changes were going too far, but I always came back for my squad. True, early victories were many. But when the Allies decided to play together, it was a different story. Balance was restored and we either lost or had one heck of a lot of fun in the intense battles. Kindest Regards, zimm out
  5. I would be interested as to exactly when the 88 came into play as we both have different rememberances of the event. Hopefully CRS would have a record of it so we could both know the reality of it. But with the addition of bending the game out of perspective and originality, we need a motor on the 88 so we can get it into use more often. zimm out
  6. Hmmm. Well how about the icons disappearing when destroyed and not just fade away over time?? Another great time saver. Not that we're trying to make more work or anything. zimm out
  7. Excellent points. If the squads were still the 'true' basic governing factor in the game, IMHO, the impact would not be so severe. zimm out
  8. Thank You. zimm out P.S. It would be extremely helpful if one could see all the friendly MS' as well. They get marked as EMS' and time is wasted chasing after them as well. TY.
  9. Like the majority of viewpoints, mine is the only one I have. We all see things through our own perspectives. I don't know what you mean about the stukas, never saw one in a dogfignt, unless he was running, if that is what you meant. The 88 was not present in the early years. When the 88 first came out I towed a squad mate and we stopped on a road so he could shoot at a strafing EA....1 shot, 1 kill....but this fella was a natural with whatever he was shooting with. The game in the time frame(s) I allude to is not the same game we have today. They are as different as a flat chess board to a 3d chess game. There is no way to explain the difference and make someone understand. zimm out
  10. The dynamics have changed with the truck marks on the map. Originally they were used to mainly mark the audio direction or actual sighting of enemy trucks. With the advent of the fortified MS they are now used to mark those as well. As an engineer it is very confusing and a lot of time is wasted chasing after audio marks. If or until there is a new icon for the MS I suggest we limit the marks for trucks to the MS. Time is precious when running down marks and critical to the elimination of the flow of EI in an attack. Please consider this request and pass it along to all your squad mates/friends. zimm out
  11. Points are a bummer for my way of thinking. If a person wants to get a leg up in the game, that is reward enough because knowledge is power and the time spent with them is their reward also. Plus the fact that the effort was made to disseminate the information. zimm out
  12. Ever come across a new player and send a PM?? This is for those who make it to these forums. Open your map and right click on the person you wish to PM, select chat from the menu and type away. Or if you know the name of the person you can < .m persons name and type message > (without the brackets) To reply to a PM, the fast ticking sound in your headphones, hit............< enter .r enter type message >(without the brackets) zimm out
  13. One method I've used is to see the various terrain features w/without my nocs. Then I place a target marker near where it seems to be on the map and cursoring over it gives the estimated range........close enough. It works well with tanks and mortars as well. It helps if you have a definite terrain feature like a road or river then you can quickly estimate the ranges between the mark and u. With mortars it works well in towns and you can also 'activate' the mark so you can more closely guess the directiotion which you can then move the mortar slightly side to side, up/down to broaden the barrage area. zimm out
  14. Here is a rabbit hole topic overall. There is no such thing as game balance, but a topic that will exist with as many opinions as there are people playing the game. So in that reality, it will never be achieved. In the early years the Axis were continually out manned by the Allied side. Our main battle tank was the PzIII so we were totally outclassed in tanks and our best ATG was the 37mm. Yet we consistently took maps. Why?? Because we balanced the field by cooperation amongst the squads. All the manipulations towards 'game balance', IMHO, have done nothing but bork the game to the point where you now 'warp' into a CP??? What original realism we had was lost, the cooperation was lost. Now there is the beginning complaints about how short the campaigns are. I'd completely forgotten about Campaign 37, the 61 day campaign that ended in a truce until I saw B2K's post about awards. We've gotten to this point, again IMHO, because of the wrong headed idea about game balance. We worked with the tools we had, and had a huge amount of fun doing it. I'm guilty of a nostalgic point of view as the old game 'balance' came down to nothing more than tactics and strategies. Want game balance?? restore the game to pre-MS, HC, AO/DO, EWS and let the creative juices flow as to how you can move the map. I can't help but wonder what the game would be like without these things but with the equipment available to us. zimm out