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  1. I remember attending some services back in the day. Each time we lose someone, our world gets a little smaller. Appreciate what you've done. zimm out
  2. 2001 9th SS Hohenstaufen 2003 1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves"
  3. !S Boudreau(x) zimm out
  4. June 2001 9th SS Hohenstoffen
  5. From time to time I've been checking in to see if there is any information about the new graphics engine. Haven't seen anything. Any news on that?? zimm out
  6. OR, if you want, say 1 or 2 xtra bdes then be willing to expend production points to support them. No freebie there, but a commitment to the importance of the city/town or a prelude to a larger attack or feint. zimm out
  7. Excellent points. If the squads were still the 'true' basic governing factor in the game, IMHO, the impact would not be so severe. zimm out
  8. Points are a bummer for my way of thinking. If a person wants to get a leg up in the game, that is reward enough because knowledge is power and the time spent with them is their reward also. Plus the fact that the effort was made to disseminate the information. zimm out
  9. Ever come across a new player and send a PM?? This is for those who make it to these forums. Open your map and right click on the person you wish to PM, select chat from the menu and type away. Or if you know the name of the person you can < .m persons name and type message > (without the brackets) To reply to a PM, the fast ticking sound in your headphones, hit............< enter .r enter type message >(without the brackets) zimm out
  10. One method I've used is to see the various terrain features w/without my nocs. Then I place a target marker near where it seems to be on the map and cursoring over it gives the estimated range........close enough. It works well with tanks and mortars as well. It helps if you have a definite terrain feature like a road or river then you can quickly estimate the ranges between the mark and u. With mortars it works well in towns and you can also 'activate' the mark so you can more closely guess the directiotion which you can then move the mortar slightly side to side, up/down to broaden the barrage area. zimm out
  11. Years ago when the first map enlargement took place, many of the bugs plaguing the game hadn't been fixed. It just, IMHO, exacerbated the problems already there. I've always maintained, as you have iterated, that things need fixed before any changes are made. A lot of the game additions, again IMHO, were just candy to placate the griping few as the player base suffered huge FPS problems that took years to get just partially right. So, yeah, fix it then expand it. The listed problems above are part of what needs fixing, the trucks are still over a decade needing audio repair. zimm out
  12. Wouldn't that be kind of like the old MS moving by the mission leader as an inf??? If he died another could takelead and move the MS. I am not changing my mind about the MS system, but it did make the attacks much more fluid. Seems like every change made to the game just makes it more complicated. IMHO. zimm out
  13. Geez, those sure brought back some memories. There were some campaigns I forgot to apply for my medals. Great work and thanks. I remember the 37th campaign...........61 days and ended in a truce. Wow those were battles. zimm out
  14. I don't know if you have a squad website, that would help your organization a lot by posting messages. The training server is a great tool for teaching your people free from dieing and distractions. We had a 30 day training that was required for anyone to join the squad.....that was on designated days apart from actual play time. During actual squad missions the candidate was watched to see how he performed with the squad. This training time was to evaluate as to whether the candidate was a good fit before his actual acceptance. At the end of the training period the new squaddie could pick which branch was his main focus. At the end, we got experienced players who were instilled with the traditions and discipline required for our squad as summed up in our Code of Conduct. It sounds kind of harsh, sort of, yet it saved a lot of grief and some people didn't want to abide by the CoC so they didn't even go thru training. Overall we focused on fun and respect. In my first squad we had all the above and some other things. But one thing we always did (before ms' came along) was to form up behind our opels that would take us to our assigned part of the attack. Each opel was a squad with a designation and an officer with a backup officer. Another good discipline that was simple and cut down on confusion. GL. zimm out