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  1. Expanding the map is not a bad idea. But as in the past map expansions other issues that needed attention didn't get taken care of ahead of the expansions. For example, we still stick through walls which exposes positions, satchels still disappear inside some tank positions when placed. Small things for sure, yet the small details are also important. The FPS resolution took years and we lost a lot of players because of it, while the players were given trinkets of maps and equipment to mollify the discontent as we were floating in the air and falling through the ground. IMHO, fix what is broken first, then expand other things. zimm out
  2. Thanks. When this was posted, I realized it was a very long shot. IIRC it wasn't such a problem in the past because we had a lot of squads who would absorb newbies and teach them. Things have changed, so some different thinking needed to be done. Unprecedented for sure but this problem had never seen this scale of green tags since the beginning. So I just thought of trying to stay a bit ahead of the curve, so to speak. I wonder if people remember buying games at the store years ago. They came with manuals, they gave way to tutorials (and they are usually pretty bad) so a lot of learning had to be first hand. In this game, IMHO, you need a real guide because of the nuances I alluded to. Well, nuff said. zimm out
  3. zimm out
  4. I understand that, and you make good points. 'Bridge griefing' could easily be remedied by not being able to switch sides during the current campaign. Or you could switch only once. Pick a side and stick with it.
  5. I see your point, but if you aren't playing, you're not getting points anyway. Griefing for points is what gets people banned as they aren't patient enough to go through the process. Do you remember the anticipation to get your binoculars??? That was the only time I cared about points.
  6. Here is a really radical notion.......no points in the game. This would eliminate griefing all around. Instead, make progress from 'time in game' related. The more you play, well......... I am thinking, and liking the idea, that the use of pontoons would eliminate, somewhat, the random bridge blower, as there would be no real point wasting game time doing that. I've never been an advocate of the HC, AO, DO aspect of the game. Before these things the game was much more strategic. The argument of capping towns far behind the lines could have been relegated to just the immediate towns behind the front lines. Supporting the notion of a breakthrough or an impending one. It was really something trying to scramble a force together to stop a breakthrough..........but I've digressed to nostalgia. IMHO the early years of the game were far more 'realistic'. Great thread Imbed. zimm out
  7. The complexity of this game's nuances is not easy to grasp. I've tried multiple times to get new players to respond to my PMs only to have them die of fright. What is so hard about.......enter .r enter???? Communication is key to playing, not just shooting the foe. My proposal here is that during intermission, HC along with the CRS staff organize time (whatever it takes) to teach the basics to the new players. Start announcing a boot camp before the next intermission to try and get as many new players to attend as possible. The game might even be suspended to do this. New players get frustrated, veterans get frustrated......it needs dealt with. The game needs new players, but they also need to stay. I do hope you consider this.......the one player who stayed with me for about an hour, just on basic stuff found it to be most helpful........do this on a mass scale. Good Luck to all. zimm out
  8. Thanks for the various input and video. I still hate the wobble. zimm out
  9. Ok. I'm delusional and I will happily keep them since I have good things to remember. Two people can have the same experience yet see and feel that experience differently. But if denigrating the exchange here into name calling and nastiness is all you have to offer I have to question the validity of what you have presented. My experiences in many years of this game were good as I've described here and how can you possibly judge that, I have to now feel yours must have been very bad. Delusionally, zimm out
  10. The competition idea was alive and well long before the AOs were put into play. All the things I've mentioned above WAS the competition. There wasn't any abuse of stacking supplies before an attack and even that was dependent on how many soldiers could be mustered, that was initiative and even this was no guarantee of success. If numbers alone was all it took for success then I would say our squad disproved that theory over and over again defending towns and especially fbs when all we had was rifles left even aganst tanks and planes.....why??? because the enemy ran out of infantry. You can't take squat without infantry. Even if they had infantry coming, all the sappers were gone and then it was a matter of pride to not give up. The competition was in the sides marshalling their efforts with what we ALL (on both sides) had to work with and that was, in my estimation equal. What wasn't equal, IMHO, was the effort and concentration to make it work. Just the scope of what was going on behind the front lines was huge and the AOs killed all that off and more. Well. It's a pretty dead topic now as we all know it can't be rewound. I hope no ill will has been generated in this presentation. It's been good visiting with you guys and I wish you all well and much good gaming. !S Kindest Regards, zimm out
  11. I got pretty frustrated yesterday trying to line my sights up on running targets at some distance. Besides being a long shot the effort was magnified by the gun moving up and down, I suppose to simulate breathing or something. I asked my squaddie if he'd ever played Allied and if that experience was present in their small arms. He told me that NONE of their weapons had that effect. Stop The Wobble please. zimm out
  12. Before the advent of the "new" supply system, we used to transport supplies to towns in need or in preparation for an attack. We had 1 squaddie who absolutely loved this and became the defacto Axis guru of supply, our one-man Red Ball Express. He dedicated all his time in-game to this. And we as a squad gave as much support as we could to this effort........everyone pitched in when practicable. This was one of the aspects that built the comradery we experienced and another interaction, cooperation and friendship between the squads. When the supply changed, we lost that squad member as "his" game was gone. The game as a whole began to change more and more. I can't help but feel that a lot of what I presented here were things missed that made the game what it was in its heyday. Missed in the sense of what drove the intensity among the player base that was never understood, or grasped in the name of.....playability, convenience and the ever so present BALANCE. I came back this time for one reason only. There are still some squaddies who play and I missed these guys and we collectively dwell in memories like old veterans living a past we will never see again. Things do change........and not always for the better. Those of us who were here......know.....those who came after will never experience what we experienced and shared which is a real shame. In Memory, zimm out
  13. ********************************************************************* I acknowledge that TOEs and AOs have little to do with large squadron formations.......that wasn't the point, really.....the absence of squads and hence the absence of the squadrons. In the beginning of the game, there weren't EWSs. Yet the taking of a town was still a sensitive undertaking needing secrecy as discovery was always a possibility. In my 1st squad we did planning complete with recon photos of the town and surrounding terrain. Afterwards flights were made and distances measured to see how long it would take planes, opels, tanks and other support to get into their respective positions. Assignments were then made and the intervals for departures enacted complete with avenues of approach to the town and through the town and each capping detachment was in place to simul-cap. That was as close to realism as we ever got. But one of the best things about this.........we had time to visit with each other, tease and joke on the long opel rides until the battle comms order came, then silence and the anticipation of what was coming. Cordially, zimm out
  14. War is wracked with uncertainty. That was something that was a certainty before the advent of the AO and EWS. A surprise attack created very interesting and intense reactions to counter what was going on. And squads that were in-game during that time could react to that or make a counter thrust to make the attack change direction or stop altogether. And a very large part of that was the coordination and cooperation between the squads to pull all this off. That takes real leadership and that pushed the map. I guess the Axis and Allies in WWII got together to discuss balance before each new offensive. Squads are much less relevant now because we are supposed to act like sheep and go where we are told to go and there is no creative game play in that. You don't need a squad to follow the AO placement. I cannot recall the last time there was any large formation of planes overhead or dog fights on a large scale........those were mainly done by squads. It takes time to train pilots and that information was passed on by veteran squad members and not easily learned on one's own. I never took the time to learn to fly because it was too darn complicated. I'd been gone for a while, but in my recent return I saw that the training server was back. Thanks for that great effort. Admittedly, I am stuck in the past with the idea of a game that had, IMHO, such potential to represent, as close as possible, the real deal. The squad "system" was the backbone of the game. I wonder how many are left now. Respectfully, zimm out
  15. 1. Change the dynamics of bombers that can do acrobatics while fully laden with bombs....ridiculous. Well, even doing acrobatics at all. 2. Do away with the AO and allow squads to determine where they, as the player base, want to attack or defend like when the game first opened. It was loads more fun and unpredictable. That was the breeding ground for interaction between squads, friendships and cooperation. That is largely gone now. What we have now is a system where the player base can be held hostage to an ego-centric, uncooperative HC person. The map cannot move if there isn't an HC person to issue an AO and the automatic placement is not conducive to strategic considerations which should be determined by squad leaders. 3. The sound for vehicles allows detection far too early and needs to be adjusted to a realistic level. I noticed a new player being confused by this 2 days ago. There could even be an extra circle around the vehicle to allow the driver to see where his possible detection would come into play. Early detection of planes could be another matter addressed by different means because of "spotting" methods used. 4. There is no such thing, anymore, as surprise attacks. In WWII there were many such happenings. With the EWS and sound distortions it is impossible to have any realism in this regard. At least adjusting the sound could help(see 3 above). 5. A more stringent screening of HC officers (since it isn't going away) to weed out people who are too childish to work with squads and the player base. Having fantastic stats is not a qualification for leadership, that is an individual accomplishment. Holding the player base hostage to get what YOU want is a slap in the face to people who are PAYING MONEY to play THEIR game. It is an injustice to have frustration levels go up when folks just want to play and relax and KILL SOMETHING. 5. Restore the fru movement by MLs. That was a part of fluidity that was vital to both sides and limits tactical abilities tremendously. I prefer the days when we had to truck everybody. Both sides had to have their "Red Ball Express" in operation. 6. To really juice up the unknown factor/fog of war.......allow placement of FBs (limited area) so they are not static. Or if the fb is allowed to be placed closer to towns, then do away with the fru to generate focused, intense fights. The game has changed considerably over the years from what I had hoped to be a greater presentation of a WWII grand tactical, strategic, realistic game to more of a fast-paced, first person shootem-up. I acknowledge that many of the ideas/thoughts presented will not be popular or even given consideration. Yet, I hope the presentation of them will receive non-vitriolic responses. Have fun folks. With Respect, zimm out