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  1. 6 min solo cap 4 min for 2 cappers 3.5 min for 3 3 min for 4 2.5 for 5 2 for 6 1.5 for 7 1 for 8 My idea
  2. He may be including AO timer too thus making it 21 min from AO to Capture Town. This isn't fun in my opinion, creating footholds or guarding cps are next to impossible since without tables forcing the capper to certain area, they can merely hide just inside the door and force the guard to come to them. The captures feel meaningless, we took Antwerp and Brussels within 12hrs of the campaign start. And I literally just ran through and captured 3 cps in Namur and by the 3rd ones end they already recapped the 1st and soon after the 2nd. Its just way to chaotic, especially with how hardy frus are now and such
  3. My labtop has switchable graphics and I can't seem to spawn in or even get the Radeon Card to show up in Settings. HELP!!! http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2759187&CatId=17 That's what I have.
  4. Everything works in chat/ map updates but I cannot spawn in and it just says SYSTEM: Connection to host re-established I just rejoined the game and this is really pissing me off.
  5. For some reason when i try to shoot 3/4 of the time my mouse automatically pops up the taskbar. How do i stop that on windows 7
  6. Will BE work on Windows 7 when it comes out?
  9. grr rar to the top
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  11. Come back Dale your LOA is like 200 days over trial Bump right to the top! GRRRRRR RAAAAAAAAAR
  12. Rar rar rar to the top!