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  1. This game has always been too dependant on a few players willing to do tedious crap
  2. FRUs right now are just camping death traps. I think at least 25% of the time I played recently I got killed by allied vets camping FRUs as I spwned in game. Kinda starting to miss the dynamism and inf action that went with inf-placed FRUs. If the problem was sappers/RPATs, well its simple : don't let them spwn from there anymore. Also it rewards gamey dual account bullcrap gameplay since after 16 years we still can't exit vehicles lol. If at least I could park my effing truck nearby and re-mount it when needed. Oh and if you really wanna kill this game, yeah lets go back to the pre spwn depot era where you had a mandatory 15 to 30mins ride before getting to combat, just to get the pleasure to get killed by some AI through 3 rows of bushes, or by the first rambo lmg around (ok there wasn't even LMGs back in the days but you get the point)...
  3. You guys are one heck of a squad
  4. Sounds like an usual map.
  5. At the same time the 30 days rule thing was CRS made. Can't really blame HC for enforcing CRS rule... Just saying.
  6. Well both sides have that kind of regulation about not having played the other side recently. But I think in the last few years it got more relaxed. I can't believe they couldn't make an exception for a veteran like you. I sure as hell would. Always need someone to move those air flags haha. Back in my days we had excellent HC staffers who would take those decisions. Hell personally I never even did the OCS training... My trainers kept quitting (and I wasnt particularly impressed by them). I probably would never have made it to HC without CE just graduating me through this crap. Man I actually gave money for this a few years back but it got cancelled. Not been too keen on those fundraising events since then...
  7. Think he smoked too much then because no one won more than 5 in a row I believe.
  8. I just used him as an example to demonstrate my point and it works even if he's against TOEs: that you can do much much more than moving flags around. Thats all I meant. I'm also not the biggest fan of the brigade system btw. I always hated softcaps. I do not like flag stacking in small towns. It needs a lot of tweak or hybridation with a town-based supply system. I just don't think that going back to 2002 will do as much as some of you nostalgic think.
  9. oh and am I really reading this right, that the axis won 10 of last 12 maps? or did potthead smoked to much "OJ" kush ? Damn that whine escapade in C120/C121 really paid off eh?
  10. lol you have no idea what you're talking about. Hell its just a weakish attempt at trolling. Theres as many different kind of HCs than there is players'. Just look at Potthead here, even if I disagree with a lot he said in this thread, you can't just say someone like him is just a "brigade jockey". Tss tss Me personally, I always lead from the front, placing the most vital FRU, capping the most important CP first. Most people enjoyed my type of command. I always listened to squads or players who wanted to took initiatives, but I also tried to keep the side "on course" to victory. Something hard to balance but a vital function of HC. And yes sometimes I had to say "no" when dumb asses wanted to softcap Breda with our 2nd AO.
  11. Well I lead you into side switching doing exactly that. I was also a squad XO for 10 years + and squad liaison in the Axis Squad Alliance when we played axis but yeah, mock me. Not many here have experience as diversified than mine, on both sides. Even if I didn't play at all in the next 5 years, most of you couldn't top it. I used to be a very "squads first" kinda guy, but joining AHC a few years ago really opened my eyes on another part of the game and I had tremendous fun (and terrible headaches too) participating in HC.
  12. Nice tactical use of caps lock. rofl
  13. Especially since most of the no names in here never lead anything, that I know of. I lol'd really hard at saronin trying to make capco appear like he wants to be "over" people. Capco probably has one of the most collegiate style of command out there. Squads like AEF, Allfor, LANCERS, 4 wings etc etc. they all had our ears when we were in AHC. Difference is people like OJ wanted everybody to ask "how high?" when he said jump.