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  1. Lee Marvin is disappointed in you son.
  2. This OT members are shock troops, sending fear in the hearts of their enemies.
  3. Clicking on the banner should get you to OT.
  4. Always great classics. Love the clouds here.
  5. What? I thought it was impossible to do?
  6. You can cycle it between player names, unit types or nothing at all.
  7. One time when I started to hear the rapid "Plinks" indicating that I was about to get flamed by a LMG in my crusader2, I rolled my eyes so hard RL I nearly broke them
  8. Go and try to kill a 232 with a zook and tell me how it works for you lol. Its a PITA with all those angles. Don't forget you might see the rocket explode while looking at someone else shoot, but only the shooter sees the real effect of his shot. You might still see an explosion even when the shooter actually missed. Also I wouldn't really use anecdotes from the last 2-3 years or so, since there was quite a few nasty bugs/unstabilities recently that may explain some of the weird situations you guys describe. We had/have (seen it relatively recently when I played my F2P) the unkillable EI bug, so I bet there was at least some occurrence of the same bug with tanks... Same with the offset bug a little while back. But for long years it was quite stable.
  9. Why would you even bother with what this 300kills-in-career noob thinks lol This guy has no real in game experience, yet hes been talking through his arse for years in the F2P forums.
  10. With the rifleman I don't know, but with the LMG sure. I've seen it done a few times recently when I was messing around with my F2P still. And yeah you can also flame the A13 and first crusader.
  11. You need a 90degree angle to get a hit with any RPATs. Some parts of the vicky are weirdly angled and thus relatively hard to score a hit on with a RPAT. And as any light vhec in this game, AP shots can go through without noticeable damage if you don't hit vital components/crew members. Same stuff happens with the 232 "vacum" armor. Honestly if you have trouble killing vickers in this game, with anything, well I don't know what to tell you. Use your ATG like you would an ATR : aim for the crew.
  12. Everything always lit up vickies like they were made out of gasoline filled baloon...
  13. ah yeah that I noticed hehe. Was a good thing
  14. I must be confused then. Keep on whining!