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  1. BIGEST PROBLEM of this game is bad balance of tanks ! Its big problem , becouse tanks are here in the fact only one really atacking weapon. its realy not normal that germany tanks from tier1 aren not able destroy tanks from ally tier0 . That germany tanks are in game crap , ok , players was lern how to use them. BUT IMORTALY TANKS on ally side , its realy terrible. But i dont write this only for critic, with out bring some solution. Even solution is very easy, dont need new models, no investitions, no change some system in game. : MAKE HEAT MUNITION OF STUG B and PZIVD WORKING vs MATILDA and CHAR !!!! This still will not make PZIVD good tank, but atleast we dont play like vs GOD , and will bring BIG PLUS in balance of tank battles !!!!!!
  2. BTW 5 years ago i spoke with some RAT about pistol for SNIPER AND TANK COMMANDER ;-) they told me that this is silly, and now they made it in sniper case. So i think comander of tank wil get pistol in 2022 ;-)
  3. imsneaky your expectings from CRS are realy optimistic I THINK FOR START just give us ( axis ) ONLY ONE TANK in TIER 0 ABLE DESTROY MATILDA AND CHAR ! thats what will make BIG STEP in BALANCE FRONT ;-) Even we dont need new tank, just make HEAT shells of PZIVd working on matty and char !!!!
  4. Kilemall i just want CRS stop joking me for 20usd per mont btw im from czech ;-)
  5. FIRST thing what is needing for balance are germany tanks if cant destroy char or matilda with NOTHING , its realy idiotic. Some people say its balance for 88 . ITS IMPOSIBLE balancing SELFPROPPELED GUN by TOWED gun which can destry even rifleman AND GERMANY TANKS LINES GIVE TO CRS SO GOOD OPORTUNITY TO UPGRAGE WITH MINIMUM RESOURCES !!!!!!! PZ III J or L , PZ IV J, PZ VII H same luftwafe , FW A7 A8 A9 , bf110 F4 ( 2x 30mm cannon ) ETC ETC btw fw190 A5 was OPONENT OF SPIT 5 !!!!!!!!! not 9 !!!! vs 9 we suppost get fw190D ! IS LOT OF WAYS how give new maschines to germany , But i just start thinking that simply CRC dont care i came back after 1 year, and when i see that NOTHING WAS CHANGE on germany side , i`m thinking cancel my account next month Zvire