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  1. I'm not seeing the same message when I log in so I'm not sure what the cause could be. I assume you can still login to the game? Anyway, I'll point the production crew towards this post on Monday.
  2. The fact that I happen to be logged in has nothing to do with your problem. Like I said in my first response I would suspect you have a malware, model or hardware issue. If your webroot program is is up to date then we can probably eliminate malware or a virus as the problem. That leaves the modem or another hardware issue. Does this happen everytime you try to log in?
  3. granny dll problems could indicate a registry problem, virus, malware or a hardware problem on you computer. I would suggest you confirm that you have none of these problems on your computer. 10057 error suggests to me that you have a problem with sending or recieving data to your computer via your modem because the socket is not connected. Do you constantly recieve a 10057 error? Do you only get this error after a reboot of your computer or is it random? Since you are the only one reporting this particular set of problems I tend to believe the problems are on your end.
  4. Kamel is 100% correct. You had better pings on the other games because the IP trace went through different locations. Do a ping trace and see where the bottleneck is.
  5. We need party pictures!!!
  6. My plane lands at 135 local on Thursday. I'm staying at someplace called Crossland Dallas Irvine. Booked it through priceline so what can ya do. I look forward to meeting everyone. Should be epic.
  7. Put me down as the mine layer Gamble.
  8. Keep in mind that when you spawn a unit that you are the unit. Just like bailing out of an aircraft. When you spawn an aircraft, you are the aircraft. Same goes for every unit type in this game. Our game engine, today, simply won't allow you to separate yourself from the unit you spawn in. Same for individual weapons.
  9. That's because the two are not linked like you think it should be. If you need more information then you need to send me an e-mail. Locked.
  10. You're account should be back up.
  11. Jammy, Put me down for JG3 I Gruppe. I'll take mission leader if needed or you can reserve a 190 for me.
  12. Actually, Windows community support is exactly where a post like this need to be.
  13. Join today.
  14. Run with the pack on channel 43.