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  1. Exact same here. Completely fresh machine, XP and fully clean download. (had to flatten machine due to virus) Not I get firewall msg then windows error, then back to desktop.
  2. The whole" You must complete basic training thing" ruined it for me. F-That crap. 20 minutes to go though that nonsense is a waste of time.
  3. Invalid file type on upload from PC or Invalid file when linking from a website. (lots of us getting this) Thanks, Inch
  4. Got this after running a bunch of spybot ans anti virus SW on the pc. I've re-installed the game twice, still no luck. Any ideas? PlayGate App: Application error The exception unknown software excption (0x000000d) occured in the application at locations 0x01019494. I'm stumped..
  5. Still no go... set custom to all and still cannot get chat up wit the rest. Damn this is frustrating...
  6. Guys, For some reason the last week or so, toggling trough the "Y" key for HUD, I only get the lower section (health/chat/compass) or the top part (riders/gears - Net stuff). But I can't get upper and lower at same time.. It's very annoying not knowing what gear you're in or how many Paras are on your plane without haveing to constantly cycle through the "Y" key. Anyway to make both top and bottom HUD's come up at the same time again? Thanks, Inch
  7. Thx, I just put in 93.71 and tuned it 9 ways to Sunday. No gain and possibly a big drop from the 84 sets. /wouldn't recommend them.
  8. Hiya guys, looks like I'm in this mess too. Went to my account, resubbed after 6 mos break. Can't log in. Can you check please. Thanks
  9. Wow, what a great thread! Bump for Sticky!!
  10. Mike, what vid card you running?
  11. It will help on xp if you run the game in "NT Compatability mode" Here's how you do that. Click on my computer, when it opens select c: drive (or whatever drive you installed on, default is c:) The click into the Program files folder then the CRS folder. lastly, click into the battleground europe folder. In here you will see the files that make the game run. Find ww2.exe (in icon view it will only show ww2 and be listed as an application, you may not see the ".exe") Right click on this and click properties, then select the third tab at the top "Compatability". Click on the little box that says "run this program in compatability mode for.." and it will enable the selection box below it. Choose windows NT, then save. Repeat this process if you also placed a shortcut to launch the game on your desktop for the desktop icon.