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  1. congrats, well earned!!!
  2. Sorry to hear this. She was a great member of this community, and will be missed.
  3. Is the funk I like!!! Connection is fantastic, shoot and drop Zee Germans. I haven't tried multi crew yet but looking forward to it. Only thing that was weird was a delay with recapping a cp a while ago, I was in it and had a axis flag but town was lobbed with no timer shown (if I see it again I'll report it). S! CRS. This patch is exactly what the game needed and I think an important corner has been turned.
  4. alright thanks
  5. same message as last night "hourly subscription expired" the tab it takes me to on the browser is not loading now, so that is different. 1.34 works fine though, just looking for an update or some advise to get me into 1.35 S! Rats
  6. same here although the personas for me are green, but i get booted with message saying hourly subscription expired. Should have came back a day or two before...
  7. Very nice, as always.... And chance of seeing a very funky allied one??? S!