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  1. congrats, well earned!!!
  2. Sorry to hear this. She was a great member of this community, and will be missed.
  3. Is the funk I like!!! Connection is fantastic, shoot and drop Zee Germans. I haven't tried multi crew yet but looking forward to it. Only thing that was weird was a delay with recapping a cp a while ago, I was in it and had a axis flag but town was lobbed with no timer shown (if I see it again I'll report it). S! CRS. This patch is exactly what the game needed and I think an important corner has been turned.
  4. my thoughts exactly... all good I'm sure it will work out.
  5. same... message I get after I click on a persona: Your hourly subscription has expired! The game will now exit to an account URL. here is what the tab is saying on the browser ( the tab says 404 not found): The requested URL /scripts/wwiionline/user/subscription.jsps was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.17 (Debian) Server at secure.wwiionline.com Port 443
  6. i resubbed about 2 hours ago, getting a message when i try to log into a persona stating "hourly subscription expired and a tab comes up on my browser with a port 433 address
  7. I'm here too fools....
  8. S! 12th Royal Lancers is merging with 22nd mech... old players are coming back to 22nd, along with the incoming lancers we are going to be a force. combined air, land and ground great D squad, along with the newly incorporated lancer assault battalion come join the funky fun S!
  9. Very nice, as always.... And chance of seeing a very funky allied one??? S!