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  1. Is the funk I like!!!

    Connection is fantastic, shoot and drop Zee Germans.

    I haven't tried multi crew yet but looking forward to it.

    Only thing that was weird was a delay with recapping a cp a while ago, I was in it and had a axis flag but town was lobbed with no timer shown (if I see it again I'll report it).

    S! CRS. This patch is exactly what the game needed and I think an important corner has been turned.

  2. same...

    message I get after I click on a persona:

    Your hourly subscription has expired! The game will now exit to an account URL.

    here is what the tab is saying on the browser ( the tab says 404 not found):

    The requested URL /scripts/wwiionline/user/subscription.jsps was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.17 (Debian) Server at secure.wwiionline.com Port 443