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  1. Very fun watch!
  2. Stay out of my spawnable CP! I thought we we're doing well in pville when it was rifles rushing me but it got back to autos eventually. Lost fbs... gona give guardunit1 an aneurysm.
  3. Right now the head shake doesn't happen at times you need to see straight and forward, this change will have people trying to shoot as soon as they are able to, so it will come up more, a lot more. I have died trying to shoot during head shake when I wasn't able to uncrouch, or stand up depending on how the colliders detect if I should be able to or not. I find destroyed buildings to be bad for this where you are between a wall and a angled corner. You really are just robbed of any chance of shooting during it. Those moments stick out to me as times I felt totally robbed of a chance to fight. Please consider that a non shooting POV that lasts longer than going from moving to stopped, could be considered a double whammy whack to the class. Thanks.
  4. Grenades work on inf.
  5. You slide into different inf speeds, you can shoot while coming down from sprint into jog before the gun animation even puts it up and forward. Combined with a proper 90' and timing you can insta turn and enter a room at a pretty good speed. The added inaccuracy is actually a bonus since you just need the inf somewhere in view then, roll of the dice and RPMs make the difference. Its not a good play, its a desperate play, that works too often against bolters that miss their 1 chance. I honestly don't even think Ill switch to the pistol with the french lmg for running around willy nilly, and kind of expect to find more EI LMGs in better positions since they won't be throwing it away in trades.
  6. They look good from the side though
  7. I need to up my camping game.
  8. I play infantry mostly with a splattering of tanku, I enjoy PvP and outplaying and being outplayed. I would prefer to be on AO bumrushing a spawnable but lately the action has been at DO CP defense/recapture. I enjoy marking and comms and really like map watching, seeing people doing any objective and backing them up on it if I can. Any time I'm spawned in I'm thinking "am I an effective resource per TOM". I usually only spawn an kit for an objective I've already identified as a rifle, using the unit for that one objective and getting killed or despawning after success. I remake missions quite constantly and warp around a town as fast as I think my current area is safe/populated. I enjoy the tactical level of inf play and any situation I am in I try as best to heavily stack it in my favour, if I can flank, run around and come up behind you I will. I enjoy that my enemy is doing the same to me at all times, this means my own success feels authentic and real. I enjoy the strategic level of play and feel I have a good map in my head based on the various sounds around, I use that to be identifying whether I need to be changing what I am doing. The variety of PvP genres I've played during my unsubbed years I believe have all contributed to being a better ww2ol player with a better big picture and am really enjoying this go around of it.
  9. #18 5.1 surround sound or a good headset, you should be able to tell exactly where an infantry is, in your own building/cp by sound alone. Each earth/building type has very distinct sounds when being ran on. The jist of this is that I try to enter CPs on dirt/earth and try to take a direct path in and up as quickly as possible. They'll be at their map/hand off mouse if they don't expect anything.
  10. It has literally nothing to do with what is right/accurate, the gun defines some peoples entire WW2ol career. If its not coupled with some kind of buff/weapon, I think you will be surprised, you ever try to suggest lowering welfare? Entitlements never go down.
  11. That stickyness is the sprint mouse decel stuff, pretty much getting up to sprint speed and transitioning from sprint to walk/still it takes effect. You learn to work with it by just planning to be at full speed when you want to mouse move round 90 degrees but the gunplay wasn't always clunky like that. I've always felt it was a net negative to the inf controls, its unclearly laid out and I would say its inconsistent, I still occasionally find it locking me out when I think I'm using it correctly. I can't think of another game that changes your mouse lateral/horizontal speed like this, I think it really affects people getting their CQC barrings as infantry. I didn't think there was a problem before but it was brought in for realism purposes, apparently it wasn't a common german tactic to sprint 360 noscope all day long .
  12. Don't see why land spawns can't be both worlds if you introduced LINKING PPO spawns. Originating PPO (that gives the more complete kit list) still starting from truck, a few basic rules/checks to keep the gamey-like aspects from getting ridiculous, things like max links, a smallish x meter-x meter max distance between them, you create a large to smaller set of PPOs that also gets easier to destroy, taking out 1 breaks any links beneath it, you could even start naturally making front lines with it because people would want the benefits of spawning closer as they took ground. ZOCs would be pushed back instead of destroyed outright. L version that takes 1 > engi satchels, spawns full kit M version that takes a couple or few satchel, spawns partial kit S version that takes couple frag/he/satchel, spawns barebones kit You'd have all kinds of knobs to flip and dial back, forth, give reason to spawn the more basic front lines kit and not just BAR/FG42, give reason to spawn CS to HE something. Maybe the L version is a heavy truck PPO and normally most attacks use the M -> S version. I don't see why, for instance a basic straight line check between the last PPO to the next couldn't take into account a river is between them. If for instance the S version is an INF placeable one that is more easily destroyed. You'd create high reward scenarios taking out the L or M out from all the rifles/smgs spawning on the S. My 2 cents.
  13. Love that side step sprinting fight at 1:50, ez full mouse movement, harder to pull off now, has more sidelooking involved, whelp that's what I got a big mousepad for.
  14. Too much outside the game required to play the game, that's why you need 15-30 people in a disc to do an AO. There are enough people if corraled, people want to work together, that's actually why they clicked on the game in the first place. I think WW2OL would benefit from a LFG option. Joining is just a list of Leader Names and descriptions. Then, 2- 3 muti-columned (each column will be a mission made with MSP dude as leader), each with MSP, Tank, Few infantry, each with what its role is some generic default template a leader could pick. Let leaders move some sliders/input numbers whatever is easier as some missions would maybe need a different percent of each. Now joining is role based, you pick one of the free slots under Tank Destroyer and "Armored Vehicle" selection comes up you pick and it fills your name into the button slot. Some information tells your waiting and you make your way off and pick the nearest active mission DO, spawn in and begin sniping from a CP, or your a big team player and sit in a CP spawnable like a hero. 10-15 minutes goes by and leader determines enough is in the queue and hits lets do this. Now everyone spawned gets notified that they need to spawn in and everyone gets the option to rtb, defer, decline. if they pick nothing and are in rtb range maybe auto rtb. You are now spawned into where the leader decides and I think people would be surprised to see that many fellow inf in trucks, tanks, going at the same time. Each MSP/mission/column would help people stick with their group. How you make something like that top notch, would be to not tie it to depot or objective from the leader screen from get go but allow people to join off leader name and description, instead allow you to pick a first, second, third, kit in your role so that if your leader needs to pick somewhere where maybe there isn't optimal supply it all doesn't fall apart. This would allow it to be more dynamic, and not telegraph an attack 20 minutes before hand. Information needs to be brought into the game, naturally. CP defense would benefit the most from this, though I agree AOs have the bigger issue.
  15. My opinion. Being in the game is more action than sitting at the AAR screen. I found moving onto the next empty cp more boring than the 5 minute cap timer. You need 3 players occupied in a cp when you outnumber them 2:1, or worse when counting just LAND. Must have incentives for underpop (smg for frees), dicentives for overpop should be constrained to mechanic sliders that allow 1 inf to somehow hold his own strategically vs 2. (capping timers underpop/overpop) I don't think the long timers on overpop cap are so bad, but up the minimum timer so axis can get shot in a cp and get back in at least once before its already capped. EDIT: More ET than friendly INF in aubigny tonight