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  1. Any ETA on when the wiki will be open for editing? I would like to add some information about the squad and such. Also what is the level of detail on the wiki? However much we care to add? Can I add a page about OHM?
  2. The 11th Hussars has lately seen the re-enlistment of veteran members. We are looking for more fresh blood. Hussars Forum DON'T DELAY, ENLIST TODAY !
  3. And your fram rate is? Also how many players do you allow to be seen at the same time. Is the frame rate low all the time or just when in towns?
  4. I am no mac guy, but can you try this maybe.
  5. Don't know if it works for free to play accounts, but normal accounts can apply here and then they need to wait a few days to be approved.
  6. Ok no worries. If we can fix it we will. Ok so your game is suddenly not working as well as it used to. To me this signals that it is not the game that is the issue, but something else. Something has changed. In any case a dxdiag fil might not be bad. Know how to generat one of these?
  7. DNS is not. I have seen people with this problem before and as i recall one of them solved the problem by changing DNS server. Sure you can find the post if you do a search.
  8. Did you try the google-DNS server i linked to?
  9. Hmmmmm Do you have any problems accessing or Might be a problem with your ISP. Maybe this is a longshoot, but try using an other DNS server. It is harmless and it often times better to use something than what your provider is giving you.
  10. When you are ingame hit numlock and get the box up. Take a few screenshoots of it and post it here.
  11. Might be a port problem. I know there are some ports that need forwarding, however i can't remember the numbers right now.
  12. Motherboard aswell? Ok, when in game hit numlock and see if you lose alot of packets.