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  1. Any ETA on when the wiki will be open for editing? I would like to add some information about the squad and such. Also what is the level of detail on the wiki? However much we care to add? Can I add a page about OHM?
  2. I have never heard it in my own tank, but i know i have had it because someone else has told me about this. So as far as i understand you can't replicate it by your self you need someone watching you. With out knowing to much about the code and all it seems like it can be traced to the client sending bad information to the server. Because the client think the engine is off, however the server do not. DOC: I don't think very many is out to get you or any other RAT, this is not the reason why we complain and keep brining this stuff up. Most of us just wish it could be fixed and are trying to help out our we seek information about any progress. I am sure you understand that some might ask every now and then if you are any closer to fixing a known problem. From your first post i think you read the forums a bit to hearse or maybe put to much faith in the words of the trolls. Most of us are not like that. Many off us have been playing this game for a loge while and put much in to it, it is only to be expected that we will be more vocal that the normal WoW player and that we wish to be kept to speed. Now if anyone think you guys don't give a damn about they game they are just pure stupid, one do not keep something running for ten years if one do not care about it. Atleast not the way you guys run the game. So please don't see every thing as an attack, because it i not.
  3. Keep trying is my number one tip. Witch part of the world are you from and do you play allied or axis? If you play allied and live in a timezone that is not to out of sync to mine i would be happy to show you around. Maybe even get you and TS and we could use a few hours running around trying not to die.
  4. You got about everything wrong mate. These days no one ever guards something for eight hours. You can find action in 30 seconds and be killing people in no time. Now i am not sure what you mean by a few updates, but i can find you some day one screen shots and screen shots from today, it will seem like two different games. Now i don't know if the game is optimized, but most people have computers witch can run the game. You claim to be a game designer, but you have a computer witch is not up to speed by 2011 standard. What kinda games do you work on, Farmwill? I read your first post and I read everything that is wrong with games today. Most games are all about easy and generic tasks witch has not changed since i started playing in the mid 90s. Most games these days are to easy, you get everything for nothing, in my mind that is not fun. I want to be challenged when i play and this game delivers on that front. I will admit it is not fun losing something you have worked hard to keep, but it is oh so much sweeter when you pull of something difficult. You see teamwork in this game, you see your actions affect the game world and no two battles are alike. Not many games can stay the same. Then of course you can talk about the people playing the game, in all my years as a gamer i have played many online games and this is by far the one with the nicest and most fun players. What you can or can not understand is limited by you as a person and to be honest that seems like a big limit at the moment, but this game has survived for 10 years and it is fun to play, maybe that is something to keep in mind when you are working on your next flash game. You understand?
  5. I am gone have to agree, holding the con in Scandinavia is not a good idea. Lets face it, it is far away from everyone else and stuff like beer and hotel rooms are not cheap, but if you want to go for the northlands you want Norway. Hold it in Berlin and i might take the trip if nothing else is up. Hold in Brussels and i will make time for it.
  6. Never used one of the allied smg in real life, but they seem way to easy to fire. I liked it better before, but that is just me who do not want it to easy to snipe with and smg.
  7. The sound the infantry man makes is the most annoying ting i have ever seen in this game and too be hones I do not understand why you added it. The heart beat is even worse!