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  1. Put me where you need me. I will be on in full Force...
  2. The other day when the server was down for 4 hrs I looked at the FBs when the map came back on. I counted 6 for Allied at that time. Not saying the other times that something went wrong and more were Axis, but I try to look at the FB Status when I login after a crash.
  3. Honestly THANKS for getting this up. Appreciate it. CHEERS
  4. any updates on this?
  5. Great Battle Allied. Well Done. Cheers....... Bring it on next Camp.
  6. This is becoming a huge problem. When POP is low a HC with 2 accounts that is AFK can throw timers off MAJOR. We had a scenario the other day. An HC officer was AFK for 4 hrs with is second account also. Both in game, but not at computer. We had 4 other players online total. Axis had 8-10 or so im guessing. Cap timers should have been really fast for us and slower for allied. Instead they were closer to equal. I dont think this topic is talked about often enough. I stopped staying logged in while truely AFK about a year ago. Lets not let this topic/thread die. SAVE THE CAP TIMERS>>>>>
  7. Do we have a start date/time for 167?
  8. Have you thought of applying points for blowing FMS's or a Stat to track kills? It would be a good thing to monitor since it is so important to the game and tactically hard to do sometimes. Just a Thought.