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  1. Honestly THANKS for getting this up. Appreciate it. CHEERS
  2. Great Battle Allied. Well Done. Cheers....... Bring it on next Camp.
  3. I think its the limit for sniper on roof of buildings that you para into. LOL Tatonka is a master at that. Tried to kill you for hours on a roof one day. I think you forced me to drink a whole bottle of wine out of frustration. Cheers.
  4. Game screen/view going black during game play. has happened before about a year ago on another Mac. usually blinks, but now staying on for 10 sec or so. Ping goes nuts when I run Discord and Game on same Laptop. Running Discord on another Laptop now. Those are the two biggest. Im going to uninstall and reinstall to see if it fixes it.
  5. I play 100% on Mac. Im fully updated on all my software and game is acting strange since patch. What else do I need to do? What do I need to update? I have brand new MacBook Pro... Fix it or ill need to unsubscribe. Don't want to go buy a new PC to play.
  6. Do we have a start date/time for 167?