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  1. Your Swiss cheese claim is full of holes...
  2. The staircases and roofs made good sniper locations. I wouldn't mind seeing them in the game again.
  3. David, Are you using Windows 10? This link has some solutions, it is for Nvidia cards, but I imagine the same steps would work for AMD cards as well. Hope to see you back in game soon! Robert
  4. Fix: Stop covering most of the town name with "TARGET", just needs to be moved a little lower to do this. Feature: (Kind of a fix) On the map, allow air to see other pilots with the same target (similar to seeing other pilots on the same mission).
  5. How about a compromise of starting off where the last map finished? When I last checked rdp on Sunday morning it was above 50% towards tier 1. So till Starting at Tier 0, which helps the new players, and the rest of us reach Tier 1 in a few days, instead of a week and a half.
  6. Good job Waz!
  7. OK. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  8. It takes four mouse clicks to place a map on the mark, and the mark is placed when the final mouse click (OK) is made. That works great when your stationary on the ground, but when your flying, by the time you get to the last mouse click, the mark is nowhere near where you first started the sequence. Would it be possible for map marks to be placed where the first mouse click is made rather than the last mouse click?
  9. Fizzgig, when you say slighlty before the lower reticle does that mean above it (within the circle) or below it (below the circle)? Also, do you use the gunsight view (zoomed in) when you bomb?