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  1. Studying Agile for school or did. Talk to a professional security and risk management guy said the only issue is making sure its a secure product even though its a working product and including that in the environment. Also I suspect for most companies large amounts of fire extinguishers and safe rooms when thing go belly up
  2. I don't recall questioning his gunning ability. Nor am I questioning his ability to do what he does. I am though asking if what im seeing is just me or if its really there?
  3. So much for psy ops.. it worked.. 135 is about in the books and my butt is sore from the beating its taken.
  4. I tried a squad and well it didn't work out but that's ok im in another. Since ive done both sides ill give my 2 cents ive been back like 15 days now Not in squad first. Good side Log on and nobody to chat with really and just browse the map. No sense of urgency or direction just do whatever. Don't like what your doing go do something else who cares. Want to use up equipment which other people might do better in.. GO FOR IT. Heck Tigers are fun even if I don't know how to start the engine. Explore the whole map and attack and defend wherever them green and red bars are. Blow up FB's at will and go to bed when you want to. Bad Side Not reliable in some cases to GET R DONE and stick through the fight. Not understanding movement mechanics of game and what wins beyond the twitch fighting. Or basically having short sided goals and not long term goals. Unwilling to accept direction toward the win over personal preference. In a Squad. Good side Hang out with the same guys drunk or sober each night and listen to them laugh and rant at varying times. Have focused communications and directional thinking with goal and asset management. Learn a lot of cool stories and functionality of the game. Bad Side Sometimes people that have played a long time are a bit testy and get irritated at your mistakes Inability to put down the Ive been here longer then you ego trip. Protection of reputation put above truthfulness of what is going on and fear of reprisals. Wont allow capturing of game play or conversations because if used to refute a lie is to damaging. Logging on and finding out you been kicked even after trying very hard to work with the group. LOTS AND LOTS OF CUSSING which for some people just don't not jive well at all. Mind you I risk my OWN in game reputation by saying some things but MY actions I have no problem taking responsibility for. This game is much like others I have played where sometimes the OLD does not like the NEW and vice versa. However you going to play try to be courteous and understand the game mechanics and DO YOUR BEST for its all you can ever do. LAST POINT. Get mad..Take a break. Report the HELL out of stuff with videos explaining it. DON'T BE A NEGATIVE NANCY and rant just explain what happened. IF you find yourself typing non stop crap on text..Just stop your not doing anything good and your gonna join the .ignore list then nobody reads it ever again. Just my impressions since I got back and trust me campaign 135 for Axis was a dam brutal way to come back to the game.
  5. Weird infantry play. Last night i forget which town we had 8 guys chasing an allied guy around pumping tons of rounds into him. It was like he was in the underverse and has no idea we were there. Heck he just kept shooting at the AI @>@ ALso had a guy ina AB that did this with me. 3 smg clips in the face.. 20 knife shots to the body nothing.. then he gets up..realizes im there and shoots me in the face. NEVER seen this kind of stuff before.
  6. Yep about the same as being a mortar guy. Mostly the guy you pick when nothing else is left. Tons of time lobbing smoke. One in 1000 rounds might He something and does no building damage that im aware of. So it ends up being a fancy pants infantry guy. Crates makes it easier to get reloads if anybody sets one up.. Or second account with a truck etc Be nice if they got XP for at least trying to use the mortar for something.. anything besides smoke screens.
  7. Just me or on some of these does the hitbox for the plane seem bigger then the plane itself?
  8. Lol just talked about this yesterday,. PLEASE PUT IT BACK..
  9. Silly question but what programming language is this game in?
  10. Ok I have just gotten back so I,m going to throw this one out there. Unit fatigue. When a unit is moved to a new area or a certain percentage of its supply is used in any way it suffers a fatigue setting. This fatigue has different consequences. (1) Because of its combat effectiveness being lowered it has its movement range lowered. New undamaged unit has unlimited move range where as damaged unit cannot move longer distances. (2) Movement timer is increased ( as in you may have waited x amount of time to move a new unit but a battled unit takes x more time) As in if its an hour before you can move a ground unit with no battle damage one with damage would take 2 hours. Mind you it can go in steps. 25% of units used 1.25 hours 50% 1.5 hours 1.75% 1.75 hours and 100% used 2 hours. (3) Bonus as a unit gains more experience in battle it should be able to OVERPOPULATE its base units. Meaning because its proven itself in battle it gets more units then it normally would. So if a tank unit normally has 20 tanks it gets as it gets battle damage over time it may start to repopulate at 25 units etc. This rewards unit types outside of player control but allows players to move per say tougher units first into fighting situations. I know that is a bit of math to do but it does lend toward credence for how units were treated.
  11. Well i hate to tell you this but if we as AXIS this campaign dont get it going that stupid mistake is going to be the truth
  12. Also some things for mortar (1) SPLAT First infantry kill with a mortar. Them maybe one at 50 SPLISH and one and 100 Red Paste? (2) Sniper first single hit kill then 50 then 100. Bulls eye, Slayer, Death incarnate. (3) Smg kills 10 50 100 Ratatata, Lawn Mower, Mad Spammer I know this is late but I just got here
  13. Its nice to see that the component damage model is in place and has high variable for angle of shot and penetration. Have some other questions. (1) In this shot the round penetrated the ammo then the loaders neck then the chest. (a) Is there a damage factor that has to be exceeded for ammo to ( cook off) or random roll or when it is hit is it merely an automated reaction . As in if hit = cook off =100% or is there a random roll to determine effect. (b) After the round penetrates the armor and continues through 2 more objects is its velocity depreciated in its exit strike on the gun and therefor could no exit because of velocity reduction or is it that its base penetration value was not high enough to exit the tank? More simply does it slow down or keep going at the same speed as it goes through the tank? (2) Is armor thickness just a stat or does what kind of armor it is matter? For instance its well documented that different hardness of metals were used by countries in the creation of armor. So is there more or less resistant to penetration due to not only depth of layering but quality of material with this current setup? I have played a ton of sim games and rather curious to what point of accuracy this one is set up for thanks for answering:)
  14. One sentence to define the game. Your iron will and grit to win. Grinding on ciney for yet another day ( selfish allies) I have attacked that thing so dam many times i go to bed remembering where i died. ( thanks a lot snipers..lazy killers).. SO one day were going to take ciney.. and its going to be MY iron will and grit and my fellow Axis folks.. were gonna get ir done. IRON WILL AND GRIT..
  15. Xoom it is good to have people on staff talk to us and we appreciate it very much. As a player I started in 2007 and have been on and off for this game for years. I had not heard what happened in 2012 I got distracted by other games. I was pleasantly surprised in just getting back together now with the 505th and Ice and Xcas that a lot has been added to the game. More guns more pops more things added to the game. I am enjoying myself a lot and have a good team of guys to give me the FNG a ration of crap ( its needed im a noob all over again) So keep up the communications with us we love it. Been gaming 28 years now myself and hope for a brighter furture with WW2online Keep up the good fight.