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  1. When your done the test was you in the internal network or outside for it is making big diffrence Was you using the games FPR or and external FPS program
  2. It is nice to see the progress and has played it since 2002 and still remember the old version and the way it was and what it is today. EXCELLENT and OUTSTANDING work form all and still enjoy the game after all this years.
  3. Congrats on your award. Very well done.
  4. Outstanding work and my best regards to you white the medal.
  5. 1 Way point Spam / Visible from other missions, Way points too large, deleting all way points does not work, Disabling the option in preferences does not work or save. Unstable Ping, jumps between 60 - 700+, causing 30+ second delays in game. (I having fiver 1GB up and won so speed is not the problem and you IP adress has PRIO 1) Mass placing of sandbags, and running along them causes your FPS to go from 130 down to 4 FPS, with a ping spike up to 1500. Trench building, a little too slow for building Also the blocking points are too large, could have a player within a 30 foot circle of you and block you from building, including behind Trenches prevent players from deploying LMG / ATR along walls and certain areas of the floor Not all units are rendering (Increasing unit count in options does not work) Audio Bugs from other units firing
  6. Biggest issue is listen/read comms and follow the vets guides I see them run over and over right in to the killzone and just wasting supply it is hurt my AXIS heart and dam I dont haveand heart
  7. Lets get it straight and CRS is doing excellent work and do not begin to point fingers at anyone the historie is very simpel and not some conspiration factor. Lets give CRS the credit and special XOOM and DOC for stepping up and get the game going, many behind has helped out. Lets get focus and play and not harm the game after all I has played since 2002 and enjoy and love the game and also has give donation when need. Just my 2 cents and my respect to XOOM and Doc....
  8. Yes still missing 24 caps and45 kills last campain
  9. That will be nice and fun to tankers has small balls and inf has great balls of fire I am selling all tankers for highest bet to metal junk
  10. I know Delems for many years and like me played this game since 2002. Delems has and point and if you boring stop read the forum I hate when some get down that road and after all you only played this since 2016. I respect you point like you most respect my point.
  11. Way to many tank kill the enjoyment and I dont log in for that reasson
  12. I never give up I was in special forces in over 40 years son I dont know that word and you shall have some help when you ask andRWS I know very well he is and excellent man
  13. n8r yes great fights and hard to well played from allied side and AXIS to Next map we will kick your [censored] n8r always nice to get hard fights I hate the easy way
  14. Hey pfmosquito I know it is not and part of HC but I just need to be very specifik about it so nothing comes across I am AXIS man all the way tried allied but nope that is not me I will help all that I can on AXIS side when I am online pfmosquito and you know my game name now and I dont need anything else ohh nukes if you got hem PM me and left help the green horns
  15. I am agree white you, but the way some is acting I will only help when I am online and not be part of HC. I has been CinC, in HC for years and trained many officers and new gamers I will help you and I dont need extra tools to do that I know the game since 2002 and all the factors. I am army and navy man not LW in any way I jump out that is all So I help you out when I has time and is in TS3 so PM me if you will have it and if not you choice