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  1. I agree - I would like to see infantry movement/play redesigned. I struggle to play infantry when I get on, I'll literally do anything else other than play infantry since the movement, aiming, and over all design is dated. I do like the flight models and tanks.
  2. We also have a condensed Tier Tree structure which rolls out vehicles very quickly because most people want to play with the Tiger and Churchill, no so much the A13 or Crusader. With a bigger map, you have more time to get to the victory conditions, which means more time at the highest tier. So campaigns, could go on for months with just the top tier stuff. If we spread out the tiers or slowly roll out technology, I can think this gives it a better feel but ultimately, a lot of that has to be answered.
  3. Good to see ya again Bogol! Missed our old engagements between 2009-2010! I may have been one of the UFOs who engaged you near Kalm. I typically fly the SpitV but last night there were just too many with flying with 190’s. Hard to keep up! Regardless, nice to see you on the battlefield again!
  4. An old familiar face from the 3CD days!
  5. Sorry, coming out of the blue here. I saw the LMG email in my box and just wanted to see how it was being received, instead, I walked into this thread. Some things I’m taking away from this, people want to punish Xoom and CRS for changing things up. I get it, you hit them where it hurts the most... but I think you’ll eventually end up with sellers remorse. If the game folds, where else will you play this type of game? There isn’t many on the market that matches; scale, units, and the cohesion between players. i left the game several years back due to lack of innovation. At least Xoom and team are trying, and I’m sure hell paying attention. But you can’t fight scared, if you don’t rock the boat, youll never get more players... we saw that with the steam release. The game hadn’t changed since... 08? Now they’re bringing change, hell ya... I’m all for that. I may even resub knowing I have a max of 2 hours a night to play. keep on doing what you think is right for the game Xoom, you and rats are a rarity in the game market, actually listening to your players. But keep in mind, this is y’alls baby and creative hope, you all steer the ship. roll tide and
  6. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Sandman. I love this game a lot but really... she needs a new engine, new art, new game map, new UI. It's like driving the 1998 Ford Explore with 300,000 Miles on it. Sooner or later... the engine, transmission is going to give out and its going to be very very painful to replace. As sandman said, the concept is gold, but it really needs to go back to the original drawing board. Identify the target consumer, identify how you'll receive money (examine other models WoT, Squads, ARMA 3, Battlefield)... understand how those devs keep the lights on without alienating the player base (BF1). It's a complex discussion that requires multi-facet individuals that understand the gaming market, financials, design, and user acceptance. People nowadays want a game that 'forces' action or keeps you driving for that 'Oh ****' moment like this game did for me back in 2003 - 2010. The tough part is 'how do you do that'. Also, if I ever won the lottery or made it large, I would invest in this idea/concept. There is money to be made since this market hasn't been captured... the tough part / reason why no one has is because its vast and challenging. But with the current state, I gritted my teeth everytime I go in. Recalling all those 'open field' getting gunned down by tanks or sniped before I even see action gives me some PTSD of the low lights of this game. My high lights of this game was the Squad play, Squad Night, bonding with random people you don't even know to obtain an objective... capture a city or drive in supply relief... Gave me a sense of purpose as if I was helping a true front. If I pushed hard, we could win... was it going to be easy...? HELL no, never was, but I felt like I achieved something. Now I just log in, maybe fly a few sorties, or attempt to help a defense... but the feeling isn't there anymore. There isn't any sense of achievement when we liberate a town. Other enjoyments I had even though was short lived was AHQ, I remember leading a battle, telling folks to flank on the other side of the town and cut the supply lines. Running ATGs and AA Guns to the front, setting up MSP, telling folks to defend this depot... only to have my squad step in and help me lead that defense point. THATS what sold me on this game. The team work, the responsibility of achieving the end goal, then turning around and doing it all again on a more complex town. I would memorize maps and vantage points, inform squads to hit the side of town while the main force hit the west. The squads were everything in this game... from the 31st Wrecking Crew, to 3rd Canadian Division, to my current squad 4 Wing... we all played certain roles. Personally, that's what I miss.
  7. Well the game has mixed reviews on steam, plus it not being in the 'Top Sellers' list. 300-400 is a sizable chunk considering they have additional regions to roll out.
  8. Thanks! This helped!
  9. Hey, So I just got back using the 'Welcome back soldier' ticket. When loading into the game, I get a 'super small' game window about 800x600. When increasing this to 3840 x 2160. It becomes super zoomed in and I can't modify any of the settings. I vaguely recall I need to modify one of the game files in the back end but not sure which ones. Any suggestions?
  10. First off, thanks for opening up the 'Welcome back Soldier', always like to come back to the game and see if I can shake off my rustiness. Anyway, I see there being opportunity here for WWIIOL on Steam, there is a lot of positives about releasing 'now' than there was in previous years. (I've been following along for the past... eh 6 to 9 months?). Speaking of the positives, WWII genre is coming back into the mix. Folks are burnt out on the modern warfare and are looking for a tactical / less twitch shooters. Facts are out there... Squads, PUBG, Foxhole are intriguing games which play into WWIIOL wheel house. Heroes & Generals didn't end up successful as much as people though, slightly overhyped and was too much of a P2W game mode. Now the negatives, game is straight up outdated when it comes to game engine and graphics... but that's fine... sell yourself as a 'low' development team that isn't some triple A game/developer. Easy, proof is all here. Team is running on their own and care for the community, but that has to be stressed otherwise Steam will down play the votes. 2nd Negative, infantry play is slow. Play PUBG, Squads, etc... you're not going to have the slowness field when running or cutting around a corner, or as much network lag. But thats what it is... advantage is WWIIOL is more than just infantry play, downside is its a good 60% of the game. Things I'd look at, keep promoting the community. Listen to what the new players say but never folk the older ones (they are your loyal customers). Revamp the capping system, don't think so much of point of interest, but more House to house (fox hole). Make tweaks to improve infantry play, which will promote more people wanting to play infantry. I felt like that has been the killer throughout the years. Regardless, the first hurdle has been cleared... now we gotta keep running and look further out.
  11. Started out a month after my 14th birthday, now 28 and nearing 29.
  12. I first heard about the game on Gamespot I believe back in 2001. Back then I was gaming on a Mac... an iMac (those old school 1999 tube televisions ones). I was really excited to hear they were delivering a Mac Version. I loved Combat Missions Beyond Overlord (I think was the name of the game) and it looked just like it but with the added benefit of everything that moved was a 'human' and the war raged on 24 hours / 7 days a week. I was hooked before even purchasing the game. I applied to be a Closed beta tester for Mac but didn't get selected. However, I did eventually get selected for the normal Beta. I played the ever living crap out of it when I had the chance. Remember downloading the game on a 56k modem (which took around a day and a few hours... couple of disconnect in there) First time logging in, I ended up pairing up with 2 or 3 other random people to do a FB take down.We ran the full 15 minutes to the Turnhout FB. There I saw my first action. One of our teammates took a shot from a PZ3 that spawned in. We hid in the 'frame rate killer' bushes. I didn't move in fear of getting the rest of my teammates killed. The tank eventually moved on and we hopped into the infantry spawn. I jumped in first only to see my First EI. Luckily, he was AFK and after missing the first two shots due to 'nervousness', I killed him. We popped the FB only to be strafed by a 109 shortly after. I despawned wounded in fear of 'experiencing' death. Nowadays, all that stuff is ordinary but the reason I keep coming back is those 15 to 20 minutes where you heart is pounding and don't know whats going to happen. Still love it.
  13. What year did you start playing? Started playing August of 2002 when the Mac Open Beta occurred, stuck around until I went to college in 2006. When was the last time you played? I had a sub up until May but decided to save some money and let my account expire, look at coming back now though What squad were you in? My years of playing in 3CD was well cherished but 4 Wing has opened their arms and accepted me. What side did you primarily play on? Axis for 9 months back in 2002 - 2003 Allied from 2003 - present.
  14. I should be there pending how bad my hangover will be from the brewfest the night before.
  15. Idk Lipton, last time I grabbed the french SMG I was wacking fools from 250 meters out! Literally held down the trigger and murdered 3 germans.