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  1. Same here, thing is when I do CMD Tab while in the brigade screen I get some weird affect where anything I open or (TS) and scroll down the window itself gets some sort of color scramble on the screen but all I have to do is highlight it to correct the issue.
  2. What really kills me is the smoke from the ruins and the white smoke the players throw. I got a ATI 9800 Pro, G5 Dual 1.8 GHZ with a gig of ram
  3. They accept Mac Users too!!
  4. Hmm... do you launch from the WWII Online website? That might be your issue try, launching WWII Online from the Playgate tab thats in the WWII Online folder. If that doesn't work, can u give me a more descriptive reading on what is happening?
  5. Anyway, I'm having some issue with one of my games, Rise Of Nations. Every time I load the game and click to play anything or matter in fact click anything it crashes to desktop. I don't know what the problem is, but maybe its the newer version of Mac OS that makes it crash, I'm not sure. Btw, It use to work a couple of months ago and now it doesn't work at all.
  6. Well mine likes to crash about 5 mins after I had already reinstalled it. Ugh...
  7. gotta type .recruit (name)
  8. I never have ctd from doing it but I have gotten a crazy *** screen a very few times.
  9. Hell, your cable is 20x better than mine. My download speed is 40 Kbs... Yes I said right 40.
  10. Yea, good job on the sounds but I did find a problem with the new one. Flying planes is the error like palatine said and sorta in reverse. When climbing its sounds make the engine sound like its increasing in speed. Then while flying straight it sounds like its in eco / max sorta. Either way I hope that helps ahwulf
  11. bad patch my friend. You'll have to delete WWII Online and install the Full installation then work your way from there.
  12. Ugh, Black Screen of death. Try switching your config around maybe that will fix it.
  13. CRS has optimized the code for the new Intel macs yet, supposely going to happen really soon according to ahwulf.
  14. It happens on all macs I think.
  15. Yea, its a mac issue. I had it in beta, but I guess they couldn't figure out how to fix it yet. :/
  16. Try turning off post render. Other than that, ask ahwulf :/ Can't really help you on that one
  17. Too bad it still caused a lot of issues when they release the mac version. I remember that horrible sound bug in 1.8 or 1.9? Ugh... I've come a long ways since the start of the game. I started back in 2002 and played through 2006. 4 Years and still going.
  18. I've also had this issue of not getting in. I thought maybe the server was down... everytime I tried to logged in.
  19. Ugh, Something else to buy heh. I'll see if my dad has it at his office.
  20. Btw where do u get the disk warrior at? I think its time for me to clean up mine too. I think the last time I cleaned mine was last summer or the summer before the last :/