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  1. You said you ran with Airport connection? That might be your problem, my airport usually gets interfered with other stuff around my computer such as my wireless mouse, joystick and rear speakers. I suggest try direct connecting if possible and see if that does the trick.
  2. What OS do they run? It has to be over 10.4
  3. Alright sounds like some good advice. I'll take it btw.
  4. Could always try on E-bay. Sometimes people sell there software for Half price and all u need is the CD
  5. K thanks. Btw do you think upgrading this sucker or waiting for a new one is a better deal. I sorta like my current one and I think it has another year or 2 before its time to jump up to a newer level.
  6. "came rushing in and the two shot each other in perfect unison. " Hehehe, Happens so often... Btw nice AAR
  7. Naw, I'm refering to the new towers when they come out. I wondering if I should pitch in the money for a new tower. I just bought the one I have now about 2 years and 6 months ago.
  8. Btw, should I upgrade computer myself. I have a G5 Dual Processor 1.8 Ghz with a gig of ram and Radeon 9800 Pro. Should I upgrade to the new intelmac?
  9. I agree the newer sound bug doesn't sound like a farking chain saw starting up. Now it sounds like a peaceful 3 shot ricochet.
  10. Supposely today gonna have a patch out.
  11. btw whens next patch I could really enjoy this bug behind us!
  12. Damn Hoodoo. Nice Machine btw.
  13. heh, I got some screen shots of "tanks driving on water" when the bridge is down.
  14. heh, same here. I was *** whooping left and right when I got myself a G5.
  15. lol, I was wondering wth happened to you. Btw your CTD brought me bad luck. After my C47 taking off I got my *** cooked off by a 109! But not after dropping my load over the FB which we found out that was camped. :/
  16. I had a yahoo based e-mail and it canceled my subscription so I can't play the game till I get a different e-mail address. Any points to help me out.
  17. Alright pretty good idea, since I wanty play again soon. lol
  18. Back in 2002 when 1.7 was in affect, the aiming was way too slow. Now in 2005, its too damn sensitive.
  19. Yea, its a nationwide mac bug and CRS is fully aware of it. So hopefully patch before New years.
  20. yea I had a 114 Minute Sniper mission and I assist in capping Drodendent or something like that. Anyway once we capped all the flags the town turned back to german on my screen and I was wondering, wth happened, but now I realize its a mac problem.
  21. The server crashed a lot last night, due a lot of people playing. Might have been from that.
  22. I basically got the same Machine as him except I have a Radeon 9800 Pro, but I haven't noticed this problem.
  23. old skool stuff.