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  1. I can no longer find my solution for the bug of resolution on the Mac Pro. Where is the file where I told the system to scan for displays?
  2. Since installing leopard (or maybe this last update) I cannot pick anything higher than 800 by 600 resolution. Anyone have a fix for this?
  3. I went into the wwiiol.xml file like suggested and changed this line... app.caputueralldisplays changed the value from 'false' to 'true' now I can pick all native resolutions...
  4. I have a mac pro 2.66 ghz Dual Core Xeon, 5 Gb memory, nvidia geforce 7300gt video. On a related note, the card and its resolutions are detected when I boot in XP using my boot camp partition. Also, this machine is newer and has had all of its programs and settings moved from an older ATI machine using the migration assistant. I downloaded the full game and installed it, but didnt do anything like uninstalling the old version to see if it would work. just reinstalling had no effect. Also, the boot camp partition game is a fresh install, as I didnt have a boot camp partition before this system. My display selector just says display 0, with no other choices and the only resolution choices are 800 by 600 and one lower one.
  5. I cant get any resolution on my mac pro with stock video card except for 800 by 600. I dont see anything else any more in the selection box in settings.
  6. I was getting only 15 FPS in a battle until I tweaked my system out using the windows XP tweaking guide at Long story short, I formatted my drive, just installed the full version of XP without all the bloat ware that came with my computer, the drivers for my sound, video, network cards and the newest software for my chipset and then tweaked my video card with tips from the same site. I am not overclocking anything in my system to get the performance. Now I have no stutters and get a good solid 30 to 45 fps with the game set on medium features.
  7. I might add that this lag problem also exists in the PC version of the game. My PC goes down to 3 or 4 FPS when there is a plane overhead.
  8. Dell Laptop, WinXP, 1gb ram. Game crashes the second I spawn in. Have to reboot the PC to regain control. Have reinstalled windows to try and troubleshoot. All newest video drivers available from Dell installed. Been trying since version 20. Always the same problem. Ideas?
  9. Also, I get far enough into the game that other players see my login system announcement on Chat, but I never get to see any part of the game.