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  1. I think this is more fitting from what I have seen people cry about on side haha.... BIERBAER has quite the fan club
  2. Someone is salty I guess you like cheap wins then. I want the Axis LMG you can have the BAR see how many of you cry babies cry then lol....
  3. So did they post an expected downtime or will we loose a day again ?
  4. Not to mention the consistent same person rolling a 232 and killing every FRU on the map
  5. Remember you have to talk on a channel hit F6 ( I think ) to talk on help. If you are hitting enter to talk that is proximity chat only.
  6. Just an update, his friends and family are actively watching the guestbook located here For anyone who would like to post.
  7. I did not enjoy it we did it because the other side would also do it. Like I said in the last post I am not against a hybrid system, as long as it is done right.
  8. This is sudden and sad news indeed, he was a long time player and a great guy he will be missed by all of us. RIP Tom73b S!
  9. I hope they do set this to default for new players! at least before any steam release.
  10. I think low ranks in Low tiers should have access to bombers to level on bombing runs at least.
  11. Yes the game runs only on one core, but uses more than one thread, but having more than 1 core helps as other processes use the other cores. Besides single core CPU's are no longer made I don't think... As the game runs off 1 core I have noticed if I overclock my system from 4ghz standard speed to 4.9ghz I do see a frame increase. The game is more heavy on the CPU than it is on the GPU as I am using a 980TI soon to be replaced by the new 1080's releasing this month (I am pretty sure I have hit the bottleneck for WW2OL GPU wise). I have a decent system but the frames compared to other games are always lower unless I am overclocking and taking advantage of the water-cooling.
  12. Testing is important but the Auth servers need to be at least online for users to come test. They have been offline 3 hours so far...
  13. If overlay is enabled then disable it.
  14. With WW2OL I have found that any high end GTX card will get good FPS but the bottle neck seems to be CPU. I am running a GTX580 at the moment and it runs ww2ol fine but I got more of an FPS boost from switching CPU to a faster core speed then changing from a GTX460 to GTX580. Hope this helps. As for other games yes the GTX580 made a huge improvement.
  15. New campaign mate wait a little. Servers are currently locked.