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  1. Well i'm just glad that my Freighter only sunk just before the inofficial Wave 3 ^^ , and that i did not despawn once the Ticking started. I'd like to add though that one of our Fairmilles was destroyed by an FW-190. The FMB was manned by Adam1168 (hope the name is written correct). But even if we'd have lost it was an great and entertaining Event for my better half (tankgirl) and me. We really like the AAA Positions on the Freighters and would like to participate in future Naval Events as TT Crew. P.S. Sadly its not possible to utilize AAA, ATG or Tank Guns of Units aboard a Freighter. That would enable the "creation" of Q-Ships in a crude way (and hidden Polycrew ).
  2. I only got one PreWave I Screenshot which doesn't look totally bad. Slighty downsized from 1920 width to 1024, and cut out the lower part.
  3. USS Curtis - Transport (British Freighter) #23 Northern Line Crew: DaDriver TankGirl Mission Length: 138 Minutes: Fires: 2 (1 extinguished by DC) Sinking since the first Wave, sunk after 2nd Wave. Killed by UNKNOWN. 4 Kills on Stukas between both AA Platforms, 9 Stukas hit in total.
  4. hi, I'd like to sign tankgirl and me up for a Transport (MultiCrew) on the Allied side.