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  1. I get it too. It wouldn't be so bad if people didn't keep making me leader.
  2. Yeah "finally" would be the right word.
  3. That's funny but do you really need to insult people in wheel chairs by comaparing them to PCs?
  4. Well you didn't come in here telling us Macs suck or that we should all switch to Windows. So no offense taken. There's nothing wrong with not liking OS X. When I first went from 9 to 10 I didn't like it much either.
  5. CH Products if you're willing to spend the money. It's to much stick for my needs but I would rather be limited by my skills than by my tools.
  6. So are you officially going to be a RAT?
  7. Congrats! Glad you were finally able to upgrade.
  8. Well it's out. http://store.apple.com/us/product/TW387ZM/A
  9. That's what I'm looking at getting. Except I might go with the ATI card. Hopefully it will be a good game performer now and years to come. I'm also curios what kind of numbers it will put out for folding@home. I've been looking around the net to see if anybody has posted results but I haven't found any yet.
  10. Woot! I've been waiting for this for so long. Time to upgrade.
  11. I don't blame them. I would rather they release when it's ready weather it's before or after MacWorld.
  12. I really did want to see a new Mac Pro. Even though the processors aren't ready I thought they might announce and then sell a month or two down the line. I think they've done that before.
  13. I have a Dual G5 2.5 with a 9600XT. I'm looking to upgrade but I'm waiting for the new computers that are rumored to be coming. I hope they don't take long.
  14. Ouch! That's rough. I have a old 867 G4 I used to play with a long time ago. I can't imagine playing with it now. It spends it's time doing folding@home now. My G5 does to but it does other things too.
  15. For those thinking of upgrading to a new Mac you may want to wait till next year. Rumor has it that they will have blu-ray players which would be nice. That may not matter to you though.