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  1. You, yourself, cannot equal a proportionate representation of the individuals that successfully begin this game. When I have 6 co-workers that simply want to get into the game to understand the basic mechanics, of shoot-move-position, the initial UI is a detriment. Again, I'm not saying that the information isn't important or handy, but to the new initiates who seek to get into the game rather than necessarily understanding the logistical dynamics this poses a delay; one that most MMO game players frown on. Rats position has shifted from the niche players to the quick-action seekers of the modern FPS. Lets rope them in with the gameplay first, and then augment their understanding of the scope of the realm.
  2. I like it from the veteran player standpoint, but part of me feels that this is just contributing to the "overwhelming" perception in new players. - I do hope that there are some preliminary option screens that can offer less detail. One gripe from friends that tried the game (tried and left) was that there were too few screens guiding an intuitive step-by-step into the game world. Most of us that have played a while understand how to absorb the information and organization but that culture hasn't been nurtured in the newly initiated. All I am suggesting is don't forget to offer the fast-track option into the gamespace. Think of it as a Private First Class that doesn't have any clue of what's going and having the option of being "guided" (ordered) into battle.
  3. Simply put I'm pissed. I have never before been so baffled by the complete and utter failure of a company to support a product. Creative is by far the worst instance of a PC hardware (or any product) company on the market. After reading their forums its clear that there are multitudes of very upset customers. - Creative "tech support" allegedly has a basic subscription fee. - Their drivers have to be fixed by users. - Several posts referring to the Audigy 2 series cards have the technicians at Creative suggesting that the customer purchase a newer card because they don't support them anymore. I for one, will never purchase a Creative product again nor will I be recommending one at any time in the future. Thank you for posting about these drivers and clue-ing me in on a crap company.
  4. I used Vista for awhile. There was a decrease in framerates when compared to XP but nothing significant. Its important that you get the correct drivers and keep them up-to-date. Other than that, I didn't feel XP was worth it. It is a resource hog and a clean XP boot is the best way to go with this game. Excepting this tidbit, Vista is usable.
  5. What are you using to launch the game? SSE2,netcode, etc...
  6. Not sure what your saying here. Is it that you can hear your own voice? If so try muting the mic in the control panel. It will prevent it from playing back to the speakers...
  7. Just an addition, not really advice but: I've had Vista running for the last few months with no problems other than Creative sound driver issues. I lost the drive Vista was running on today and reloaded XP. Sound was much better and frame rates increased; in some areas as much as 50%. With a comparison of clean Vista install and XP install, I'm going to stay with XP for a long while.
  8. Unfortunately, it's the "time-to-upgrade-your-card-Ver6.0" drivers you need. Hang on though, the soon released beta drivers might just give you better performance.
  9. Go for a 'big' rig just because, but keep this in mind... There are issues with the game that regardless of how awesome your system is, will still occur. The stutters and poor FPS are felt on a lot (dare I say Majority) of systems. Sure a nice new computer will help ease the impact of these PIA's but for the most part there are some acknowledged software glitches that are being worked on.
  10. Grab a thumb drive or a blank CD. Identify (through documentation of the components in your pre-made system or parts purchases) the name and model of the components in question. Download the drivers for these devices on a working PC Transfer those media to the reformatted system Install. Edit: I should have asked, did you mean that the "New Device Detected" dialogue isn't coming up??
  11. Yeah bought an EVGA 8800GTS AC3 KO edition and absolutely love it.
  12. Noted. That is a solid PSU though, worth every penny in my case.
  13. I of course, must chime in with additional .02 With a rig like that, get nothing less than a 700W power supply. Although many believe that PSUs are all the same, a LOT of problems originate from bad or over worked PSUs. I would highly recommend looking into a Corsair 620W (I know its under 700, but its an amazing PSU and I own one). Do you really want to buy all those gorgeous components and be suffering a multitude of problems from a shotty PSU? Overclocking on a 500? Forget it.
  14. tocool, There are issues with the game that are creating stutters and low FPS since 1.27's debut. Jaeger mentioned in a post a few weeks back (with a pleasant CRS squabble) that some optimizations were coming to remedy those issues. They are aware of the difficulties and if you are square on your end then its time to start blaming a dated engine, over-worked CRS employees, and advancing consumer hardware. Don't let boardees persuade you into assuming your computer sucks. If the NT switch works; good times, but standby for some 'potential' assistance in the code department. Ensure you stay up on the latest drivers for your hardware, too.