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  1. Thanks for the link. I used to be up on these things, but I get behind with each year.
  2. New PC is out this year... so looking at GTX 460 (1 GB), but I notice GTX 560 is only a few bucks more. Big difference? 460 should be good enough?
  3. Paypal has their own prepaid cards, and I think the fee is the same as the prepaid visa/mastercards out there. Moneypak?
  4. A few times. Just a little while ago, too. Switched to new town, made mission, select unit, the spawn in screen hangs for a good minute or two, then back to desktop.
  5. Guderian or deGaulle? deGaulle was nearly in the exact opposite position. Of course that's idle speculation, because we'll never know what would have happened, thanks to Petain (and others).
  6. I don't think the French population had recovered from WWI yet, mentally. The high command was incompetent beyond comprehension, there was just no leadership at all. Morale was pretty much in the toilet. Here's a good quote from a book I'm on now from one of the BEF Corps commanders, General Alan Brooke, after watching a parade of French soldiers; "Men unshaven, horses ungroomed, clothes and saddlery that did not fit, vehicles dirty, and complete lack of pride in themselves or their units. What shook me the most, however, was the look in the men's faces, disgruntled and insubordinate, and although ordered to give 'Eyes Left,' hardly man bothered to do so." Accounts like that were pretty common. Piss poor leadership...
  7. What if a certain ME-108 containing the plans for the original invasion of France didn't get lost and crash land in Belgium, forcing Germany to postpone the invasion and come up with a new plan (that was far better)? What if Klink had discovered the tunnel beneath the barracks?
  8. This is always a fun topic, and one reason why WWII strategy games are so fun. One of my favorites for the PC is Norm Kroger's The Operational Art of War, I also still game with old school counter board games and 15mm miniatures, anyway I digress... What if the Winter of '41-'42 wasn't the worst in 100 years? What if Hitler didn't stop using the FJ as they were intended after Crete? What if Hitler didn't let the Russians fortify for a few months by delaying the Kursk offensive, then attack anyway? What if Ike told Monty to shove his Market-Garden plan up his keyster? What if the Germans gave the Finns some more hardware and support? Personally I think they could have taken Murmansk and Leningrad with the Germans. The Germans virtually had an open road into Leningrad, having defeated the outer defenses, until the OKH decided to start losing the war (not that I'm complaining - just would have been nice for the Axis to beat up on the Soviets some more, would have saved a lot of lives down the road) Of course the biggest one is what if they just killed Hitler and all his closest allies early on, sued for peace in the West and beat the commies back to the Urals? What if we lost Midway or Guadalcanal? What if the carriers were at Pearl Harbor, too? Anyway, could go on...
  9. Go there for the all the patches before loading the game, by the way, don't use the playgate auto loader.
  10. Hmm, when I did the patches and downloads I went here and dowloaded them one at a time, don't use the auto-updaters. Yes, running Vista...
  11. FYI, I just rolled back my driver after downloading the May 16th updated driver. Running Vista and the 8800 GTX. I had no problems until I downloaded the new driver. Anyone else have a problem with the new drivers? I had my third critical error today, while running a completely different application. The first 2 happened playing WWIIonline, this one was not even a 3D app.
  12. Over the last couple of days I've had my screen suddenly covered with small black squares, like a checkerboard without the red. Both times I alt-tabbed in and out of the game and they were gone. Does this sound familiar to anyone, before I start looking into this further? Thanks.