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  1. Hey my house burned down in last November & took my joytick Throttle & Pedals.... Anyone have suggestions on the best Joystick for Mac OSX. For gunning 88's & flying ..Haven't bought a joystick since I started playing like forever ago... All suggestions would be appreciated... I used to have the CH flightstick , throttle , & Pedals.. Always found the joystick troublesome to calibrate, & tiny joystick on Throttle that i used for looking direction was always off... Cheers Tom . ( The North Pole ) .
  2. Shot Down a 190 this morning & he Crash landed on the freeway on my way to work.... For Real..
  3. Ok since the new version, I can't steer any tanks.. I can fly & drive a truck but can't steer any armour... i Have a CH Flightstick Joystick , Throttle, & pedals. All work great and are recognized by the keymapper in all the vehicles.. but assigning anything to armour steering. the keymapper seems to recognize the input source selection fine, but when I jump into some armour, Steering doesn't respond at all... Anyone ?
  4. it seems like for the last 2 months since the new version, the game cashes my keyboard strokes... ie if I'm running for more than a few steps (holding down the "w" key , when i want to stop running , the game keeps me running for up to 5 more seconds before it recognizes that i wanted to stop or turn or look, or duck.... I tried re-installing and the problem went away for a few first minutes, but then it came back.... obviously the game is unplayable for me like this... I even reinstalled the system and tried the beta & went back to the current release of the game,,, at first i thought it was bad lag, but i have the usual frame rate & if i do things in the game without holding any key down it seems to respond ok... so like i said. it seems to me that it's holding all my held down keys in buffer .. Anyone else ? suggestions ? Cheers Tom.. Mac intel 8 core 2.8 / 10Gbram / Nvidea GeForce GTX 285
  5. Ya I got the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 was like $500 in my almost 2 year old intel 2.8Ghz 8 core .... Was really hoping that it would blow me away. not at all. i get the same frame rate & lag i did previous to 1.31 with the new graphics engine, & my old ATI was unusable on 1.3.1 but at least now i can still play the game.... even if i get killed a lot before i can even raise my gun... and yes i got an average internet connection... Cheers Tom...
  6. ahh got ya... it's a work around for the broken link in the game launcher.. Thank you....
  7. ok did this and it worked... now what did that actually do, & why did i have to enter something into the terminal to get the game to work all of a sudden ? Thx Tom
  8. 4AM pacific Time my usual log in loads a WW2 domain page renewal instead of the usual WW2 online game page... & hitting the Play Online button quits the launcher instead of getting into my game,. Anyone else having this problem ? i didn't change anything & tried on 2 systems. Nrthpole
  9. No all names were short .... ( NRTHPOLE, IMN, FLATWAY, POLSPOT ) were the members entered.. Squad Name was "700th" or "700th Bitsplitters" Thx Tom...
  10. Hey Guys Any mac users try making a squad.. Keep getting text too long error in chat window while onscreen dialog box tells me invitaions went out. but no invitations received... no matter how short the squad names i make them.. Thanks Guys Tom T.....
  11. Hey Guys I've had this one for the last 3 versions .. When I chat on side channel my text & chat appears when I hit enter & I can see my conversation.. but when I enter chat commands to target or mission they ofter do not appear, so i can't follow my own conversations.... people respond to them so they must be going through,, I just can see them.... I think it only happens often on mission & target channel, never happens on side channel, or plain proximity enter.... Is this a setting anywhere or a known bug ? Thanks Tom... Great work on the Game..
  12. Both 1.31 and the new 1.32 still can't mark as leader.. gives me a submission error.... I can submit marks to the mission leader, just can't make marks AS leader..... problem was not there previous to the last 2 updates.. Great Work .. Thanks Tom. North Pole.
  13. Since latest update I cannot create marks as mission leader... It gives me a green "submission Error" in the chat box... I can still submit marks as a non-mission leader. But If I'm leading, won't let me mark... this is new to G5 intel 2.8 8core Leopard. 16gig Ram... Also The sound is still messed up... Sound was Fine on Tiger & PPC 2005 2.5 quad but under Leopard & Intel the sound. especially playing INF was aweful... 1.30 was much better but now under 1.30.1 was a bit worse than the first mac 1.30 release... Thanks for all your hard work.. Great Game. NORTH POLE
  14. Been Playing for over a year on a PPC Tiger 2.5 switched to a Intel 8 Core 2.8 with Leopard.. Getting more FPS I think, But sound is REALLY jumpy... can't judge enemy direction by sound anymore. Random volumes, distant bullets & riccochets sound next to you, etc ..etc... Also Mouse Locator (shareware that draws a green Circle around your Mouse pointer , helpful with huge multiple screens, ) worked fine on Tiger on PPC but pops out during play on the Leopard Intel.. I hope someone fixes this , as most mac players out there will eventually migrate to Leopard, and Leopard's been released for some time .. Cheers & thanks for your efforts.. Tom..
  15. Hey Guys, Anyone using a 2.5 PPC Quad running Leopard or Tiger ... What is the best single slot Graphics card available... (can't install a wide card cause all my other slots are in use) Currently running 10.4.11 with 4 gig Ram with a GeForce 6600 (256 Vram) and it sucks... get lag killed all the time. especially flying... .. Also running a Dell 28" monitor that I hear also Contributes to slow screen re-draws.... Any input would be appreciated