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  1. With a grenade loaded, while holding down the aim button, I cannot use the fire button to launch the rifle grenade. Tried with both Mac and Win clients and got the same results. However, the grenade will fire immediately upon releasing the aim button. I don't have this issue with any other infantry unit, nor the grenadier itself when using regular rifle ammunition. I only happens when trying to use the rifle launched grenade.
  2. I don't have this issue. Running 10.7.2, no betas currently installed. The only thing atypical about my setup is that I don't run my user account with administrator privileges, so when I patch wwiiol, I copy the bundle to my user directory, patch, remove the original bundle in the /Application folder, then copy the patched bundle from my user directory to the /Applications folder, authenticating as admin when asked by the system.
  3. Running 10.7, having no login issues.
  4. True, but the sniper issue bas been around since day one, this was just introduced in the last patch, so hopefully it's an easy fix.
  5. While panning the strategic map, the movement along the x-axis tracks the mouse one to one, but the y-axis seems to be scaled about 1.5 times the mouse's movement.
  6. I've tried both. Same issue on either one.
  7. Mac client P-38 not fixed in 1.34.3
  8. The p39 gauge doesn't work for me either. I also have the feeling the p38 3rd fuel tank gauge moves much faster than than the other two.
  9. Looks like this is a random error. I loaded up the game today and found the French rifle grenade working properly but the German one still not colliding. I rebooted my machine and now they are all working. Hand grenades were working fine, the only thing not colliding was the RGs. Strange. I'll post if it happens again.
  10. Tried the German, French and British rifle grenades offline, only the French grenade collided with any surface. The other two just pass through the ground, buildings, etc. I tested the German rifle grenade online and it had the same issue.
  11. I've only tried as a British SMG, but when riding a truck and using mouselook, you can flip your head up a full 180 degrees. Others riding on the truck were able to do the same.
  12. Selecting the best quality/balanced/best performance presets will change the effect preferences, but I cannot change the effect preferences individually. OS: 10.6.3 Mac Pro (2009) Quad 2.66GHz 8GB
  13. This sounds exactly like the mouse issue the Mac client had a couple versions ago.
  14. Tested offline, cmd-h is working fine. Sometimes the mouse cursor is still visible when I return to the game, but pressing option turns it off.
  15. I'm running a 2009 MacPro quad 2.66 with an ATI 4870.