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  1. Sounds like what used to happen to my external power speakers... they'de develope a strange hum after being on a few days straight. Powering them down would fix it, but on a laptop? For craps and giggles, completely power down and unplug external power. Restart after a few minutes, double check all your settings in the control panel under sound devices.
  2. It's not heat, it's a glitch, I get them from time to time... it seems I'm inside a building when a bomb goes off and I dont see the graphic just before the floaties start falling... With my 9800pro I had to reboot With a XT850XT I just have to relog I used to get them once a month or so, with the newer card it's less often. Neither card had stock cooling (very good aftermarket) and my case can double as a air purifier if I toss a hunk of hepafilter in front of it.
  3. Goto the main page and click Axis or Allied forces at the top (rotating pictures with links) and your sides "in the field" is listed.
  4. That HDD is going to slow down loading to a crawl.
  5. Looks to me like you need to mess with your memory settings, they were pretty fubar beforehand but it ran anyways. Anyway, I wont even guess at advice without knowing what equipment you're running.... and niether should anyone else.
  6. If your bios has the option you could run the RAM at a percentage of the FSB.
  7. That looks odd?
  8. Depends which core you're talking about.
  9. I have the 850Pro, with only 12pipes, the XT has an additional floating 6 and just fighting in a large city as an INF I was seeing no lower than 30FPS @1280X1024/32bit 4X-AA 8X-AF ... As high as 60-70 in the city with nobody around. My card is clocked slightly higher than an XT at this time. Stock XT is 520/540 I run my Pro at 545/545 thanks to an aftermarket cooler (the Pro's cooler is poor compaired to the XT from what I understand).
  10. OK, the program isnt porked. You yourself said others run it so, ergo, not porked. Even though the errorlog says WWIIOL caused it that would be just because the app was running when the system died... if my system were to overheat playing WWIIOL I'de get the blame placed on WWIIOL not heat. That is one of the things I'de check, 98 should be fine if setup right. Check for heat issues (open case point large fan at it) and you may want to investigate your power supply.
  11. Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.60GHz Memory: 768MB RAM RADEON 9200 I think that sums up your main problem. From FAQ I dont mean to be harsh but you're way low, turn down as much as possible, run in 32bit mode, make sure your soundcard is selected rather than "primary sound card" in settings, defragment, maybe kill a chicken, run 16 sounds, update your drivers, ect
  12. Dust collection and it's been a hot summer? From the nest statement I would say yes... I use one of these and love it... Note, copied from newegg review: The fan is quiet, but it does provide alot of vibration. Make sure if you have a cheap case to tighten everything down, or you will hear rattling!
  13. The thermal pad is supposed to melt... cleaning off a melted pad can be a pain in the butt. Most folks use acetone (nail polish remover) and an old toothbrush... you may want to clean off the acetone with a bit of alcohol as well. Be sure to let the CPU dry before attempting to use again.
  14. It should be a combination of a fan monitor with the possibility to adjust speeds if your motherboard supports that function... you dont need to connect it to anything, purely optional.