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  1. Oh a DOC sighting! Do you log in nowadays at all? Someone needs to teach alliezhow to fly
  2. @XOOM good idea
  3. Soon™
  4. Nope, not the P38 nor the Schwimm. What they sit on! Guess what is that?
  5. The squad decal was part of a much larger package, at least in the latest indiegogo campaign. There should be an option to just purchase a squad decal, instead of the full meal, and price it accordingly.
  6. I think OP meant Squad decals for less than 1500 USD... Not all squads have the numbers to be able to afford that kind of money.
  7. Shutting down Training Server would be bad. They better fix Area 51 instead.
  8. LMAO funny
  9. Yes, I kinda feel blue in the face lately. Thanks for pointing out why. I was gonna see the doc, but now I know.
  10. So yes on bombable AFs? Did I hear you say YES?
  11. Only if you are in Discord with us. I get it that you are trying to be constructive. But sometimes you really come across as stubborn (and I dont mean this to offend you) and unwilling to see what the other has to say. Probably the same can be said about me, at times. So all is good, as long as you vote yes for Bombable AFs
  12. Great. I hope from there you guys look into some of the ideas debated in those threads.
  13. I can answer this one. Flack stays as it is for regular AFs (or maybe toned down 10%ish). And for Mobile AF, scaled down appropriately. Thats what I vote for. Can't talk for madrebel.
  14. This is the second time you are using the exact same card... We had this match before bmbm. Next time you are talking about the general LW player, dont do so in a DIRECT REPLY to me, after you just quote me... PLS.