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  1. Wow, tell us your secretz!
  2. Moar! Ladies pay for vanity products way moar than 50 $ per month. Why wouldn't men pay moar as well? And yes, I am assuming most of the PB is male.
  3. There is a thread about the mobile AF where pro and cons were discussed. Add your 2c there.
  4. OK, so what does it take to code a PPO from which people can spawn? Such as an FMS? A 'graphics' person or a 'programer?' Because the AF idea is just a glorified FMS... So if they have the capability to introduce FMS, to my very naive understanding, the MAF (mobile AF) should be no different. Edit: BTW, can you please point out to the specific source where CRS is stating that they have 'no programer?'
  5. The idea to hide with a vail and split the PB in two literally is an atrocious hybrid imo. The fking n00bs would learn best if they followed some vets, instead of running around like a bunch of headless chickens! But see, the problem is they don't SEE the vets, anyhow. And they don't listen to them vets either...
  6. I beg to differ. They already have new type of AFs that will be included on the map. They have in the not too distant past included a bunch of PPOs. I guess those were coded not by programmers but by well trained monkeys ? So how about you let CRS speak about it's feasibility or not?
  7. In she spirit of your Squad Buildings I propose: Squadron Mobile Airfields. Now that would be something. Ask for a reasonable price, but not too high, and you might actually see incentive for smaller squads to unite so they can afford the braggin rights of having the right to place a Mobile AF on the map, which will, of course fly their squadron flag and from which all airplanes originating will have their decals. I truly think this can be a game changer for the air game, re-igniting the competitive spirit and the rivalries. Edit: @HATCH is this idea completely out of the realm of possibilities for the current CRS capabilities ?
  8. So you mean to tell me that in WT you can see the trajectory of your shells in a little window and the impact? LMAO that is the gamiest of the gheymiest ideas of all times.
  9. Did you update your old spreadsheet? It needs some love as well, to feel young again.
  10. You Mean in AAR or IRT?
  11. @SCKING So am I to understand that the regular Beta Team (of which I am part) is left out of this 1.36 beta?
  12. @SCKINGSo, if we aint HC or Builders but we still see this part of the forum, does this mean we are part of the Beta or not? If not, why do we even see this??
  13. Where do I get the link from?
  14. Dinant. Did not play in a while, but I believe it is Dinant the town separated by the river, where on one side there is a very steep hill. Right ? Many fun little battles and skirmishes for the control of said hill I remember. But the best of it all is training a bunch of squishies loaded in my Opel how to fly. They quickly found they forgot their parachutes. Free-fall is amazing lol Although for that purpose Dover and it's cliffs are the best spot to train squishies how to fly.
  15. There is a huge difference between a war game and the reality it is trying/claiming to simulate. In reality, an army had CONSCRIPTS. People were going there not to have FUN. They were going there, knowing its more than likely they wont come back home. Push the realism to the limit of Hysterical spawnlists, and you might end up having to conscript players to play. And, you have no mechanism to enforce that, as opposed to a state. So, this insistence that MAXIMUM hysterical realism, in all aspects of the game, including production dates, numbers, etc. is at best, stilly, at worst, down right stupid. And, to add to it all, hypocritical. Because you just mention that it is not the numbers deployed, it is the numbers produced that matter. Wait, so are simulating the battlefield (game was called, after all, Battleground Europe) or are we simulating the production of equipment in a given period of the war, and distributing said equipment to the PB so they can simulate a war that NEVER happened. Because, you see, you just mention that it is not the number of troups/equipment deployed that matter, it is the number PRODUCED that matter..... WOW. Also, there is a huge assumption one makes if they decide to go the Hysterical realism route. That the sides were balanced in economical aspects during any period of the war. Which is obviously, not true. So, base your spawnlists on history, and you end up with imbalance. Simple...