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  1. Looks like it. Its been recorded by furi0us.
  2. And you will love the E1. Seriously you will learn so much about the potential of the 109 E1 by watching this compilation of some amazing dogfights between two of the best pilots this game has had.
  3. in WWIIOL noob no longer means what you think it means, n00b!
  4. And to go back to your point, about new players being inclined to try the "evil" side first. Let them be awed by the mighty Axis Panzers of T0, that, as we all know, wreak havoc among the enemy lines... (insert sarcastic grin here) Speed vs armor is a very interesting debate, that is relevant in real warfare, and was especially relevant during the Blitzkrieg. But, how do we replicate a Blitzkrieg scenario in this game, where the actual speed with which units can move from one town to another is IDENTICAL. Its almost instantaneous, as soon as HC decides to move them. (Yes, there are timers, but those timers are not unit specific) Maybe we can tie those timers to the actual max speed of the unit??
  5. I wont tell if you won't
  6. We are one of the oldest LW squadrons of WWIIOL, and are proud to carry the name of JG 2 Richthofen. During campaign we only play LW as a group. Historically, JG2 Richthofen was one of the rare Luftwaffe units that campaigned in France from the first day of the Blitzkrieg to the end of the German Occupation. Having fought exclusively on the Western Front, JG2 was not an ace factory. It had, however, a great impact in the air war during the war, being credited with at least 2700 confirmed kills, most of them in the West. This image, "Tough day," by James Dietz, symbolizes best the resilience of our squadron. It was been here in WWIIOL since its early days, and witnessed (and contributed) to its glory days. And even when the times were tough, we lifted, we never abandoned the hope that the skies will be blue again. Or even on a day to day, mission to mission basis, we have the same attitude. We will lift, even if the skies are full of EA, with only a handful of us to oppose them. !S to all -friends and foes- from JG2.
  7. Now thats an idea thats worth exploring.
  8. When you bring the little green men from Steam, some of the "smaller" squads will swell again. And the ones that are really small, might become irrelevant, or want to join bigger ones at they own will. Or remain small and elite. I know for instance, back in the day there were flying squadrons with different philosophies. Bose, was blotting the sun, while say JG52, had fewer, but really elite pilots. So, I would think this 'merger', if it ever happens, it has to be natural, and left to the squads to decide.
  9. at 1:25, you are ebil!!!
  10. Very interesting idea. Garrison town troops for defense vs mobile units for attack.
  11. There might be, but they are for windows. On a windows machine, plugging in the JS/Throttle is supposedly bringing in the calibration software, as the software is stored internally, in the JS. However, on my mac I was able to use both the JS and the throttle in WWIIOL, as the game recognizes it, it even recognizes the names for each of them.
  12. After a series of tests I have determined that my fps are more than cut in half when I use the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle. The JS that is part of the hotas T1600 m FCS setup does not create the same problem. I have tested in the same USB port either the JS and the throttle alone. Only the throttle created this massive fps drop. I am using Mac OS 10.12.3 on a MBP that is was able to handle the game nicely before this. I am not sure if this is a bug or not. Task manager (Activity Monitor) does not show any heavy load on CPU or memory whenever the throttle is plugged in, or whenever I start game with throttle plug
  13. There can only be one jester, you copy cats...
  14. Used to bootcamp back in 2010 or so. Now I am just using the native Mac build. The bug that is annoying is that you cannot place waypoints as ML. At least you cannot label them properly. Also, no access to training server for Mac users as of yet. Apart from that, game runs about the same as it would on a bootcamp partition.