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  1. You'all don't get it yet? FTP was crying they have no toys to play with, they was jelly of the subbing PB. Then CRS said, mkey, easy peasy. And the rest is History(cal). Well, maybe also a bit comical.
  2. Over the years, I had tons of fun in wwiiol, both in the air, and on the ground. One thing is common to all of those moments. Being on TS (discord) with friends that were enjoying the game at the same time.
  3. The math won't lie, but the way we interpret it might be misleading. As long as there is a large imbalance in population, I would argue we should not take the outcome of the campaign as an indication of how balanced the equipment lists are.
  4. Pascal FTW
  5. Actually quite a few stated in this thread that they will log once their side runs out of SMGs to defend CPs.
  6. One Idea: could HC be involved into the budget allocation for each respective side? This would really make for some dynamic campaigns, imo. I do realize this is double edged sword, with the danger of HC being blamed for yet one more thing. However, I do believe its worth giving it a try. Might increase interest in HC, and lead to more unpredictable campaigns.
  7. So, are you saying that there is something "very, very wrong with the Allies right now?"
  8. What period is T0 supposed to be covering?
  9. As far as I know nobody has yet played this scenario yet. I will have my opinion, and feel free to express it, respectfully, any day of the week.
  10. Thanks all for the history lessons on Blitzkrieg and maneuver warfare. My using the term was hopefully denoting the same thing bmbm was referencing when he stated: Anyhow, we shall see how this gamble pays off for axis, soon. Have a fun campaign everyone!
  11. Yes, and my point was that mobility is more or less pointless unless you can AO towns behind enemy lines. What is the side that has mobility have to gain? In principle, the ability to bypass heavy defensive strongholds and encircle them. If that is not a solution that the RATs are willing to entertain, then, perhaps timers to move brigades should be tuned in a side specific manner to better reflect the mobility of equipment. Otherwise, I really fail to see how the main strategic reason why the axis chose to focus on faster, less armored tanks early on during the war is relevant in regards to game play.
  12. Nice attempt to introduce some diversity in the old tier system. I hope it will lead to increased cooperation across different branches. One problem though with the "blitzkrieg " approach to T0 for the Axis. That would work only if one can actually place AO's on rear towns, thus flanking and bypassing heavily defended frontline towns. Otherwise, al of this talk about blitzkrieg is just doctrine, with little relevance on the field. Axis armor gameplay will get even more imbalanced in T0. We had plenty of oh "sheet" moments when the Matilda's arrived in a town before, I guess now, that they are produced in considerable numbers, the oh sheet factor will increase some. Also, as a side note, are the bombs fixed? I did not play in a long time, but from what I gather in the Hangar, there are some problems with bombs killing armor lately? Can a RAT please chime in here?
  13. And while we are at it why don't we introduce the "warp across the channel" function for transport ships? And spawning bombers mid-air at 4km alt and just above enemy factories?
  14. Mmmmm corn!
  15. The atmosphere in the fora is a barometer for the status of the game.