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  1. A Damaged State for Airfields: It would take a large amount of bombs (to be determined) to get an AF to a damaged state, where craters or other debris would hinder landing/takeoff. And an almost absurdly large amount of bombs to render an AF in-operational, i.e. no spawning possible. This would create a new scenario for the air war, away from the same old same old circle jerk at the 'target'. PPO small landing/take-off strips Those would be very limited in number with a huge cooldown time, damageable with bombs. One could land and re-arm and repair there, maybe even a very small supply of fighters to spawn from as well. They would never be allowed to be placed beyond enemy lines. Maybe placeable only by the squad with the most air kills in the previous campaign, or something like that, to reward and incentivize squad growth and rivalry. And if you can add Squad Decals to planes that spawn from it and maybe the squad flag on the hangar, now that would be sweet. Not necessary though, at first pass of this idea. Squad missions. Same idea, to incentivize squad growth and to promote coordination during squad nights. (if such a thing even exists anymore...) There are numerous threads where each of those ideas have been debated, discussed, dissected, and ultimately discarded... I hope CRS would give them a serious look. Discuss -or if you can post links to the original threads- I am too tired to search for them now, please do!
  2. I read jwilli's post as being somewhat sarcastic. Maybe I used the wrong key to it??
  3. Leave our hangar alone. Back to the barracks you go -now, hopefully you understand there is NO ill intend in my statement above. It is a paraphrase of what people used to say back in the day when forums were really active. But you certainly know that
  4. Please read my entire EDITED reply.
  5. WTF? After I chill - might need a drink or two - I will read the rest of this post. But let me be blunt and say that. No matter what follows in the rest, the shock is too great to bare. The fora were and always will be the best way to get the pulse of the game. A healthy fora means a healthy game. Also, how else are you all going to get a sense of what the community wants, if not through discussions in the forums? Oh, you say, via the RAT Chat? No... those are too constraining in so many ways I won't even start talking about. Ok rant over, now I go read the rest of your post. But I don't have much hope... Edit: Now that I read your post I understand a bit more where you are coming from. There are four different kind of forum uses. 1. For constructive dialogue. I won't dig, but you all know that there are A TON of threads where the path of the game has been discussed, and PB input was essential. Which is great. 2. For banter, and teasing your enemies. This is GOOD! This kind of healthy competition is actually very good for any game. You want that. 3. For raising issues that can be addressed by the RATS or asking pertinent questions regarding the state of the game or future plans. Again threads like this are plenty. And again, this is an essential part of the fora. 5. For [censored]ing endlessly about the same ol same ol side bias bs, for being always negative, for being a [censored]... Now that is the nature of the internetz, and unfortunately some of the PB will fall into this category. However, if this is the price I have to pay to have 1-4 (which in my view are essential!) then so be it. I can always filter the noise. !S P.S. @XOOM there is a thread in the hangar about ammo you might please chk. The PB needs your (or another qualified RATS's) input.
  6. Can you add customized squad decal to the perks?
  7. Good seeing ya again, mate! And yes, 2008-2009 were the days. Of course back then people had nostalgia for 2001-2002 LMAO. We are always drawn to the past, no matter what. Let's all make this game great again. And no, I ain't no MAGA supporter. Quite the opposite. But let's not get this thread political lol. Let's keep that for the Off Topic, or whatever that side of the fora I almost never dare enter is named Hopefully there will be more players sticking to this amazing game.
  8. JG2 in the house.
  9. Hey guys, lets post AARs and vids of this mental floss in this thread. Let the best side win (we all know which one that is haha) Here I go. At 15:30 ET I decided it's time for some Mental Floss, after having talked to my family and friends on Facetime/Facebook etc for more than 3 hours during the day. I was mentally tired, and ready to be flossed. The word that shall not be mentioned in this thread, that starts with a pan and ends with a (no not hard) took it's toll on my psyche for the past weeks or so. Therefore, a distraction was needed. I had been taunting with the idea of reinstalling the game for months now, but talk of Mental Floss in the forums and a WB soldier sealed the deal for me. I was still subbed, to troll allied n00blettes on the fora once in a while, but play time had been zero for the past year and a half or so. Yesterday night was my first time playing in a while, and the rust, while clearly there, especially on my gunnery, was quickly coming off. I was happy to see old names in Discord, sad to see no JG2 channel existed anymore, happy @HEAVY265 was so quick to make the JG2 channel alive again, happy to see 4WING n00blettes are still in the air, in their Spit IXs vs FWsA3s (it's called hysterical balance -ok sorry, I should stop here, please please don't use this mini bait to continue this debate on this thread, search for the ones that were already alive when this debate took place), happy I could still bag 2/3 per sortie, even if I was just f00ling around, and not really having any wingman per se. So, back to today, Mentally tired, ready to mental floss, I logged in. After a quick prompt on 20 (LW the air channel) for what is the P1 for LW, I was told that we are needed at BOZ. The missions that were already up for BOZ had no FWs available (n00bs :P) so I figured I will make my own, out of Garrison Supply from Ypenburg Airbase in Den Hag. It was the fist time I was flying out of that AF. Great JOB rats on including more towns on the map, I was impressed! After creating the mission, I announced it on 20, letting people know there are FWs available, and jarve promptly joined, and took an E1. Only to vanish a few mins later LOL. No idea where he went. I had some waypoints set up, and my plan was to climb away from action to 4km, then cruise at high speed W, in between cloud layer. I took off at 15:32 ET. I noticed that a lot of action on the ground was happening at Haamstede, and a yellow square indicated EA in the area, so I headed that way to clear the enemy air, since at BOZ, our primary target, we had plenty of LW already. Once over Haamstende, I noticed alow con, 2km and below, that was doing what looked like a bombing pass. I dove in, and he noticed me and started evasive maneuvers. At this point I started to look around, as I was certain - almost -that my location had been already given away on allied chat or Discord. And, yes promptly I saw 2 more gray circles inbound from the South straight towards me. So I break off my attack, and climb back to reassess the situation. Yes, they are enemy. At this point, my memory starts to become fuzzy, as things started to happen rather fast. There were several engagements, the order of which, I cannot remember. One was a head-on with a hawk 81 (unless you are a Hawk87 or a P38 or a Bell DO NOT GO IN A HEADON WITH A FW. YW for the tip). He got smoked badly, and was out of the fight. He might have bailed, not sure. Then there was a silly [censored] P39, that thought he would outclimb a FW. He got punished, in a classic rope a dope. There were at least 3 left in the area. I acquired another P39. I had too much smack, so I deployed some flaps and we entered in a little dog fight, scissoring vertically, but shortly thereafter he was a wreck, going down in flames. And then there were two. A bell decided to try to run away climbing (Don't climb in front of a FW if you are a Bell, unless you are sure you have the smack on the FW). He quickly realized his mistake and tried to break hard right. I was prepared for this, so I had him in lag pursuit the entire time, then quickly transitioned to lead, using the advantage of the amazing instantaneous turn rate of the FW. Fired blindly, he was under my cockpit. When I re-acquired him, he was burning, going down. At this time I started to look for the remaining EA (the initial bomber) and also assessed the situation, as there might have been more vectored in. Started a little climb N, away from the previous action, to check my surroundings, climb a bit, and monitor the gray circle that surely was EA. Once I was sure there was no more EA in sight, I dove in the DB7. He was climbing N, in preparation for another bomb run. I dove a little underneath him, and as my rate of closure was not fast enough I checked my flaps. N00b me had forgotten them at 24% from my previous encounter. LOL. After fixing this, I was closing in fast, DB clearly a n00b did not use the amazing DF ability of his crate, and instead presented me with his entire fuselage. Here is where my rust showed, I sprayed from right engine, to right wing root, cockpit, to left wingroot. Lots of visual confirmation of hits, but since there was no concentrated burst on one are in this 2s burst, I wasted a ton of cannon rounds. Well he was smoking at least. I had composed myself and decided it is time to finish him off. So, a few seconds later his right wing was ripped off and he was on fire, after a well placed burst to the wingroot. It was time to egress and maybe rearm - I had almost no cannon left. At this time on Discord some of JG51 were in some distress over BOZ, egressing E. I was 20km NW of them, and decided to go and help. They were being followed by spitfires. By the time I got to the area, they were both dead I kept at 3-4km and continued towards the Kalmhoult Zandvliet area, to pick any lifters from Antwerp towards the primary objective of my mission, BOZ. No joy below 3km, however 3 UFOs above me. Oh boy, this must be the 4Wing speeetfires that just keeled my teammates on Discord. I assessed the situation as being co-E, with me maybe having a slight E advantage, so I was going to milk that as much as possible, which won't be long, since at least one of those spits could have been a spit IX. (didn't ID them properly yet). I had a headon pass with one of them, we were slightly offset, I pushed rudder to get rounds into him and then dove underneath, while keeping him in sight. He also managed to land some rounds on my tail section, and instantly my FW became sluggish and less responsive. I decided to take them E, climbing. They did not bite, and decided to stay in the Roosendal area. After one more headon pass -unsuccessful on both parts- at this stage I was out of cannon completely and a little banged up, so no reason for me to stay. I landed back on the AF at Ypenburg Airbase in Den Hag, where a couple of green tags on the tarmac were a very nice sight to welcome me home. I was hopeful they will stay around, to become the aces of tomorrow. !S All, and WB soldiers. Let's mental floss
  10. I take it there is no new people? Or they is shy?
  11. Bump
  12. LOL, of course. And you are still a n00b
  13. Those sound like some awesome additions, would love to see then included! Thanks DOC for all the work you put in this game over the years. And for putting up with us [censored]ing in the fora constantly
  14. Wow, tell us your secretz!
  15. Moar! Ladies pay for vanity products way moar than 50 $ per month. Why wouldn't men pay moar as well? And yes, I am assuming most of the PB is male.