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  1. same issue here new win ten on hard drive unable to run game crashes at load terrain ok in offline mode also installed fresh win 7 sme issue off line mode ok on line crashes at terrain tried steam version of game same problems lets hope we get patch soon an update would be great crs noobs will not bother again regards timbo69
  2. xoom can you give puttzy in asoe squad trainer rights as xspiers is away studying at the moment
  3. AER REPORT asoe latest report most important thing is getting new players on teamspeak 3 if we get them on we get a good responce with squad ,i think crs has to put something in free play sign up tieing in teamspeak 3 and join a squad to help them ,have spent lots of time with noobs just ignoreing me it gets very frustrating ,great help when system spams teamspeak every 30 mins. responce from new players we have is good once on teamspeak so we can help them and some subscribe most disapear after week or so. we will keep trying xoom can you give puttzy asoe xo gn trainer rights in squad as we have lost xspiers for a while we he is studying regards timbo69
  4. timbo69 asoe sqd 430 now in sqd from about 12 sqd start up sqd members anyone coming on teamspeak is promoted to new member we have about 30 now that have come on teamspeak 3 foun one on one interaction best with dot grab then type about teamspeak we have some good results and some sighning up to game but it is hard work trying to grab attention of them.think system should be spaming teamspeak information every 20 mins say to get it noticed .once they are on teamspeak it is far better .i trhink we should have a adopt a noob program for experianced players what do you think. regards timbo69 asoe sqd co
  5. timbo 69 asoe sqd first host program found best way was .grab welcome to sqd and chat about ts 3 we are only small sqd but were maneged by one to one help got new members on teamspeak as soon as we could 400 plus on sqd list now and all members list have had teamspeak ,plus we have a good number subscribe to game, it is time consuming but worth it
  6. fps 500 no stutter fantastic colours no only kidding who dare try regards timbo69
  7. hello im here too regards timbo69
  8. thanks guys from all of asoe
  9. anyone recomend fair priced monitors 24inch to run with eye infinity or matrox set up no need for in built speekers ,any recomendations out there lcd or led at a good price .are there any of you out there running a rig like that. good hunting timbo69
  10. thanks for advice ,what do you think about runing multiple monitors with matrox triple head for 180`view thinking of ways of improving gameplay regards timbo
  11. hi anyone got a 580 on a 32 bit xp system ,and how does it perform have a xp 32 bit 6600 2.8 quad with 2 gt 8800 cards 3gig usable ram want on improve gameplay any ideas regards timbo:)
  12. take a look at bovington tank museum tiger in uk loads of info was captured in north africa has just been restored in uk in running order, take a look on bovington tank museum web sight
  13. yep i agree vist is **** i had dual boot pc and compaired vista and xp frame rates in end got rid of vista use xp or update to win7 they all sap resourses on pc xp was mor reliable have this now on tower and win 7 on toshiba x500 laptop get steady 60 fbs on both on top settings tower two 880gts laptop i think 230gt
  14. hi am using toshiba x500 qosimo build quality good and high spec runs ts and trackir ok with mobile 3g no probs , was looking for 18inch gamming laptop for 12 months at specs asus w90 was next choice but went for toshiba as model just came out specs changing all time i think acer not so good qual bought laptop as work away from home lots and mobile home pc mesh unit with asus bits in asus ok but mesh customer srvice not so good had lcd fauilt within one week but had to repair would not send new one you will have to run on mains as batts suffer windows 7 needs little tweaks to run ts overlly and run game as vista 2 look in forums for advise hope was of some help timbo