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  1. Give me the West Virginia please!
  2. USS Navada crewed by myself and raven4. We got 4 Stuka kills during the event and a few hits on other Stukas. First kill was unknown as it was insane and we did not get screen shot. Plus with all the RED information passing on the chat screen we could not recover it later on. Thought we had more but they were clearly just hits as the AAR confirmed 6 kills. Second wave known kills were: pj35 wanbli airgun After event 2 additional kills: cobray ke3p3r ke3p3r got us with a nice shot from his torpedoe bomber even though I slammed him with 37MM to the face. Nice event, can't wait for the video!
  3. I'll take the Neveda. Ty!
  4. West Virginia please!
  5. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. The 1055T is $200. I just wanted to know how it performs ingame if anyone has the experience of using one.
  7. Anyone using this? And if so, how does it handle the game?
  8. Very impressive naval fleet with everyone alert and knocking out the attacking force. Other than that I don't think I have too much positive feedback to add for this event. The first wave did not arrive until we were spawned in for over an hour and a half. Even though I was sunk, I was killed by kamakazi stuka that dove right into our ship, I thought the intensity of the attack was weak. I did spawn a bofors after going down and stayed till the end and the third wave as well. When you consider that we were surrounded as shown by AWS, it should have been a devastating attack with tons of confusion and mayhem. I would like to see the video to get a better understanding of how the event unfolded.
  9. Ship name: USS West Virginia Type: Destroyer Crew 1: Julesr Crew 2: Cadaver9 Hits: 3 - Kills: 1 - Cavalier AAR: Hit 3 planes with 1 kill midway through the first wave. While defending the ship an unseen Stuka dove straight down on us crashing into our forward tubes. The results of this Kamakazi attack was immediate and devastating as we sank within a minute. Not sure if I got the name of the pilot. Spawned a bofors at Crom and got another Stuka kill on Loogan46.
  10. I was in the West Virginia and you did not kill me. I was killed by a kamakazi type attack. Stuka dove straight into my tubes and must have released just before striking my ship. It was critical damge big time as the ship sank rather quickly. kh21shrk was in the Tennessee.
  11. For those of you who missed the first Pearl Harbor event: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=search_playlists&search_query=WWIIonline%2C+pearl+harbor&uni=1 It was very INTENSE!
  12. The video of this event is just as important and impressive as the event itself. NO BREAKS FROM FILMING! Also we would like it uncompressed for full definition and clearity. Carry on!
  13. Add Cadaver9 as my crew please. TY! I was wondering about the same thing. Maybe they will allow the TT's to spawn in docks?