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  1. It was Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition. I uninstalled it and the game launches fine now. Microsoft Bast****
  2. Don't have any firewalls running. It was working fine 2 months ago prior to all the updates. Playgate appears to be working.....I put in an incorrect password and it takes me to the website. I put in the correct info and the playgate launch window disappears and I'm back to the desktop. It doesn't even look like it attempts to run the .exe file.
  3. Haven't played in a couple of months. Updated game and tried to launch but playgate doesn't do anything. Uninstalled and downloaded the full install but still the same. I put in my name/password and click on Launch and then I just see the desktop....not even the loading screen comes up...any ideas?
  4. Flatbeat, I have exactly the same problem....I can localize position as always, but I have lost all judgement in distance. The old drivers gave me muffled lower sound volume and I could estimate range....now, when they are in sound range, I here them as if they were near me. I am trying to find my old drivers now to reinstall the old ones...hope I can find them b/c without good sound, this game is much tougher....sound is the key to this game when playing infantry.
  5. Excellent, thanks merlin
  6. What's the deal with player services? I can't get in to modify my account or create a new one, etc. Anyone else have this problem.