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  1. You don't think you are over complicating it abit? First they already had a server, if all that stuff was needed to be purchased, why did they throw it all away to begin with? Secondly, just google search TS server, and look at the costs. Your response is just being over dramatic, and the fault in it can be found by anyone with a search engine. How many people have EVER been on the voice coms, certainly not enough to justify the expenditures you just listed. If that is what you really think is needed to run voice coms, you would have run this company into the ground out of the chute. If it really was what was needed, and it really cost as much as you imply, why raise the cost to the already paying players? Why not just charge the non-paying players a little something?
  2. To bad the allies didn't understand the hidden potential of these planes, war would have been over in 2 weeks time. How about get rid of the bomb bay, and load up on guns, and ammo. 68 years old, and you believe that? How about a bad marriage? How about an old car, bluebook is $2,000, you got a good deal at $1,500. Well, a week after you have it, the tranny goes out, costs you another $1,100. Now your at $2,600, not as good of a deal. When the master brake cylinder goes a month later... Using the logic you took off the cover of your church bulletin eventually that Pinto will turn into a Porche. The more accurate saying here would be "Don't throw good money, at bad money". How about this: "With age come wisdom", would a wise person blindly accept what they are told as truth? Or would they order a delicious burger, have a salad placed in front of them, and say oh well, they could use the fiber, and pay anyway? Go down to the senior center, get some free day old bread, and feed the pigeons. They may crap on you, but you know, when life gives you lemons...
  3. What was wrong with TS? Seems like introducing a quirky voice coms is counter-productive. If it was just the cost of the server... wow
  4. I think the delays are at CRS discretion, hence the unclear facts on this. They like to pick who wins battles in order to drag out maps, looks better for balance that way.
  5. Seems like CRS is playing with supply, and spawn timers. Would not want the non-paying customers to lose, or have to wait for a spawn timer, or not have a shiny new tank to spawn in. Line up paying customers, your needed to welcome the new guys, and die for the glory of their Steam release!
  6. What do you bet that if 300 people do join, 90% will go to whatever side is winning. Then CRS will be hit harder then ever with balance issues, that so far they have not done a stellar job with.
  7. Ok, will assume you mean funnest time in the game. Judging by the server down time today, we will get less then a week. Will the players who eventually get to join from Steam, get slapped in the face with full days of server down times within their first week of playing? lol
  8. I have been playing EVE for many years. There is a place in the game for spreadsheets, but I never went there. WWIIOL has been around for a very long time. I love this game, and have returned to play several times, and always know when I take a break, I will likely be back. That being said, EVE is not Steam either.
  9. Didn't say they did not know what a video game was.
  10. I raced back to this game in a hurry, to see how things were now, as I have always loved this game. Well, not really a lot has changed (not even players, wth people have played the same game over decade straight lol) Anyways, I like to think of myself as realistic, others would say cynical. That being said, I really don't think this game will be accepted well with the Steam community. This game has a window of peak fun. It starts after you get a general idea of how things work, and lessens when you have a much broader understanding of how things work. My kids are pretty young still, but when they buy, with their own money, a game on Steam, and it turns out to be a bad fit for them, or just sucks, I get a refund from Steam. So your not really stuck with a game when bought on Steam... Not even obligated to give it a good try. I am 45 if I asked just about anyone my age if they have Steam, they have no idea what I am talking about. So it will be the young, played a lot of games already, very impatient, expecting to go in and kill mad people with uber weapons crowd we will get. If they don't quit within the first couple hours, after getting spawn camped by an ET, or run around for 45 minutes looking for a fight, thinking they could just run from town. Or a little later, when they got passed the confusion and spawn camps, and grab a tank, only to fire 10 rounds into an ET only to have it slowly turn it's barrel at you, fire one round, and burn entire crew. I really hope it goes great. I would love to see this game full of people again. In my cynical opinion though, sadly it is not realistic.