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  1. Hi guys, I need the help of the hardware gurus here. When I start the game it misteriously stops loading. On rare occasions I can get in, but that has more to do with luck than anything I've tried. When it stops, if I check the task manager, it shows memory usage for the ww2.exe process either low at about 2.000K or higher at about 75.000K. (<- this too is random). I've also tested some other games and the result is pretty much the same, only the memory usage number is different, which points to a hardware problem on my end. I've tried running with a single RAM module instead of two without success, so I guess RAM is not faulty. In the last couple of weeks I have experienced little white squares flickering on the screen while in game, but they went away on reboot. This is why I suspect the GFX card, but on the other hand, I would expect the game to load up and show some graphics errors, not just stop loading? The card is ATI 4870. I'll try to get my hands on a spare GFX card for testing. In the mean time, any suggestions are welcome (besides reinstalling the game and OS, as I already did that).
  2. Prior to 1.30 Catalyst 8.9 turned out to work best with my 4870 512 MB on XP 32 bit. After the patch I got some serious issues in XP so after trying most of the available Catalysts I switched to Windows 7 64 and Catalyst 9.6. This fixed most of my issues with 1.30. I haven't tried any other driver versions for Win 7 yet.
  3. I think Anti-Aliasing doesn't have an effect on trees, but Adaptive Anti-Aliasing does (at least this is what it's called in ATi Catalyst, not sure about Nvidia). Try turning that off and see if it helps.
  4. Yes it does. I switched to Windows 7 64 after issues with 1.30 in XP 32 bit. Works much better for me.
  5. Hey I had a mac at the office once!
  6. Bogol maybe you should post in the Barracks to get this thread some more attention. Most people probably don't wander in here unless they have a problem.
  7. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=277048
  8. So far it seems 8.11 has done the trick. Thanks Zaltor! Edit: Oh well maybe I spoke to soon... :/
  9. I was using 8.9 prior to the patch without a problem, now I get very jerky movement even tho the frame counter sits steadily at 60 with both AA and V-sync on. I'm trying different driver versions right now.
  10. He means dual core proc. Kr0nik, take a look in the game bug forum, i think there was a workaround posted for 1.29. May work with 1.30 as well. I have some problems myself, seems I can only run the game with AA on / V-sync off and vice versa, while I'd like them both to be on.
  11. Hmm wasn't this also a problem for some in 1.29? IIRC it had to do something with selecting single / multiple cores..
  12. S! Riccall any driver tweaking is done in the Catalyst Control Center or CCC. You can find older Catalysts here, but be aware these are for Win XP. If you use a different OS browse the AMD site for appropriate drivers.
  13. Just wait till the server is back online then log on as usual.
  14. Does he by any chance run an ATI card? In that case he might wanna roll back drivers to 8.12.