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  1. AXIS HC is actively recruiting! Join us!
  2. Thank you Xoom - sounds like a good solution - fully support it. LaFleur
  3. OKW is happy to share these fine officers who have done so much for us, and to share the updated basic training manuals we have developed over the past several years to help with basic training that is applicable to recruits on both sides. The new joint training protocols are designed to have trainers teach the basics and then hand cadets back off to their respective commands for continued on the job training regarding side specific tactics and strategy unique to each side. We all want to face worthy opponents each day who test us to our limits and make us better as a result . OKW FULLY SUPPORTS THIS PROGRAM! Any Axis officers who would like to join the training command are encouraged to contact me (or Coila or Inbtutus) to learn more. LaFleur -AXIS CinC
  4. 5-4-1 provides diversity of equipment for Alied players / some folks really like to play as French - need to give them options.
  5. Thank for declassifying and sharing this excellent narrative Potthead - great way to bring the big picture and behind the scenes strategic overlay into focus. LaFleur
  6. Hadn’t recognized any LW for this award for quite some time, so making up for lost time, so in this case award not just for158 (if it was, it would have to be a secret espionage medal for Mingus)
  7. Hispania250 is pretty active Axis / can use separate discord channel for voice comms and squad channel for text, all in Spanish. Squad members can repost/relay English comms to other squad members. Maybe join forces to creat more critical mass
  8. Uh, sorry, but Al Gore just called and said HE created “pop neutrality” / nice try . . .
  9. Yeah - Dinker was the redhead, potthead on left, hotfink right, peepers middle and me on top (Slob not pictured / hard to get zombies to stand still for a photo)
  10. 2002 - 3rd PanzerGruppe (3PzG) - The Breakfast Club!
  11. Great discussion - please understand GHC is just trying to create enthusiasm and good gameplay for our Axis PB. Whether we are defending or attacking makes no difference to me, but the game is designed so that red or blue flags over the towns are how we keep score (and how the PB judges the success or failure of their efforts as a team/side.). We can’t sit on our hands and just duke it out over a static front line. This is not WW1 online. We take risks to keep it fun and get people invested and motivated to keep playing - and when our gambles fail it just gives us another challenge to have fun rallying to come back. I changed up the deployments last two maps to encourage that sort of action at the beginning - just to keep things interesting. I think it has been fun - and I would say that even if Allies were still in Luxembourg today and the South was all blue and I was on an 0-3 streak instead. Thanks to all for contributing to this thread - great to see so many folks that are passionate about the game and take time to understand its complexity. LaFleur - CinC / Axis
  12. Yes - there was whole bureaucracy behind the scenes in HC that most players never were aware of - way too much of it IMHO - made HC more a job than it needed to be. One beneficial side effect of the lower numbers in HC is that we can now rebuild it in more flexible (and fun) format and allow people with different strengths to contribute in different ways instead of burdening them with jobs they aren't suited for as a condition of serving . Some folks are great leaders on the ground, some excel at strategy, some like support roles. Some like taking the Map, some don't. Have to be able to accommodate each type and allow them to serve in roles they are comfortable with in order to grow our HC ranks and keep things rolling (and fun) in game. Just my two cents worth. LaFleur
  13. Outstanding efforts - thank you for calling this out Fiambre!
  14. 1. I am shocked and amazed that I find myself in whole-heartedly agreement with Allykilll's statement quoted below (first time for everything), which agreement is undoubtedly yet another sign of the Apocalypse. 2. Having said that, my agreement with Allykilll should not be construed as: a. an endorsement of any other words that have in the past, or may at any time in the future, be attributed to him 😉 ; or b. any form of approval, support or tolerance for the ridiculous girly man multi-colored socks which appear on the image accompanying his otherwise worthwhile statement quoted below. 3. Who are the AXIS? Me, for one - Old school veterans who started playing with all Axis units like the 3PzG "Breakfast Club" and continue to play only Axis, serve in GHC when they can, and stay behind when their squads switch for a campaign (and all other new and old players who care to join us from one map to the next - as Allykilll says). LaFleur