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  1. Mate Yeah I stay around - scared of what will happen if the game goes away, and all those fantastic people I have met here Don't think I have time/CRS backing to do front end stuff for the game though :-D
  2. Name: Igor Age: 43 Played since: August 2002 Occupation: Lead Front End Developer Not playing much (or at all) these days, but keep my account active as I don't want this game to ever die - when it does I will loose contact with a LOT of friends.
  3. Would think there was a need to put more of the supply in that the green tags burn through quite fast - like rifles. Air would benefit from some more low level tier 0 aircraft for sure. Looking forward to C147 -
  4. Yes we have a Badgers Channel on discord under 4LiB See you shortly
  5. Really need more led squads - hope you are successful!
  6. I bet you almost anything a new player will look at the forums and not think he can in any way connect deeper to the game here. Forums are for the old timers, the veterans and that should tell you something. HC forums are important to have up top, they wont take up much space - and will let the new guys know that this structure actually matters.
  7. Would also be kick [censored]. But it is not for me - I know my way around forums. It is for when new guys come here, they should be presented with these forums - forums that are supportive in nature are expected to be found later on.
  8. Please - PLEASE change the order of the forums. It really should be High Command Forums -- Allied High Command -- Axis High Command -- High Command Academy (current War Academy) Squad Forums Game Forums -- Barracks -- Hangar -- .... -- Off Topic .. Here comes the rest Get what matters and what you wish to promote up top!
  9. We are a veteran squad of the game, with a good command structure and active leaders. As a member you will receive proper training, and access to our forums with a wealth of information to help you help yourself, but also to help us. Discord is 100% mandatory - no way around it at all! We are not only a WWII Online squad - we are in fact a community more than anything else, and as a part of the family we recommend you reach out and see what other games our members play and then join them in it. Register and apply over at:
  10. One fix only? Easy! The chat bar - fix it!
  11. If they do change engine - I for one am hoping for OUTERRA! Also - OHM - looks like you are caught in a catch-22 situation - you want more players to re-do engine, but players won't come until engine looks good.....
  12. Shhh...... CRS are sleeping...
  13. Simple services like these would be really nice, will just mention a few to get the idea across 1) Get playerid info based on player handle - like so for instance request "Szyporyn" - being able to handle wildcards would be nice here (hence the response in my example will deliver rows { rows: [ { handle: "szyporyn", persona: { british: { navy: "23232444", airforce: "2323442", army: "2434232" }, german: { ... }, french: { ... }, american: { ... } } } ]}2) Get player stats based on PID - like so request "2323442" { handle: "szyporyn", branch: "Royal Air Force", stats: { ... }}And so on - this would let the many guys out there who uses this info really have something to work with, and the ability to create third party apps for you guys to easily implement and manage. Or as most of us do (who does it) implement data directly to our websites etc..