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  1. We are a veteran squad of the game, with a good command structure and active leaders. As a member you will receive proper training, and access to our forums with a wealth of information to help you help yourself, but also to help us. Discord is 100% mandatory - no way around it at all! We are not only a WWII Online squad - we are in fact a community more than anything else, and as a part of the family we recommend you reach out and see what other games our members play and then join them in it. Register and apply over at:
  2. Would think there was a need to put more of the supply in that the green tags burn through quite fast - like rifles. Air would benefit from some more low level tier 0 aircraft for sure. Looking forward to C147 -
  3. Yes we have a Badgers Channel on discord under 4LiB See you shortly
  4. You are approved on our boards, and will be online in 3 hours to recruit you - or sign up on our squad page here on forums
  5. The Badger Squad We are a EU and US squad that mainly play EU based TZ. Usual play hours are CET 18.00 - 24.00 There is no requirement as to how good you have to be, or how much you have to play - the only requirements we have are: 1. You have to be forum active 2. You have to be on Discord 3. You have to format your Discord handle according to squad rules 4. You have to use the squad signature on forums 5. You have to obey orders like they were the words of god himself (when someone steps up to lead) or go AFK Forums:
  6. Hahahaha - ofc you went ahead and did it :-D
  7. Had clean forgotten you could do that - is superman moves and free view back?
  8. Really need more led squads - hope you are successful!
  9. Yes indeed propa - now make a poster about zee scary allies :-D
  10. Please - PLEASE change the order of the forums. It really should be High Command Forums -- Allied High Command -- Axis High Command -- High Command Academy (current War Academy) Squad Forums Game Forums -- Barracks -- Hangar -- .... -- Off Topic .. Here comes the rest Get what matters and what you wish to promote up top!
  11. I bet you almost anything a new player will look at the forums and not think he can in any way connect deeper to the game here. Forums are for the old timers, the veterans and that should tell you something. HC forums are important to have up top, they wont take up much space - and will let the new guys know that this structure actually matters.
  12. Would also be kick [censored]. But it is not for me - I know my way around forums. It is for when new guys come here, they should be presented with these forums - forums that are supportive in nature are expected to be found later on.
  13. One fix only? Easy! The chat bar - fix it!
  14. If they do change engine - I for one am hoping for OUTERRA! Also - OHM - looks like you are caught in a catch-22 situation - you want more players to re-do engine, but players won't come until engine looks good.....
  15. Shhh...... CRS are sleeping...
  16. S! My mate is trying to get in game again. But he has no servers to pick from in the list after log in and authentication. Anyone?