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  1. Bump, and yes think so. CRS has made it WAY to hard to create a squad, and we are feeling the effect of it
  2. Bump for a legendary squad!
  3. Bump. Is this squadron still alive?
  4. Bump. Did this happen? Is this squad still alive and kicking?
  5. Don't test the waters mate - just do it! Plenty of new guys out there to build on which is what you should focus on - get some greentags who you can more easily mold into the kind of squad you want. It would also help the game in general - we need the new blood funneled into new squads.
  6. Would be awesome to see a new squad form mate - hope you take it down that road. Know you to be more than an able leader, so having another well led squad would help any side you pick to fight on. Best of luck! S!
  7. Best sigs on allied side!! Reason enough to join IMO! (Greg has one too - he just needs to work it hehe)
  8. Volume/Statpad bump!
  9. Bumparino!
  10. Bump for the coolest group!
  11. Could you write like 2. july or something instead - not sure if you are using the US datestamp or Euro datestamp. If it is Euro one then it would be the 6. february, if US 2. july. If it is the US datestamp, Ill gladly show up
  12. Had nothing to do with that, which was due to patch. My mates server list is EMPTY - there is nothing - no offline etc.. its just plain empty