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  1. Stop using Vista, not that it has much to do with this - but it is without a doubt the WORST windows ever produced.
  2. Microlws is the account name
  3. S! Anyone have had this problem and might have a solution for it? I use Windows7 64 bit. When ever I have FRAPS running prior to loading the game, then the game will not load. If I load game first and then load FRAPS - then FRAPS will not record.
  4. SOLVED: Turn the windows scheme to basic and it works again!
  5. Will try both - thanks for replies guys
  6. These events really rock! RA is not the way to make a buck guys - EVENTS are! They should be larger and more frequent and have their own software version of the game!
  7. Had a load of fun! Even though I was (most likely) first kill (hammered) as I was typing (was ML for a wing and also helping coordinate it on allied side). Stayed on for the duration getting a kick out of just listening to TS. These events ought to be MASSIVE! Whats wrong with people Anyways GJ CRS, these events are truly unique!
  8. Too late? Will spawn whatever is needed since I'm so late - but prefer to fly allied.
  9. S! I find it very usefull, and my landings should speak for itself when it comes to how usefull this guide is. Here the youtube version PDnIR8IKpP4
  10. S! Lets get our guys in on the same objectives at all times, re-grow the feeling of unity etc etc.. And also - lets step up and present ourselves to HC, and to work with other squads for a common objective on your own if needed. Train guys in how simple simple it is to lead the squad in its easiest form - just ask HC where they would like you to be (in case you dont want to make up your mind on your own, or you just hink its productive to ask HC) - then tell the squad to do just that. I think it is up to us squads to bring organized attacks to the game in unity with the High Commands - in other words, some of the games succes depends on us.
  11. me neither lol
  12. bump?
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