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  1. One thing i haven't understood: It is possible to upgrade the graphics in the current engine?
  2. As big as now? The map we have covers only a fraction of WW2. Scale is the only thingh that stands out. If they go the other way, they compete with all the other games.
  3. Make spawn inside FMS, not visible from outside, enemy can't shoot inside fms, have more exits.
  4. Some observations i have made: 1. September has seen in increase of steam players of 80%, but it has to be said it was very low before. It looks like this stuff really works. 2. There is probably a big chance that the low percentage of players, who really play for years on DLCs and thus are CRS losing money long term, are actually offset by a large number, who don't play that often or lose interest over time. This could be also offset by having ever more DLCs, which doesn't need to be new units. Needs more discussion, if feasable at all. But i do think especially noobs would like more stuff to do, like cooler PPOs or supply driving. 3. DLCs should be accessible through the website, i kind of want access to that NCO DLC with my website account. If all are doing it, it probably goes down in supply quicker, this could be offset by increasing that supply. 4. DLCs are a cool way to support the game imo. I would like to buy more and support the game this way.
  5. The graphics look good indeed, but it feels unrealistic. In all of the dozen vids i have seen, people run around rather aimlessly, it looks like a counterstrike game, tanks engage always at minimum distance, maximum vegetation, which is undestroyable, undestroyable buildings, not seen artillery or air. I'm not an expert on gaming though, just an impression.
  6. We just had overpop and cut them off. The cutoff was recapped ninja style, while we overpop. The stuff you see in this game man. I don't know, i can't imagine a more worst case scenario for player motivation or retention.
  7. I'm merely brainstorming and provide some feedback as to make it better. I know perfectly well, that most only cry when they lose, but i still think the Albert example was good. Two weeks ago allieds also lost but it was ok, you had some chance. Now it's nothing short of unplayable. Maybe there should be more pressure on the OP side depending on the Overpop ratio: - to go for the factories (why is the map still alive) - to have a functioning attack AO (often just sit back and defend with OP) - to have a FB defence and attack - to guard own ABs( losing albert AB and link cp during overpop is not good), but i don't know.
  8. What's ultra frustrating is, that the OP side can play like [censored] and still win. We had AB and link cp at Albert and still couldn't take it. It's not like one side wins three towns and the other just one, no it's like one side wins all towns for seven days. One thing that could be changed: No delay when you switch from overpop to underpop side, currently there is a delay, this wasn't there in the past. The other thing that should never happen is that one side wins 9 months. I fail to see, how this can be anything else than extremely destructive. The aftermath is still what fuels a lot of the anger imo. There have also several players permanently switched from allied to axis since that time.
  9. I think Axis often have really big overpop this map and allies doing ok with that in mind. I very much doubt the map would look any different with SD. I think the variable cap timers are great(only minus are the buffers, should be instant change) and the spawn delay should be gone for good. You have to remember Allieds often had overpop during euro daytime too. What's frustrating is that you don't have any successes if you lose. At one point we were defending Lokeren FB with 5 and we were searching for efms for an hour, it was 2k out, when we found it and engaged the enemy, it was fun, then HC, moved out of Lok, and that was it. First of all, we still had two ABs Gent, and a big town is hard to take, and the whole point of holding lok-wett was to attack wett and distract them, we we're about to build FMS to Wett too. (we held Gent btw) The point is, and that was true for yesterdays Berlaimont battle as well: we were holding, we had a micro success and we didn't care that we were losing on other fronts. I think making the strategic layer of the game inaccessible for the average players was wrong on many levels. The obvious one is nowadays that no HC is on often and the game is blocked. You could also monetize it. Introduce special supply truck DLCs for inf and armor, that way noobs or strategic people could influence supply. I also tend to proximity and squad AOs, but i also think this could help the overpop side even more. But it's hard to imagine that this kind of giving back power to the players and squads is not the right way. Maybe distinguish between Main AO and side AOs(which has handicaps). The one obvious giveaway, that players want to do strategic stuff on the map, is how many players would blow non AO related FBs, which in my opinion is a waste but ok. TL,DR Cap timers are enough, map wouldn't look different with SD. Allied had overpop too. There is too few possibilities to have small successes even if you lose. More power to players.
  10. Ok, i got it wrong.
  11. DLCs seem to have revived Steam use a bit lately. Anyway, thread created by a player currently losing, who never played Axis. Same old.
  12. Allied didn't have high morale. Their morale was absolutely crushed after the last camp, in which they have put in insane amount. Many players have quit or switched sides. Half of players are former axis now. It was always clear a victory in this camp would have no value. Maybe that's the real problem. Constant complaining after winning for 8 months.
  13. I've been told by two different AHC that it's bugged since HE Patch.
  14. Well chances are, playing axis is easy mode at this point.
  15. You also can't blow factories with engies, not that it would have any visible effect on supply. Axis looked just fine with average 50% damage for a week.