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  1. Clearly they were testing a MG34 with miss-matched parts, a worn barrel and likely inferior or improperly loaded ammo.. There are plenty of Vids and respected expert reviews that refute completely the article you have quoted.. Frankly an absurdity... Secondly they are numerous 1st person accounts of MG34 fired from the hip whilst moving vigorously such as clearing a trench complex... Here is a good one.. "In Deadly Combat": A German Soldier's Memoir of the Eastern Front by Gottlob Herbert Bidermann. It would be worth while going to a range and rent one whilst your at it a MP40 as well.. That would clear up a lot of rubbish for you very quickly... See for yourself.... Cheers Monty.. Don't bury History under a pack of lies....
  2. Deeply sorry to hear this news, thoughts and wishes to family and friends.. Regards Monty...
  3. Nope made no changes... although the billing date was a couple days ago.. Also on MAC fyi.. Cheers Monty
  4. Same here...
  5. Mac

    Ello m8, I agree with Delems, other than ML tools (waypoints etc) it is very stable and seemingly less trouble prone than those "other" boxes.. Make sure it suits your other computing needs and you should be good to go.. You can run Wind*ws on a Mac as well.. I've been on Apple since the Apple II and had a 512k Mac when they came out and never looked back.. There was much work to be done and I needed computers that worked for me not the other way around as it seems with the other choice. My Macs ran in my Tuning shop and many were in service for as much as 9 years running everyday, some out in the work area, they still function and I still have them.. Many colleagues spent a fortune on IT as well as upgrades and components all the while telling me my Macs were too expensive, I had none of those issues, so ultimately far far more cost effective in the long run.. Good luck with your choice... Cheers Montyuno
  6. Heads up... The Secondary link is working... Everything opens properly, system windows are routine, "verifying" and "application downloaded from the webz"... Well done! At least 1 is up and running.. Use the 2nd link lads if you don't have it sorted yet, it seems fine.. Cheers Montyuno
  7. Heya Xoom.. Not good news.. Primary link still doing the same thing.. D/L from the 2nd link now see what happens.. Cheers Montyuno
  8. Yes Xoom that is now both D/L locations... I'll try again .. but so far thats what we have.. ty.. Cheers Montyuno
  9. D/L from the mirror this time, same result.. System window, "World War II Online is damaged and can't be opened. You should move to trash". Cheers Montyuno
  10. Yep same here.. Cheers Montyuno
  11. I get the same message as Delems.. Cheers Montyuno
  12. Same here mine just hangs up on the "Patch Download" window.. It says {waiting for download to begin} and just sits there ... Cheers Montyuno
  13. Same here... Yep it says Safari cannot open the page.. "Safari cannot load any data from this location"
  14. Just an FYI the MAC link is not working .. Tough way to spend a holiday.. Had to work through many holidays myself, definitely know what thats all about.. Hope the rest of the holidays go well for you all.. Merry Christmas.. Cheers Montyuno
  15. RIP m8 ! A gentleman, great player and friend to all he gamed with, you will be missed.... Condolences Montyuno