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  1. Countless hits from axi Hvy guns w/HE resulted is zero damage to enemy armour, no tracking nothing... They just got board and drove away... Thats great!!!! Cheers Monty
  2. Too bad the Kitten is not 1 shot to stop most enemy armour to about 2300m as it should be. As it stands it's rather a pantomime PZ as most are... Will the Kitten get sorted to function properly, brilliant optics, devastating gun, good armour etc that sort of thing... Cheers Monty
  3. Hmm looks interesting.. Plot is a bit different, should be good. Saw bits of Fury a couple times, wasnt able to sit through it lol, not great.. Watched "Come and See" a few weeks ago, still thinking about it, havent decided on that one yet but well worth watching.. Rewatched "Tae Guk Gi" (2004 Korean) this is a must see for everyone interested in the war film genre. Fair warning it is very impactful on many levels I suggest a screening before family viewing. A frank and brutal portrayal of war. Just ordered "1944 The Estonian War" that may be good.. Cheers Monty..
  4. Again put both guns with and with out shield in the list.. Work can continue on refining the POV with shield on all guns as well as 88... No one has been alienated and the shields can get sorted... Cheers Monty
  5. I had suggested the stacking sandbags some time ago.. They may need to be tweaked with 90* ends.. Sand bags need to take more damage... And the new PPOs need to clip together more... Lets see how it works, if it needs fiddled we can deal with it then... Cheers Monty
  6. Yes the PPOs need tweaked. I have said for some time the sand bags should clip into each other etc.. And have posted such thoughts.. Now with barbed wire we have the same situation, we can't build much useful stuff until they clip together a bit more... Also they are timing out way too soon... I was building some stuff and had only been at it about 20 min and I saw that some of the wire had already gone, really frustrating also rather feel like its not worth the time.. Lastly the sandbags really really need to take a bit more damage... Ours are nowhere near as durable and stable as actual sandbag emplacements... Again a lot of time for nothing.. I 100% support the new PPOs, these are a great addition but the need a lil fiddling.... Cheers Monty
  7. All in all the shields are a plus but they do create unforeseen (lol) issues... The simple and equitable solution is to offer both as a spawn option, "poof" problem solved.. You select what you need for the tactical situ at the moment.. Also a side benefit of more options in the spawn list, a win/win....... Cheers Monty..
  8. Tooo Cooool....
  9. Brilliant.... Really cool thing.... Cheers Monty
  10. Plz don't go back to the infantry placed FMS of any type.. The truck FMS saved the game for gunners and tankers also made ZOC tactics possible. If you want to get 10 or 15 troops to flank or get behind the enemy you need to work for it. Not just auto-walk a NCO whilst you chat on side, make coffee/tea then poof instant spy nest, no gunner or commander will be safe and we are back to square zero... Try n get your truck out of town early or drive from a linked town and set DFMS like we used to do.. FMS does not need to be 600m out of town, who really thinks no-one sees or hears you, unless you are early... Get a cap and move the FMS up.... The trucks have issues but they will get sorted.. Any town with def out 1k+ is going to be hard as it should be, timing and set up is everything.. Set FMSs out of town on a good terrain feature bring guns and armour set a ZOC and fight your way in if your really want the town or move on and set up better.. Trying to get instant action here is counterintuitive to everything this game is about. I get it, you have 15-20 min to log in between getting home from work and going to pick up the kids.. You want to play.. If you get lucky and log at the right moment there is something to do. If not you repair some AI, watch a FB for a few, drive an Opel in etc.. Not super exciting but helpful... Our pop is slowly expanding, many of these annoyances will be resolved with a little more growth, in this particular case we need to plan for what we want in the near future not necessarily what we have right now.. IMO time, energy and money spent on infantry placed FMS is wasted and very counter productive..... Cheers Monty
  11. Congrats m8!!! Very well earned.... <S!> Cheers Monty ..
  12. Fix? There are loads of respected books and documents that give the specs of most all of these weapons, dispersion, range, effectiveness etc.. That should be the sole resource for any of the adjustments or in game performance of the weapons.. If it works the way it worked that will resolve most arguments.. All of the LMGs can be fired from the hip with varying results in RL. In some of the issued manuals there are instructions for doing so. If the allied guns need the point of aim adjusted when not shouldered that should be done.. Full run and fire, not practical... I 100% support correcting any gear for any side that is not working as it should.. The MG gunner for Lt. Beidermann a PAK commander on the E front, cleared a fortified position and trench supported by two rifle men while on the move, eliminating eleven or so enemy.. It was done there are similar documented accounts with the BAR, Bren and others... From an in game view I have not seen too many CPs cleared of multi EI with the Axi LMG, I have seen five or often more Axi cleared by a single allied player everyday.. I don't see what the beef is.. It seems valuable effort being put where there is little issue, there are other pressing matters that perhaps the limited resources should be devoted.. Get ROF, dispersion, accuracy etc as per historical and go from there.. Cheers Monty..
  13. Terribly saddened by this news.. All the best, do what needs to be done to get well... Take care.. <S!> Cheers Monty..
  14. <S!> Congrats m8 well earned and well deserved.. Rockhit is one of our most valued core players and Feldjgr one of several core Squads. So many victories and successful defenses revolve around Rockhits efforts sometimes solo but often with the help of Fedjgr... Players like Rockhit and his Squad bring incalculable benefit on many levels to our team and the game as a whole. Creating attacks when there are none, salvaging a defense when moral has collapsed and so much more, this type of play is a win for our game and truthfully both sides.. We have a player driven content game which is kinda unique, Rockhit and Feldjgr make things happen <S!>. Cheers Monty
  15. WB m8..... <S!>....