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  1. Ronson boy can't get his facts striaght about a lighter... He has zero credibilty and is close to the ultimate Sherm fanboi...... A clown... Cheers Collects lighters...
  2. Ya gave up at 32 direct hits on Depot with mortar, no effect... The roof would surely be compromised, the rounds would have started detonating within the confines of the structure amplifying the explosive effect, likely destroying the building... But nope there is no effect.. Thus far the Mortar is now essentially useless, even in a packed AB hits are way down and kills are virtually nonexistent. Cheers Monty
  3. I use the Mortar and do very well with it even though it's performance is subpar to RL. Fully expected the mort to be very effective after patch, was @ Paal as well, the Axis Mortars are not working.. Have been very much looking forward to the Mort working well after patch, so pretty disappointed thus far.. Yes they are hard to employ but there are a couple of us that have them sorted, I am one of them.. Zero hits and zero kill in a packed AB and no I didn't flippen miss.... The Axis Mort is not working at all.... Cheers Monty
  4. The Axis Mortar seems to have zero function.. HE does zero damage, close to 100 rounds fired and several more by others, made bug report.. Cheers Monty
  5. Want nothing to do with FaceBS.. Plz use our forum poll system. The timers are too short, FMS should take time to set considering the nature of its purpose. Short timers are too much like the inf deployed magic wand instant army.. Any issues created by lengthened timer are resolved with a bit more organization and liason between attacking troops and Command. Cheers Monty
  6. I've had good luck with Sennheiser stuff.. Used their gear for a number of different things and never been disappointed.. Perhaps a couple dollars more but they last and perform very well.. The headset I currently use are over 15 years old and still work perfectly.. I have some recent production gear for audio and telephony, the quality is still there.. Good luck in your search.. Cheers Monty
  7. Tiger Fatigue....? Flippen hilarious..... Cheers Monty..
  8. Congrats! Outstanding work... <S!> Cheers Monty
  9. The rifle that needs addressed is the Allied sneeze rifle... There is no rifle made that sounds like that suppressed or otherwise.. It is very difficult to determine range or direction.. That has needed a fix since the day it was released, long before the Italian rifle.. Please fix this sound sig it is rubbish and inappropriate... Fix it..... Cheers Monty
  10. Ello, There are some objects that already exist in game that might be neat to add to the game arena. Anything we can do to give more texture, play options and variety to the environ is a win for us but especially for the new guys that may be used to a more lush sandbox arena. Just a few random object can make a big difference in how something feels or is perceived.. A. Gun pits from the training areas (TA). Pretty cool item, really could be used as is or after an art touch up.. Either as a PPO, static object or better yet both. Great for small Flak, defensive position or a mini command post etc. B. Burnt hulks, (TA), truck, S35 and the DAC. After tier 0 they would look great randomly placed on the map in the appropriate geographic areas.. The truck seems similar to the truck by the fuel station it would look good anywhere on the landscape. Dunno if there are a couple burnt out Axi vehicles if so mix them in. Just sprinkle some of these hulks around here and there.... C. Concrete ruin, (TA), again could be used as is or with a quick art touchup, random placement. D. Single tents, drums, crates and trailers, (TA), not sure what to do with those but we have them, perhaps supply {ammo/fuel} further from town..? Or assembled and used as ersatz AF {ammo/fuel for aircraft} if there is a flat spot, truck deployed, long timer.. E. The smaller revetments/berms, (TA), might be handy for ZOCs, FB or town defense. Truck deployed? To big for an engie to build? F. Round concrete pill box perhaps add camo use as a truck PPO. >If you can think of anything that is already on the map but not deployed in the game area please add to the list.. The gun pits and pill boxes would be a great addition to our PPOs we could really build up a defensive area with these extra tools. They are already on the map, so easy to employ..? Bunks. Really like the new bunker! Agree with most that hope for random distribution in the arena, also retaining what we have now. There are 3 other bunker types we had in game at one time, can we not also add those in? They may need a tweek with the HE audit to be used as cap points or just add them in as strong points. One of the critiques I picked up from new players was the environment was somewhat bland and repetitive. Many didn't stay long enough to understand the dimension of play. So why not use what we have already on the map to add a lil flavor to the terrain.... I would think since most of these items bunkers notwithstanding are literally on the map we play on right now lets get them in play.. I would think this would require minimal time, effort, resources, stress on server/software or $$$s etc verses new builds.. Keep it simple, use what we already have and get them in play as soon as possible... Cheers Monty
  11. Congrats! Great work! Cheers Monty
  12. I come from flight sims and I can fly proper aircraft.. Waldo is correct we have energy fighters that cannot retain E... Everything Waldo has said I have seen so often I just don't fly much anymore.. Yes I know how to retain E.. You can drop in from great alt pull away smooth and easy and WOW you look behind and 3 EA have pulled high G turns and are right on your tail... Utterly absurd.. And impossible, yet we see it everyday.. True you should not fly alone.. That said, something is and has been wrong for a very long time.. Our BNZ fighters are a caricature of the aircraft they really were, pretty bloody sad.. The mark of any great sim is if you can apply RL tactics and to some degree they are effective.. That is not the case here.. Our Panzers are equally farcical, but again its lrn2aim blah blah BS.... Pretty farkin sick of it..... Long overdue for some big changes........ The player base or lack there of has been a clear indicator something is amiss for sometime.. Yet it seems there is a level of tunnel vision or perhaps the momentum of having gone one way for so long that there is either a willing, unwilling or unrecognized inability to change the status quo.. I have high hopes for the new team. Truly a great group of folks I believe want to make things right make things better.. I know the new team wants WWIIOL to be the combined arms sim it was always meant to be... Truthfully I am concerned that things may get derailed.. Cheers Monty
  13. Ty for the reply.. Ya the FG42 trooper as used in inf divisions just looks odd with the FJ helmet, thought it would appear more congruent with their role in infantry and panzer grenadiers units wearing the M1940 w/camo.. Figured it might be a simple fix.. Yep more durable sandbags and more options for setting would be great.. Really almost not worth putting them up as they are destroyed so easily by EA at some distance.. Yep bunker variety is good... Was really puzzled by the decision at the time when we got the new Bunkers and all the old bunkers were removed, it seemed really counter intuitive at the time... That would have been a good opportunity to just mix the new Bunks in... Yes of course, my thought was not to scrap any of the cover we have now.. However it is not unusual particularly in a combat zone to see trees with no foliage, broken and burnt. Figured perhaps scatter a couple defoliated trees or small stands of them here and there. We have an older environment that is not as lush as some.. Which is more than ok by me as realism and gameplay trumps all in my estimation. That said any little stuff we can do to bring a lil more texture to our arena would be a plus.. Especially as we have new players that are used to other things.. I don't know what is involved in these adjustments, as what may seem simple may be far from simple.. I really appreciate all the work the art and modeling staff have been doing on a comparatively shoe string budget at best. Truly WWIIOL Hero's... <S!> Cheers Monty
  14. Hope it would be possible for a couple mini tweeks.. FG42 trooper as used in Inf divisions, can we change the helmet to a camo M1940 or 42? Dunno just think it would look better and more appropriate.. Likely not too hard to accomplish. Sandbags, wow they disappear even on the opposite side of a building to bombs, from my experience they are a bit more durable than that.. Really hard to qualify the time to set up PPOs only to have them gone from the 1st bomber in... Also allow the sandbags to clip into each other a bit more, we could build more complex positions. That would be kinda cool especially if the didn't go poof after 40 min putting stuff up.. Perhaps a narrower section of SBs that could be used independently as well as possibly stacked onto another sand bag. Bunkers, really pleased to see the bunkers come back. However I hope we retain a mix of the bunks we have now, variety is good.. Anything we can do to give the environ more texture is a win. Trees, perhaps adding individual trees and small stands of trees with no foliage scattered about here and there.. Ty Cheers Monty
  15. Never know may be an easter egg in there somewhere..... Cheers Monty